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Public Corruption in Chester County, PA

I believe an unlikely mix of alleged drug trafficking related politicos and alleged white nationalist related politicos united to elect the infamous “Bloc of Four” in the abysmal voter turnout election of 2005. During their four year term the drug business was good again and white nationalists used Coatesville as an example on white supremacist websites like “Stormfront”. Strong community organization and support from law enforcement, in particular Chester County District Attorney Joseph W. Carroll has begun to turn our community around. The Chester County drug trafficking that I believe centers on Coatesville continues and I believe we still have public officials in place that profit from the drug sales. But the people here are amazing and continue to work against the odds to make Coatesville a good place to live.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

300 Harleysville Bank employees lose their jobs.

An ordinary hometown bank goes under while the Wall Street bankers that caused Harleysville Bank’s problems receive gigantic bonuses with the aid of Federal bailout money.

300 jobs will be cut at Harleysville

By Harold Brubaker
Inquirer Staff Writer


Thursday, January 28, 2010



Coatesville getting Communities That Care program
By Kathleen Brady Shea

"Lawmakers and law enforcers will help inaugurate a program designed to prevent delinquency and violence in Coatesville.

On Monday, the Brandywine Health Foundation will host a kickoff of the Coatesville Youth Initiative, a coordinated approach to addressing youth problems such as crime and drug and alcohol abuse, as well as fostering ways to prepare young people for a productive adulthood."

More at Philly.com


The Brandywine Health Foundation


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and SAMHSA’s National Clearing House for Alcohol & Drug Information
Communities That Care Program


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dragonflyer Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Police Applications

“Draganflyer X6 R/C UAV approved by FAA for use by Mesa County Sheriff’s under Certificate of Authority (COA)”

“An advantage of the Draganflyer X6 is the relatively low cost when compared to air operations using a full sized manned helicopter or fixed wing aircraft. The Mesa Countys Sheriff office has been involved in more than 60 search and rescue operations this year. The Draganflyer X6 could of been deployed at a number of these cases providing a substantial cost savings for the Mesa County Sheriffs office.”

More at:

“Draganflyer X6 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Takes Flight in OPP Police Applications”

“The Draganflyer X6 UAV helicopter, designed by Draganfly Innovations Inc. for aerial photography and videography, was used by the Forensic Identification Unit of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) on February 21, 2009 to collect evidence in a homicide investigation in a remote area outside of Kenora, Ontario, Canada. This represented the first operational mission of a federally approved, commercially produced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle by an emergency service in North America.”
More at:

Dragonfly website:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The City of Coatesville was undercounted by nearly ½ in the 2000 Census.

During the time I lived in Western Montgomery County we had some problems with the raw sewage effluent coming from Graterford Prison. That problem was solved several years ago. I asked about how the people in Skippack Township where the prison is located felt about a prison in their township. The people of Skippack Township were very grateful Graterford Prison was there. The prison population was counted in Skippack Township’s Census and enormously increased the Federal and Commonwealth Dollars they received.

According to Richard Sumter, partnership specialist for the Philadelphia Regional Census Center; only 54% of the residents of the City of Coatesville were counted in the last Census.
“The Census is conducted for 2 reasons and only 2 reasons:

The 1st reason is apportioning.

435 Congressional seats are divided among the 50 states based on population counts. The more people in a particular geographical area the more Representatives they have. Over the last 15 or 20 years Pennsylvania has lost approximately 12 Congressional Representatives. We were at 31, I think we are at 19 now and we are cited to lose another Congressional Representative as a result of the 2010 Census count. Of course it has a big impact on state upper and lower chambers. So, that is the number one reason why we do the Census. So that Pennsylvania can have the type of Congressional Representation we need to move important legislation forward on a National level that has a direct impact on the City of Coatesville and of course the State of Pennsylvania.

Second reason that’s very important to you is appropriations.

President Barack Obama has increased the appropriation funding from 300 Billion to over 435 Billion Dollars as a result of the 2010 Census. And again the money the particular cities, townships and the states receive is based on population count. So when you juximpose 54 percent of what Coatesville probably would have received if it had a better count; it translates into the City of Coatesville losing Billions of Dollars. And this is over a 10 year period. After 2010 we can’t go back in 2011 and say uh-oh we made a mistake; our people are really galvanized, energized and we have some additional numbers. Those numbers are in place for the next decade.

This money we’re talking about, this 435 Billion Dollars is taxpayer’s money; money that you pay as individual workers. It comes directly out of your money. So, when we talk about 54 percent of the City being counted and how that has an effect on the Federal dollars that the City of Coatesville could receive; it’s almost like going into a diner ordering some ham and eggs that costs 5 Dollars and leaving 10 Dollars on the counter; you walk away and leave the change there."

Because of undercounting some of the money we pay in Federal taxes that should come back to Coatesville residents is being used in another city or state.

Mr. Sumter’s entire talk is here:

More Federal Dollars could give the revitalization of Coatesville a large boost. More money for education, retirees, police, and fire protection… the list is very long.


Chester County Reporter
Coatesville lost big in 2000 census count
by Allen Davis
Staff Writer
Posted: Monday, 26 January. 2010; 10:30 a.m.

Daily Local News Blogs-Coatesville Roundtable
Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trouble with the Census


Monday, January 25, 2010

Agenda for tonight's (January 25, 2010) Coatesville City Council Meeting

1. 2010 Census Overview by Mr. Shawn P. Brede from U.S. Census Bureau.
2. Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management, Inc. - Skip Cowen
3. Financial Report – Stacy Bjorhus

Regular Action Items

1. Receive and consider a motion to approve dates for the 2010 Budget Workshop
Items for Discussion
1. Cornerstone Advisors Asset Management, Inc.
2. Riverwalk – Phase 1, Part B
3. Parking Enforcement
4. Clarification on Minutes
5. Fee Scale for Abandoned Properties
6. John S. Carnes, Esq. fee schedule as City Solicitor
7. Siana, Belwoar, & McAndrew, LLP, fee schedule as Labor Council
8. Leonard Smoker to farm Conti Property,

The meeting will be a 7:30 p.m. at Coatesville City Hall, One City Hall Place, between 1st. and 3rd Avenues on Harmony Street.


The ultra-conservative Supreme Court has finished the stone chiseled at by decades of “property rights” lawsuits and States Legislation.

