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Public Corruption in Chester County, PA

I believe an unlikely mix of alleged drug trafficking related politicos and alleged white nationalist related politicos united to elect the infamous “Bloc of Four” in the abysmal voter turnout election of 2005. During their four year term the drug business was good again and white nationalists used Coatesville as an example on white supremacist websites like “Stormfront”. Strong community organization and support from law enforcement, in particular Chester County District Attorney Joseph W. Carroll has begun to turn our community around. The Chester County drug trafficking that I believe centers on Coatesville continues and I believe we still have public officials in place that profit from the drug sales. But the people here are amazing and continue to work against the odds to make Coatesville a good place to live.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Did you ever hear of a get out of Codes violations free card?

My wife and I lived in downtown Philadelphia in late 1960 and 1970. The police, fire inspector and pluming inspector would allegedly go to each landlord and ask for a $100.00 donation for each building the landlord owned, $300.00 for each building.

I learned this from my landlord, Olaf Mattson, Olaf was a Swedish immigrant who retired from Boeing. He worked with Igor Sikorsky on the first helicopter. 

Mr. Mattson had 2 buildings on Green St. between 22nd and 23rd. Mr. Mattson said that because he didn’t pay the yearly donation to the police, fire department and plumbing inspector all of our apartments were inspected and up to code. I guess the plumbing inspector and fire inspector only actually went to places that didn’t pay up.

It was different with the Philly Police.

In those days the City of Philadelphia actually had a street sweeper on Green St. The street is one way. There was no parking on the South side on Tuesday between 7am and 4pm and no parking on Thursday between 7am and 4pm. The street sweeper actually got there around 2 in the afternoon.

The Philadelphia Police Cars have numbers on the roof. Car 914 would arrive on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:40am. I watched as two Philly PD officers would get out the car and walk up and down the block writing tickets on all cars that would, in just a few minutes, be parked illegally. Mr. Mattson only owned 2 buildings on the block and there were other landlords but, I guess that didn’t matter.

Betsy and I walked everywhere or sometimes took a bus. The only time the car was used was for food shopping or a suburban trip. Most of the time we started the car to drive from one side of the street to the other on Monday and Wednesday. Sometimes I would look out the window and see that we forgot to move our car the day before and then rush down the steps. At exactly 7am the two officers would get out of car 914 and put the pre-filled out tickets on the cars. I’ll let you decide if it was because as he told us, Mr. Mattson wouldn’t donate $100 to the PD when the PD Superintendent allegedly came by.

I guess you can find some landlords anywhere who don’t want to be bothered with fixing stuff. In the Philly that I knew 40 years ago the codes officials went to the landlords and allegedly collected their “donations” up front. I guess they just never showed up to inspect buildings. I imagined inspectors as fat guys with their feet on the desk smoking cigars in City Hall.  

I think it works differently here in Chester County. We had landlords in Philly. In Chester County they are called “investors”. The people that don’t want to fix stuff like to be called “investors” also, but most people would probably call them slumlords. 

The codes inspectors here actually do their work and issue tickets for codes violations. But as you can see by going through court documents some landlords are issued a ticket for the very same violation over and over year after year. Sometimes hundreds of code violations issued to the same “investor”. The results are usually not guilty or dismissed. Being a codes officer in Chester County must be a frustrating occupation.  .

That is why I am asking, is there a “Get out of Codes Violations Free” card? Can you get it from your local Republican Committee person? Do judges give them out in person?

It’s just interesting that the same “investors” have identical codes violations for the same properties repeatedly, tickets are issued, there is a not guilty or dismissed note on the court documents and the places appear to never get fixed.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Anthony Weiner for President

He gives the Republican Congressional snakes their due:

My apologies to the snakes, we should not be comparing them to the low life Republican Congressmen or Senators.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

While we are occupied with Fox News fake scandals, incredible destruction in the Gulf of Mexico, cutting funds for unemployed Americans and Trillion dollar wars, China’s “tarp” money is building China’s incredible future.