Corporations as living people is the Holy Grail for Ultra-Conservative Republicans. They tried for years to make private property as virtual living people. Lawsuits such as; Kelo v. New London was one such “property rights” issue taken up by the ultra-conservative “Institute for Justice”.

Another "back door" approach to giving human rights to corporations is state legislation augmenting "property rights" over community rights.

The real reason for such “property rights” actions by ultra-conservative groups is make Corporations the same as living people under the law.

The ultra-conservative Supreme Court has done it corporations are now virtually identical to living people under the law.

A couple hundred years ago the USA fought a war against a very big property owner named King George. Now the big time property owners are international corporations.

Is the stone the “property rights” people chiseled at and the Supreme Court finished a tombstone for the Constitution of the United States of America?
It used to be “We the People” now it’s “Us the Corporations”

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The majority of Americans are not racist. Americans driven by fear vote most often.

Racism and fear has been the ENTIRE foundation of Republican political strategy since 1965. Xenophobia is a more recent close second.

Racists and Xenophobes are a minority as voters but they are frequent voters driven by fear that turn out in every election. Republicans call them their “Base”. The “Moderate Democrats” also base their voter appeal on fear of non-whites. The Reagan Democrats are racists; they just don’t like to be called racist, in public.

Pennsylvania went for Obama because of voter turnout. The racists voters were overwhelmed by ordinary people.

Like I said the racists ARE in the minority. But they are driven by a fear of non-white rule to turn out for every election.

The reaction of the most racist white supremacists in Pennsylvania and in Chester County where I live was predictable. The “Keystone Skinheads “understood the opportunity and changed their name to the more family friendly “Keystone United “to take advantage of the reaction to a Black President and attract people who might be turned off by the Skinhead name but not their beliefs. The entire White Supremacist movement has morphed into a bigger movement of anti-government activists and white supremacists now called “White Nationalists”. They bring in people who are uncomfortable at being racists (although they may be racists) but have the same goal of a white only or at least a white controlled nation and a fear that the USA is becoming an anti-American nation controlled by non-Christians and Jews and people of color.

A bible camp meeting of Christian Identity members at Estes Park, Colorado on October 1992 later took on historical importance. The bible camp theme was the “Ruby Ridge” ATF siege in Idaho in August of 1992. The keynote speaker was Larry Pratt of "Gun Owners of America" and the "Committee to Protect the Family". It became to be known as the birth of the new militia movement in the USA. But more importantly it brought together a blend of gun rights activitists, white supremacists and Christian activists. Nazis, Skinheads, “Christian” anti-abortion activists, anti-government activists, and gun rights supporters that came together to form the basis for a Christian Nationalist/gun owners movement. I believe that Christian & guns movement is at the core of the Teabaggers.
I believe a mix of out and out white supremacists, white nationalists, “Christian family” anti-abortionists, racists (who do not acknowledge their racism), anarchists, Libertarians, anti-government militia groups, outlaw motorcycle gangs,Republicans, Democrats, Independents and other parties and xenophobes make up the Teabaggers. They are not necessarily agreeable. The Republican Party and their corporate K Street lobbyists are desperately trying to get them under one tent; the Republican Party. Good luck with that.

There are a lot of moderate Republicans in Chester County, PA. But there will be no move towards the center for Republicans locally or Nationally. Their “base”, driven by fear of non-white rule, turns out reliably for every election. By catering to their base they will continue to win in the less popular local and state elections and continue to imbed Republicans in local and state governments and the court system. The GOP's problem is their “base” sometimes becomes rabid and bites.

In the video above Hari Kunzru is the only person who really “gets it”. Michele is the deep one and probably frightens the White Supremacists most.

White Supremacy - The theology based movement that believes in the satanic nature of Jews and the secondary status of people of color.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The new Coatesville City Council has a tough road ahead

They are pushing for Coatesville to be a community like West Chester, Downingtown or Phoenixville. Right now Coatesville has the only significant street retail drug business west of Norristown. Shut down Coatesville’s street drug business and the overhead goes way up for Chester County drug dealers.

For Coatesville to be a normal Chester County community where people can safely walk and business owners have a reasonable expectation of not having multiple annual armed robberies the multimillion dollar street drug business has to go.

The Janssen Administration had the drug business down but not out. The “bloc of four” and Walker Administration got the drug dealers up and running again.

Now we have a new City Council that’s dedicated to cleaning up the streets. And the “bloc” and Walker Administration are being investigated by the FBI.

The drug dealers and their political friends in Chester County cut down the Janssen Administration. The drug business was profitable again after just a few months of Walker and the “bloc of four”. Let’s hope the new Coatesville City Council can take over where the Janssen Administration left off and make the drug business in Coatesville part of history.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Dec. 23rd Chetty Builders Flats meeting void and all actions at that meeting vacated.

A special meeting of the Coatesville City Council was held on December 23, 2009, 5:00 p.m. At that meeting, which lasted about 5 minutes, 4 members of City Council, 3 of whom are no longer in office voted to approve the sale of the North Flats Coatesville Redevelopment Authority property to Chetty Builders. City Council President Martin Eggleston was not president at that meeting. The meeting was called by the City Manager and chaired by Vice President Kareem Johnson.

At tonight's meeting the City Council said the December 23, 2009 meeting was not advertised in accordance with the requirements of the Sunshine Law, nor properly called by the presiding officer, City Council President Martin Eggleston, in violation of the City Charter.

Sunshine Law declares actions taken at an improperly advertised public meeting to be void. It also imposes penalties for an improperly advertised public meeting.

City Council declared the special meeting held by City Council on December 23, 2009 void and vacates all actions undertaken at that meeting.

City Council President Ed Simpson made it clear that the actions taken tonight are about the meeting and we don’t need to read into it anything else

Ms. Jorgenson’s flight was evidently delayed and she could not attend.

Approximately 25 residents were in attendance.

The legal document is here:


A recording of the meeting is here:


Also see post "About Chetty deal meeting 'suspicious":


We the Corporations

The Republican Supreme Court just said that corporations have the same rights as ordinary people. Money now talks, walks and governs the UCA (formerly the USA).
Some changes need to be made:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Corporations are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Corporations, deriving their just powers from the consent of the Corporations….


We the Corporations of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union of Corporations, establish Justice for Corporations, insure Corporate Tranquility, provide for the common defense of Corporations, promote the general Welfare of Corporations, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to Corporations and Corporate Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United Corporations of America.

Just some changes to reflect the facts of the Supreme Court decision.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"W. Chester man gets 15 years in investing case"

A federal judge yesterday sentenced Daniel R. Siddons of West Chester to 15 years in prison…
More at The Philadelphia Inquirer


FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY-Specially Scheduled Public City Council Meeting

Public Meeting Notices

PUBLIC NOTICE The City Council of the City of Coatesville will hold a Specially Scheduled Public City Council Meeting to conduct City Business review of legality of December 23, 2009 meeting and such as other businesses properly before it on Friday, January 22, 2010 commencing at 8:00 p.m. in City Council Chambers, City Hall, One City Hall Place, Coatesville, PA 19320 By: Interim City Manager Kirby Hudson

Appeared in: Daily Local News on Thursday, 01/21/2010


Coatesville RDA meeting of Tuesday January 19, 2010-Matt Baker’s Blog

Just something to keep in mind; most of the current RDA members were installed by the bloc of four and Harry Walker. Some of the previous members were just not re-instated.

They didn't start with threats as with the Planning Commission. Just like me on the Planning Commission they found a clever way to remove them.

My Evening at the RDA Reorganization meeting - thoughts and comments
Posted by Matt Baker

Jan 21 2010


Follow the names not the money

I was looking through old articles about the debacle at the Lower Oxford Polling place during the 2008 Elections and look what name I found. I put the name in bold type:

"Those voters, represented by Curt Norcini, an assistant solicitor from the Chester County Republican Committee argued that the current location had been used for 16 years and that the township supervisors were making alterations at the center to accommodate the anticipated surge in voters for the coming election…

"If voting is important to them, I guess they'll have to make an effort to get to the polling place," Norcini said after the board's decision.

O'Donnell said those in favor of the move had no plans to appeal the board's vote."

Election panel says no to Lincoln Univ. polling place move
Published: Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today’s article about the debacle on Election Day November 2008 at the Lower Oxford Polling place is here:

Suit alleges discrimination in precinct polling place
Published: Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Coatesville, you don’t follow the money you follow the people and how they are connected; just pieces in the puzzle.

See “Tonight’s Zoning Hearing concerning the Norcini Auto Salvage Yard”:

Does this have anything to do with the junkyard on Elm Street?
Biker bar fight

Those involved are not speaking out about a biker brawl that broke out March 5 at a neighborhood bar.
Details of the fight at Quattro Bar and Grille, 2535 S. 13th. St., are vague as gang members and bar patrons have been mum on what happened that night at 11:24 p.m., Detective Danielle Tolliver of South Detective Division said.
Four men wearing “Road Runner” jackets were taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. One had head trauma, but all were in stable condition. A group of Pagans arrived at the hospital to visit the men, Tolliver said.
Another man, a bar patron, was taken to Methodist Hospital in stable condition, Tolliver said.
To report information, call South Detectives at 215-686-3013.

Governor Rendell at his best.

And that’s very hard for anyone to top.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Reward offered for Chesco cop shooter" "You are not safe if you were with this man that evening" DA Joe Carroll

Reward offered for Chesco cop shooter
By Kathleen Brady Shea
Posted on Wed, Jan. 20, 2010


"Dumond said Hubbard was recovering after his release from the hospital. He said police remain concerned about the woman's well-being.

'You are not safe if you were with this man that evening,' Chester County District Attorney Joseph W. Carroll said.

Authorities said clothing left at the scene might help identify the couple: a dark blue Wilmington Blue Rocks baseball cap that says "Christiana Care Health System" on the back, and a medium-sized, short-sleeve, blue Villanova basketball shirt.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Citizens' Crime Commission at 215-546-8477, or the Chester County Police Radio at 610-692-5100.

Tonight's Zoning Hearing concerning the Norcini Auto Salvage Yard

This afternoon’s Zoning Hearing Board Meeting consisted of:

1. Reading the attached document.

2. Asking if there were interested parties other than the Norcinis at the meeting.

3. There were no other interested parties and the Zoning Hearing Board ruled in favor of the Norcinis and went home.

The meeting was at 5pm. It was over at 5:08 pm. At least 2 interested people arrived after the meeting was over.

The document they read from is here:


I think the problem is the area is clearly Zoned Industrial 1 Light Industry (such as an auto repair shop) and a junkyard or salvage yard is zoned Industrial II, Heavy Industry (such as a steel mill or auto salvage yard).

The area is surrounded on two sides by residential; one side by an embankment that is a temporally unused portion of Graham Avenue and one side by a railroad.

I think the Norcinis are clearly operating an auto salvage yard in an area zoned for Light Industrial and to comply the area should be rezoned Heavy Industrial.

I am not sure if the difference between I-1 and I-2 was ever addressed by the City of Coatesville.

I am no expert but in my opinion it’s possible that using this ruling as a guide every property zoned Light Industrial in Coatesville is up for grabs as Heavy Industrial. If you look at the map I-1 is nearly the entire area in the east end of Coatesville just south of the railroad tracks. All of Fleetwood Street, Elm Street, part of Coates Street, part of 10th Avenue, part of 11th Avenue, part of Chestnut Street, part of 12th Avenue and part of Diamond Street.

Coincidently, most of the Light Industrial area is in an area traditionally occupied by black folks.

But my opinion doesn’t count. I am not a city solicitor. I guess you need to ask former Coatesville City Solicitor Andrew Lehr what his reasoning was.

The City of Coatesville Code is here:

The City of Coatesville Zoning Map is here:


The “Norco Auto Salvage Yard” website is here with photos of the Coatesville yard:


Also see this post:

Junk Yard on Elm Street Zoning Hearing

The City of Coatesville's previous Janssen Administration wanted to re-establish the Graham Avenue link between Elm Street and Blackhorse Hill Road. The underpasses can be flooded during severe rainstorms and the only way to access the area on the east end of Coatesville north of the railroad tracks is at the top of Blackhorse Hill Road by way of First Avenue and the Rt. 30 bypass. It is a considerable distance for emergency vehicles to travel. The difficulty in doing this is rebuilding the bridge over the railroad.

Displaced Aggression

People forget too quickly.

The Democratic Party is the Fire Department
President Obama is the Fire Chief

The Bush Administration was too busy trying to dismantle Social Security to take action on the memo; “bin Laden determined to strike in US”. “Counterterrorism 'tsar' Richard Clarke will later suggest that 9/11 might have been stopped “if [National Security Adviser] Rice and the president had acted personally, gotten involved, shaken the trees, gotten the Cabinet members involved when they had ample warning in June and July and August that something was about to happen.…”
History Commons-http://is.gd/6G4p3

The Bush Administration focused on the oil in Iraq and ignored Osama bin Laden in the Pashtun Province.

The Bush Administration and the Republican Party set the fires that are burning down our economy, health care, national security and employment. They are the arsonists.

Reconciliation with Republicans, Hell no! I think some arrests need to be made.

Brownfield Remediation Forum tonight in Phoenixville

Green Team Forum Tonight January 20th 7 PM
tonight's topic is Brownfield Remediation

7:00 pm, Wednesday, January 20, 2009
Molly Maguires, 3rd Floor
Phoenixville, PA 19460

"The meetings are fun and informative, last about an hour and are free!"


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Big Show March 28, 2006

This excerpt from “The Big Show” concerns the Coatesville City Council meeting of March 27, 2006 when in my opinion Carl Chetty was thrown out of City Hall. Robert Henson interviews Carl Chetty and Marc Hargraves:


If there is any problem with posting this let me know. I don’t know if 1420 AM exists in Chester County right now. I really miss WCOJ.

About “Chetty deal meeting ‘suspicious’

There is a regular Coatesville City Council meeting on the 4th week in December.
That meeting is usually canceled because of the holidays but is occasionally held.
If it was held that meeting would have been on December 28, 2009.
The extremely unusual meeting on December 23, 2009 could have been an ordinary Coatesville City Council meeting on December 28, 2009.

Official: Chetty deal meeting 'suspicious'
Published: Sunday, January 17, 2010

The article concerning Chetty Builders in the Wilminton Sunday News Journal was published on December 27, 2009.
Delaware towns: No home, no refund, no hope
Dozens seek money sunk into Middletown project

Also see Matt Baker's blog post:

"Official: Chetty deal meeting ’suspicious’ – thoughts and comments"

Monday, January 18, 2010

Chester County District Attorney Joe Carroll is looking for volunteer crime-fighters.

Below is a photo of Joe Carroll painting curbs last summer in Coatesville:

Posted by Picasa

Maybe this is a chance to "give back" to the District Attorney's office.

“He could use help with a host of law-enforcement duties, including microfilming, typing, and grant applications. For those with legal training, pro bono work is available at preliminary hearings and in forfeiture cases and accounting expertise would be welcomed in white-collar criminal cases.” - Philadelphia Inquirer

Philly Online
Posted on Thu, Jan. 14, 2010

Chester County D.A. seeks citizen crime-fighters
By Kathleen Brady Shea
Inquirer Staff Writer


In Chester County, anyone interested in volunteering is being asked to call 610-344-6826.

The Last Speech

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Was Ernie Campos at Chetty Builders Headquarters in December of 2005?

Ernie Campos, He is adding a correction to the minutes of the RDA meeting of June 19, 2006:

Mr. Campos said, “Mr. Pawlowski asks Mr. Campos if any one accompanied him to a meeting with developers, da, da, da, da. That was clearly stated that was prior to Mr. Campos being an RDA member. “

When Mr. Campos spoke about a meeting with developers that occurred “prior to Mr. Campos being an RDA member” was he referring to an alleged meeting with Marc Hargraves at Chetty Headquarters in December of 2005? Did Andrew Lehr, Bob Saucier and Pat Sellers accompany Mr. Campos when he “met with a developer”? Was a sum of money discussed? Was Patsy Ray referred to as a “bag lady” at that alleged meeting?
Listen to Mr. Campos at the RDA meeting:

June 19, 2006 RDA meeting minutes:
“Mr. Pawlowski asked Mr. Campos if any one accompanied him to his meetings with the developer prior to his appointment on the Redevelopment Authority. Mr. Campos stated he met with them.”

John Pawlowski was not the only person to ask about Mr. Campos meeting with developers.
"Mr. Dixon asked Mr. Campos if he had met privately with the developers. Mr. Campos stated he had in an effort to understand their problems before his appointment."

Did the meeting with developers that Mr. Campos mentioned have anything to do with this?

The two important lines in Allen Davis’ article below are:

“acting on the advice of city Solicitor Andrew Lehr”
And; “I just hope they aren’t trying to strong arm us,”

“Coatesville council puts Chetty development on hold, by Allen Davis-Staff Writer 8:00 am., 28 March 06:

“The meeting had only begun when Council Member Patsy Ray moved to table a resolution that would have granted Chetty approval for Tower 1, a 60-unit condominium, to be built on the northeast corner of Third Avenue and East Lincoln Highway…
“I move that we table it…until we have more information, ‘said Ray.
Chetty, who was sitting in the audience, immediately stood up to address council, but was gaveled down by Council President Kareem Johnson. ‘Excuse me sir, but you will have to have a seat until we come to the public comment period, ‘said Johnson.
Council then voted 4 to 2 to table the project which had already won approval from the city’s Redevelopment Authority and the city’s Planning Commission. Afterwards, Chetty and several of his staff gathered up a model of Tower One covered in white plastic and left the meeting.
Johnson said he wanted to vote in favor of the project, but was acting on the advice of city Solicitor Andrew Lehr who said there were problems with some of the language in the resolution…Chetty, speaking to reporters in the parking lot outside of City Hall, said he has tried to communicate with council, ‘They don’t return our phone calls or answer our emails,’ he said.”
‘Our patience is wearing thin… I just hope they aren’t trying to strong arm us,’ said Chetty of the four new council members who took office. ‘We were all on the same page until the last election.”
From the Daily Local News:
Council puts condo plan on hold

That decision to table Chetty Builders caused delays that led to the loss of financing for the Pennock Place building. The lot is still empty today.
Pay to play or extortion is a crime when money changes hands. I believe that it is also a crime when a threat is made, no money changes hands and the threat is later carried out for non-payment.

Hopefully, the FBI and Chester County District Attorney’s investigation will answer my questions. Who knows, maybe it's already on the pile.

Friday, January 15, 2010

“FBI takes documents related to consultants from Walker's office”-Chester County Reporter

Allen Davis has some fast breaking reports about the FBI and Chester County Detectives investigation of the City of Coatesville’s government.

“FBI takes documents related to consultants from Walker's office”-Chester County Reporter:

One consultant hired by the Walker Administration was Donald McKensie. McKensie was hired as a temporary Director of Finiance to replace Ricky Dean after Dean was put on administrative leave.


Below are two recordings from last night’s Coatesville City Council Meeting.

Coatesville resident Keith Gargus addressed the Coatesville City Council at the Monday March 23, 2009 meeting during the “Citizen’s Comments” period.

Keith Gargus worked for a large corporation selling software to different levels of government mostly to Federal and also State and Cities.

Below is my transcription of the comments of Keith Gargus. I sometimes make mistakes in transcription so listen along:

“It was common knowledge both on the government side and the sales side that three years software was an end-run against open bids and it was also a sucker play basically, usually unethical. I am not saying that happened here but no one has disproved it or explained how they came to the determination to pick this particular software and in particular, this particular deal.

It isn’t free because I think there is a number, either $8,700.00 or $7,800.00 for training. So it’s not free. And that same thing training; no one talked about who is getting trained, but I suspect that the consultants are being trained. And what happens when you train a consultant, he becomes a friend, he’s the person you work with. In essence he becomes indispensible and he becomes an employee. So whether you like it or not or you had any intention you are going to have a hard time getting rid of the person in a year.

One of the really uncertain things is the fact that you are not you are not going to enter the cities finances and full system simultaneously. What that’s going to do is basically everything is going to be in this new system. If you decide you don’t like it or you decide to go back to the old system you’re not going to be able to.

There are a lot of things that you need to consider here before you go very much further. If this system is not what you want. The other thing is, that disturbed me is he (Mr. McKensie) admitted or I think, one of the city council people brought it up; that the statements looked exactly like the old system from three years ago that we abandoned. Well it likely is the same system and again I’d welcome the administration to refute what I am saying.

The last thing that I want to say is: I am very disturbed about the fact that our financial consultant is making a financial consultant’s wage, what ever that is, and no one will tell us. But I suspect that after talking to current software people it’s probably the equivalent to about three quarters of a year salary. So you have to make the determination that do you want this guy at this consultant fee indefinitely while maintaining our financial officer to stay home at $80,000 or do you want .. And I welcome someone to refute me."



I also attached a recording of The City of Coatesville’s Financial Consultant Donald McKensie. The City of Coatesville’s Financial Consultant is presenting February and January’s expense and quarterly budget and year to date budget. The other voice is that of Coatesville City Manager Harry G Walker. The city council members received a document to follow along. There were no questions asked.


McKensie’s Resume:


Donald McKensie at an earlier Coatesville City Council Meeting


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finding your way around in the Chester County Justice Center

It can be a little daunting to find your way around in the Chester County Justice Center. But for a lot of us that’s only because we memorized navigating the confusing layout of the old buildings.

Creighton Rabs has an “OFFICE FINDER FOR JUSTICE CENTER” in the left side column of his website scroll down to find it:

West Chester Unplugged v.2.0

You can also find regular updates of court hearings, arraignments and trials at the Justice Center along with interesting stuff and useful information about West Chester.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Does the Daily Local News think the FBI “should move with caution to avoid any miscues” too?

The Daily Local News Editorial says, “City Council should move with caution to avoid any miscues”.

I think the Daily Local News Editors have their heads somewhere besides on their shoulders. “The City Council should move with caution”? Are they going to tell the FBI to “move with caution to avoid miscues” also?

I believe the documents are only a part of a larger investigation. Maybe they are a "breakthrough" part. I think it’s about corruption of public officials. I beleive that it may not only involve the workings inside City Hall but also criminal activity in and around Coatesville.

I think the primary concern of the FBI and Chester County Detectives should be to make sure any future charges stick.

The Editorial
City Council should move with caution to avoid any miscues
Wednesday, January 13, 2010
can be found here:


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

“Zimbabwe Lincoln Highway”- goes to “Managua Nicaragua”

“Zimbabwe Lincoln Highway” sounds like a tune, maybe to “Managua Nicaragua”? A sort of loony tune though.

Former Coatesville City Council member Kurt Schenk voluntarily provided comic relief at his expense at last night’s Coatesville City Council meeting.

This is one of those things that you need to hear or you will not believe it. Former “Bloc of Four” member Kurt Schenk really did say that he heard that Karl Markings website is registered at “Zimbabwe Lincoln Highway”. He did not find it on a search engine. He said he has 'lots of places for information". He heard it from his “information”.

Hmmm… I wonder if Kurt understands that he could be interviewed as part of the investigation into; “the City of Coatesville’s finance and reality transactions for the purpose of determining evidence of obstruction of justice, misdirection of funds, willful negligence and actions of criminal intent by the city administration and or council." Can you guess what Kurt's defense might be if he is indicted?

You can listen to Schenk’s statement about Zimbabwe here.
Maybe you can hear the restrained laughter when Kurt said “Zimbabwe Lincoln Highway”:


Karl Marking commented on Kurt Schenk’s nonsense. Karl also comments on the sane events at last night’s Coatesville City Council meeting.


Matt Baker commented on Zimbabwe Lincoln Highway here:


If you can stomach listening, Schenk’s entire rant is here. :

“Honey we can stay”-Ben Bruton, Coatesville City resident

Coatesville, PA is an attractive small city nestled in a valley in Chester County. You can hear the whistle of the Amtrak trains echoing over the hills as they move along what was the Main Line of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Coatesville is centered in one of the most affluent counties in Pennsylvania. Ancestors of William Penn still “chase the hounds” in the surrounding countryside. Coatesville has the lowest cost housing in Chester County.

A few years ago Ben Bruton and his young family came to Coatesville expecting to find a community on the rise and a very good place to raise a family. Following the election of the “Bloc of Four” they experienced an explosion in the drug deals and shootings a short distance from their home. They had become very disillusioned with the “Bloc of Four” and the Walker Administration. They tried to sell their home but got no lookers.

At last night’s Coatesville City Council meeting Ben expressed a feeling that I am sure is shared by many Coatesville residents:

“We can stay”.

Ben Bruton:
“Thank you, last November was an exciting night for me it allowed me to stay up late at night to watch the election results come in and be very excited about the future of Coatesville. And Monday the 4th proved me right. I was able to go home and say to my wife, honey we can stay again. It gives me a lot of hope for what is yet to come.“

Listen here:

Coatesville City Councilman Marty Eggleston later responded to Ben:
Marty, “I said to Mr. Bruton, I hope your home never sells because I want you to stay here and enjoy the positive things that are about to come.”
You remember that Mr. Bruton?”

Ben , “O yea”.

Marty, “you gave me a pretty nasty look…
“I appreciate the fact that Mr. Bruton could come to the podium today and see the future as it should be seen. I have great confidence in this council. I think I’m a pretty decent judge of character and what I have seen so far in just a short time… “

Mr. Eggleston was interrupted by former City Council member Kurt Schenk (one of the “bloc of four”) shouting from the back of the room.
Marty, “That’s the kind of foolishness that we had to deal with for four years. And the fact that it was only four years is an indicator that voters can see through all of that foolishness as well. We just have kind of let bygones be bygones and this council, I believe, will move the city forward.”
Listen here:

First brush stroke

What began as a missing person investigation of Anne Marie Fahey developed into a murder investigation of Thomas Capano. That investigation developed further into the largest public corruption investigation in the history of the FBI. It involved the entire State of Delaware.

The FBI raid on the Coatesville City Manager’s office is the first brush stroke on what I believe may become a very large painting. It may not only involve the City of Coatesville.

Coatesville City Council reviewing LEGITIMACY of the SPECIAL MEETING on December 23rd-CHETTY CONTRACT

The Coatesville City Council is reviewing the legitimacy of the special meeting that was called on December 23rd for the approval of the Chetty Contract for the "Flats" development. Was the meeting appropriate according to the Sunshine Laws and the Coatesville City Charter?

From the Daily Local News December 28, 2009:
"At a Dec. 23 meeting, City Council approved the agreement of sale with an addendum. The meeting began at 5:30 p.m. and lasted about five minutes."

The tiny ad that appeared in the December 22nd Daily Local News had to be placed before the RDA public meeting on December 21st. Why didn't Coatesville City Manager Harry Walker state that a special meeting of the Coatesville City Council would be called at that RDA meeting?

Karl Marking Vice President of Coatesville City Council speaking at the meeting.
Listen Here;

If City Manager Harry Walker wanted to push through Chetty's flats development before the end of the year there could have been a regular City Council meeting on December 28th. Was the meeting on December 23, 2009 held because of the article that ran in The News Journal, Wilmington, DE on December 27th?
In part the article states:
"Chetty Builders Inc. and its subsidiary The Promenade LLC, are under investigation by the Delaware Attorney General's Office. Carl Chetty would not say why customers' money has not been refunded, but he renewed a promise to repay them. Chetty wrote in an e-mail that he hopes to finish the project someday."
Delaware towns: No home, no refund, no hope
Dozens seek money sunk into Middletown project

BY GINGER GIBSON • The News Journal • December 27, 2009

Monday, January 11, 2010

More on Forensic Audit of Previous Administration and Council

Coatesville City Council Vice President Karl Marking speaking:
"A resolution to allow the Chester County District Attorney’s office in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to immediately conduct a forensic audit of the City of Coatesville’s finance and reality transactions for the purpose of determining evidence of obstruction of justice, misdirection of funds, willful negligence and actions of criminal intent by the city administration and or council."

Listen here:

I have received information that paper and electronic media from Coatesville City Hall has already been acquired by the FBI.

Forensic Audit

The Chester County District Attorney and FBI will conduct a forensic audit of financial and real estate transactions in the City of Coatesville.

The FBI has already begun.

More later

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rev. Jeffrey A. Miller Sr. explains role in Coatesville City Council Swearing in Ceremony

Minister explains role in ceremony
Daily Local News
Published: Saturday, January 9, 2010


From Karl Marking's blog:
“Reverend Miller’s Apology
When I was interviewed by the Daily Local News for their article appearing in Wednesday’s paper, I made it crystal clear that no one on council believed that you had done anything wrong or acted inappropriately in any way. I…”
More at:

Radio Controlled Helicopter – for police work?

Just a thought; a real size helicopter is sometimes very useful in police work. An infrared camera can identify people. A night vision camera can “light up” an area at night.
The problem is a helicopter is very expensive to operate and extremely noisy.
The radio control helicopters also quiet enough to not be heard more than 50 feet away and can fly down streets and alleys at as little as one foot altitude and as much as 400 foot altitude.
They can take from 10 minutes to almost instant on to be ready to fly.
Here are two very different versions of a radio controlled helicopter:

Aerial Photography New York------SkyShutter--Promo from Jason Lam on Vimeo.

Skyshutter Americam:



Friday, January 8, 2010

Lisa Johnson and John Tinson waived their right to a preliminary hearing today.

I believe that is not an admission of guilt but just admitting that probable cause exists to stand trial on the charges.

I believe that charge number 5 in Ms. Johnson’s case involves her home. That charge was withdrawn by the ADA. I believe that if convicted of that charge Ms. Johnson’s property could be seized. It was stated in court that the District Attorney’s office could rescind that action and bring that charge again if they so desired.
Ms. Johnson:

1 18 § 903 §§ A1 CONSPIRE INT POSS CONTR SUBST BY PER NOT REG Waived for Court
2 35 § 780-113 §§ A16 INT POSS CONTR SUBST BY PER NOT REG Waived for Court
3 35 § 780-113 §§ A30 F MANUF/DEL/POSS/W INT MANUF OR DEL Waived for Court
4 35 § 780-113 §§ A32 M USE/POSS OF DRUG PARAPH Waived for Court
5 18 § 5111 §§ A1 F1 DEAL IN PROC UNL ACT/INTENT TO PROMOTE Withdrawn

The Docket Report is here:

Mr. Tinson:

1 18 § 903 §§ A1 CONSPIRE INT POSS CONTR SUBST BY PER NOT Waived for Court REG Waived for Court

2 35 § 780-113 §§ A16 INT POSS CONTR SUBST BY PER NOT REG Waived for Court

3 35 § 780-113 §§ A30 F MANUF/DEL/POSS/W INT MANUF OR DEL Waived for Court

4 35 § 780-113 §§ A32 M USE/POSS OF DRUG PARAPH Waived for Court


The Docket Report is here


I believe that Ms. Johnson is still at work at State Representative Tim Hennessey’s office

From the Daily Local News:
“Police arrested Tinson on Nov. 19 . The city suspended Tinson without pay effective Tuesday pending final resolution of charges, Geiger said.”
Codes officer busted for coke
Published: Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Court dockets from Mr. Tinson’s previous arrest:

Former Coatesville City Councilperson Patsy Ray was in attendance at the hearing.


Codes officer, state aide waive preliminary hearing on drug charges

Published: Saturday, January 9, 2010


“Register Citizen parent company names veteran media executive as CEO”

This is good news. Maybe the Daily Local News can stay in business. Right now the DLN is Chester County’s only daily newspaper.

Thursday, January 7, 2010
Company to expand multi-platform local news strategy

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tim Hennessey's staffer Lisa Johnson’s preliminary hearing postponed

Ms. Johnson is charged with:

She is employed as Tim Hennessey’s administrative assistant in Hennessey’s Coatesville Office and is allegedly still working in Hennessey’s office. Her boyfriend John Tinson faces similar charges and was allegedly a frequent visitor to Hennessey’s office.

Lisa J Johnson’s preliminary hearing was postponed to Friday January 8, 2010-1:00 pm at the Chester County Justice Center:

John Tinson’s preliminary hearing was also postponed to January 8, 2010-1:00 pm at the Chester County Justice Center:

Ms. Johnson also has outstanding warrants from 05/13/2008 for operating a motor vehicle with suspended registration:


And operating a motor vehicle without insurance:

Daily Local News article:
Official's aide faces drug sale charges
Published: Friday, December 4, 2009

Lisa Johnson recently won the election for Judge of Elections in Coatesville’s 5th Ward/Precinct 120

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon plea bargain

“She is to perform 500 hours of community service and pay $45,000 to charity. None of her attorneys' fees can be paid with public money.

If she completes her probation within four years, her criminal record will be wiped clean, and she will likely be able to keep her $83,000 pension.”

The sentencing guidelines in Federal Court are more restrictive; 5 to 10 years for public corruption.
The Baltimore Sun
Dixon agrees to resign effective Feb. 4
She enters plea to perjury count, part of deal that brings years-long corruption probe to close; Rawlings-Blake to become mayor; 'a sad and difficult time for Baltimore'


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Coatesville City Councilperson Ingrid W. Jones attended Percy Sutton’s Funeral Service

Ingrid W. Jones is a cousin to Percy Sutton.

"I feel that a part of my life is to make certain that Percy Ellis Sutton never dies," said Rangel. "That as long as there's someone without a job, without a home, without an education, without hope and without dreams, those who are blessed in knowing of him or knowing him have an obligation to continue this great man's work."
Congressman Charlie Rangel

Saying Goodbye to a Godfather of Black Politicians
The New York Times

New York Times slideshow:

New York 1

Concerning Chetty Builder's contract

Check out Matt Baker’s and Karl Marking’s blogs. It concern’s Chetty Builder’s contract:

Matt Baker


Coatesville City Councilman Karl Marking:


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why was Chetty Builder's flats plan pushed through?

There is a regular scheduled Coatesville City Council meeting on the 4th Monday in December although it is usually canceled unless there is a pressing need to meet.

If City Manager Harry Walker wanted to push through Chetty's flats development before the end of the year there could have been a regular City Council meeting on December 28th.

I couldn’t understand why Walker pushed the approval of Chetty’s flats development through just 2 days after the RDA meeting when there could have been a regular meeting just 5 days later.

Matt Baker has a good point. Maybe the meeting was not held on December 28th because this article that ran on December 27th:

Delaware Online
Delaware towns: No home, no refund, no hope
Dozens seek money sunk into Middletown project

BY GINGER GIBSON • The News Journal • December 27, 2009

In part the article states:
"Chetty Builders Inc. and its subsidiary The Promenade LLC, are under investigation by the Delaware Attorney General's Office. Carl Chetty would not say why customers' money has not been refunded, but he renewed a promise to repay them. Chetty wrote in an e-mail that he hopes to finish the project someday."

Matt's blog post is here:

Monday, January 4, 2010


I understand that the shredders were allegedly running very hot in Harry G. Walker's office on December 31st.

We have been living four year long nightmare in the City of Coatesville

This is partly a response to the anti-Paul Janssen people:

I was a Coatesville Planning Commissioner. When an alleged death threat did not work; the “Bloc of Four” arranged a different way to remove me from the planning commission. What they might not know is at the planning commission meeting two weeks after the meeting with the alleged death threat District Attorney Joe Carroll waited from before the meeting began until after it was over. If Ernie Campos and/or Richard Legree showed up again he was prepared to charge them with terroristic threats. The alleged threat is in the minutes of the Coatesville Planning Commission meeting May 10, 2006:

According to Ms. Janssen the Janssen family was advised by the FBI not to live in the City of Coatesville. This was because of Janssen’s efforts to remove the drug gangs from the City of Coatesville; the same drug gangs that thrived when Ernie Campos was Coatesville City Council president. Anybody see “the Wire” episode “Amsterdam”? Before Paul Janssen came here there were times when the streets were blocked by drug dealers. It looked like that “Wire” episode.

I wrote this on the “Chester County Cops Blog” DLN on
July 29, 2008 4:02 PM
Jim Pitcherella said...
It was winter time here when I said that this was shaping up to be a violent summer in Coatesville. The response by the Coatesville Administration was a nonchalant smirk. This is one time that I really hate to say, I told you so.

The escalation of violence in Coatesville is an inevitable consequence of what I believe is the “dumbing down” of the Coatesville Police Department by the “bloc of four” city council members and their supporters. The Walker Administration made a decision to cut costs to avoid a tax increase or the utilization of Coatesville’s “rainy day fund”. They cut funds across the board by cutting back on staff (administrators salaries were increased). The biggest staff cuts were in the police department. Not only were the number of officers reduced but the police department office staff was nearly eliminated causing patrol officers to fill in for clerical jobs. Our “chief” Mr. Matthews is still not certified as a policeman in Pennsylvania.

When Paul Janssen took office as the Coatesville City Manager his first task was to make the streets safe. Mr. Janssen searched for and found a police officer that could tackle the task of policing the streets of Coatesville. When Chief of Police Dominic Bellizzie first saw Coatesville he said that the “streets were an open air drug bazaar”. Janssen and Chief Bellizzie modernized and expanded the Coatesville Police Department. Unfortunately the city was plunged into a series of lawsuits concerning a land acquisition dispute. The 30 plus lawsuits directed against the City of Coatesville that the city was forced to win in court nearly bankrupted the city (The City of Coatesville won every lawsuit; I believe that most should have been thrown out as frivolous). However, Chief Bellizzie’s efforts paid off and by 2005 drug dealers could not risk living inside the city limits of Coatesville. In spite of the drag from the lawsuits the city was on the brink of turning over from the wholesale and retail drug distribution center of Chester County into a normal city. And then came the “bloc of four”.

Below is a portion of the resignation letter of former Coatesville Assistant City Manager Tarron Richardson. He refers to the Walker Administration:

“Continued association with the cesspool of corruption and misconduct created by the majority of council and its political appointments may subsequently jeopardize my future professional, personal, and political endeavors. Such inappropriate behavior has caused a mass exodus of city personnel, many who carried with them substantial institutional knowledge of the organization."

The drug entrepreneurs are well aware that the Coatesville Police Force has been in a state of crisis since the “bloc of four” took office. The real winners in the Municipal Election of 2005 in Coatesville were not the Sahas, they were not the “bloc of four”, developers may be unwelcome by the city administration and certainly the people of Coatesville did not benefit by the election of the “bloc of four”. It might have been unintended but I believe the real winners of the Municipal Election of 2005 were the drug dealers

I think that the blame for the violence that we now have here can be placed squarely at the foot of the “bloc of four” and the people that got them elected.

As District Attorney Joe Carroll says; “This is an unprecedented level of violence". The summer is still young. The violence could intensify. It is time for the “bloc of four” to do something positive for their city; they can resign from city council.


I believe that the setbacks in the Coatesville PD and administrative changes in the Coatesville FD by the “Bloc of Four” and the Walker Administration helped to create a perfect storm for arson in Coatesville:

The Philadelphia Inquirer:
"(Coatesville Fire Chief) 'Johnson reported 295 in 2007, while union records show 733. When the union discovered the difference, it complained to city officials, but nothing was done, Poulson said. 'Fire-suppression services are in complete disarray,' Poulson said of Coatesville, adding, 'It's like the perfect storm for an arsonist.". Richard G. Poulson is the attorney for the city's 13 paid part-time firefighters and four full-time firefighters." From "Hiring practices, management of Coatesville Fire Department criticized" -Philadelphia Inquirer

Maybe you should ask all the people in Coatesville that lost their homes to arson in Coatesville if they want Paul Janssen back.

Maybe you should ask all the store owners in Coatesville that were repeatedly robbed at gun point if they want Paul Janssen Back.

Maybe you should ask all the people that were shot on the streets and in their homes in Coatesville if they want Paul Janssen back.

Maybe you should ask the woman that sat on her porch for more than 40 years and now hides behind the bullet resistant barrier of a brick wall if she wants Paul Janssen back.

Maybe you should ask the parents of school children that were brutally beaten by gangs if they want Paul Janssen back.

Maybe you should ask the people who moved their young family to homes here thinking Coatesville was moving up and instead had to fight off the drug gangs on their street and constantly worry about their house being set fire if they want Paul Janssen back.

Maybe you should ask the people whose family members were brutally murdered if they want Paul Janssen back.

I don’t really know if the best thing for Coatesville is to have Paul Janssen as City Manager here or not but with the municipal government that the anti-Paul Janssen "Save our Farm" people installed we have been living a nightmare here in Coatesville.

Walker's Outtahere - Coatesville City Council Reorganization Meeting

Ed Simpson City Council President
Unanimous vote

Vice President Karl Marking
5 - 2

City Council Meeting Dates
One Date Correction

Comments Concerning adding a schedule of budget meetings

Emergency Services Resolution

Removing Andrew Lehr as City of Coatesville Solicitor
5 - 2

John Carnes as Coatesville City Solicitor
7 - 0

Harry Walker has been put on administrative leave

Going, Going, Gone:
It's my understanding that after the meeting Mr. Walker was given 5 days notice.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Frankly, it wouldn’t hurt to make things a little miserable for him," Saha said.

"He made our lives miserable for the past six years."

You could also argue that the Sahas and their handlers made things pretty miserable for all the residents of Coatesville. And it may take a lot more than just 6 years to fix it. In my opinion some of the anti-Paul Janssen people have proven their hatred for the people of Coatesville.

Janssen’s critics have chance to prove love for city
Editorial no. 1


Know anyone in Radnor Township?

It’s my belief that if making a largely black community look bad was the intention a small number of Right Wing Extremists that helped to put in the “Bloc of Four”; they did a good job.

It could be that some of those same extremists have their sights on Radnor Township (and Paul Janssen). Maybe Radnor Township's meeting hall will be hit with a gang of White Nationalist teabagger “Property Rights” wackos at their next Township meeting.

I got this message for a comment:
“Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Two important posts are on Karl Marking's Blog tod...":



The Republican Party took the Clinton Budget surplus and turned it into the Bush Deficit.

It was an intentional move that proposed to “destroy the beast”; the “beast” being the Federal Government.

The Republicans intentionally created a budget deficit. Now the Republicans say they want to “do something” about the budget deficit. They are clearly and irrevocably lying. Their real intention is to “do something” about President Obama; even if it destroys our country in the process.

Avoiding a Japanese Decade

Friday, January 1, 2010

Chetty Builders/RDA Agreement of Sale for North Flats property

You can find the Agreement of sale between the City of Coatesville RDA and "North Flats, L.P." (Chetty Builders) here:


If there were no changes by the Coatesville City Council it may be the same agreement of sale approved by the Coatesville City Council on December 23, 2009.

Also see Matt Baker's website:


And Karl Marking's website:


I have just one comment so far. It appears that Coatesville's costs can be migrated by grants for cleanup. I think the last capable grant writer we had at the City of Coatesville was Jean Krack.