When I was at the Chamber of Commerce meeting with Don Pulver at the Brandywine Health Center in Coatesville I had a question for Don Pulver about the Chester County Airport runway extension and the airports connection to the hotel. Mr. Pulver said that Sikorsky sends a plane from Connecticut to Coatesville twice a week. Sikorsky is a major employer and possibly the major employer in Western Chester County. Sikorsky would be a sort of anchor customer of the hotel.

I asked about the airport because right now many of the jets flying over Coatesville are transcendental capable jets. But in order to fly to Europe they need to stop at Philadelphia International Airport to top off their tanks. The runway is not yet long enough for a full fuel load.

Coatesville City Manager Ted Reed said that there is a roadblock between Sadsbury and Valley Township. Sadsbury Township is, at this time, not supportive of a runway extension.
Mr. Reed said that Valley Township where the runway extension is located is generally in favor of the runway extension. Mr. Reed said that the Chester County Airport Authority is leading the way and moving forward with the effort to extend the runway. Noise is an issue but extending the runway would make takeoff noise lower because the aircraft could use a lower rate of climb, less power and less noise. I believe the main local issue is the closing of Washington Lane for the runway extension.

 Mr. Pulver said that he feels local opposition to the runway extension is bad for his company.

I think it’s bad for the region.

I think that our local businesses need to look forward to more international connections and an international capable airport would be an asset for Chester County.

The Republican Party with massive monitary help from non taxpaying corporations like Exxon and killer companies like BP and Massey Energy  have killed the energy bill that would have made our future secure.  Instead our Federal Government, thorough tax incentives is funding oil, gas and coal companies. Exxon actually got a tax refund. In the process the energy companies and their Republican lackeys are helping to fund our enemies such as Iran. The Republican actions of course also accelerate global climate change, air and water pollution. It’s a short term gain for the already wealthy energy companies but it’s a long term loss for the USA. By killing the energy bill the GOP has decided to just let market forces work here. So our businesses are left to sink or swim. The Chinese Government has fully funded and still is funding their version of the “TARP”. China is also the world leader in renewable energy and importantly the world leader in government funding of renewable energy. Investing our tax dollars through massive tax cuts to a dying mining and drilling industries is also very damaging to the economic future of our country.

There is still a possibility that President Obama could kick start green energy in the USA. He only has to demand by Executive Order that US Government Agencies use renewable non-carbon producing energy sources only.Think Postal Service trucks using battery powered electric vehicles. It’s a perfect fit for the Postal Service vehicles. They make short trips and go back to the same lot every day. 

Think energy saving government buildings. Besides lowering our countries carbon footprint, the economies of scale due to massive production to meet the demand would result in lowering the cost of “alternative” energy. I believe that in many cases government agencies are encouraged to buy from US based businesses. Doing that would give the USA a chance of competing internationally with what China is already doing.

But so far President Obama has not exactly stepped up to the plate and seems to not know where the playing field of renewable energy is. So maybe we shouldn't wait for him to act.
Governor Rendell has helped Pennsylvania move into the non-fossil fuel future by promoting Green Business in Pennsylvania.

Back to the hotel and the airport:

All of our local businesses are competing in some way on an international basis. Someone who could be a customer of a local business can buy from a business in another country with just a few clicks of a mouse.

The Marriot Courtyard in Coatesville will probably have mostly domestic business persons occupying the rooms. But with a runway extension some of the businessmen could be flying in from China.

Republicans and their Guru Karl Rove are just hoping the President McKinley days to magically re-appear and wipe out the accomplishments of the Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt. They somehow miss that the world has changed since 1900 and China has moved on from manufacturing cups and plates and that most Americans liked the prosperity the New Deal gave us in the 1950s and 1960s. Republicans have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that they don't care about our actual future. They pine for their imagined Republican Party of 110 years ago with no unions or Social Security and a GOP ruling class. 

The Obama Administration seems to be afraid of the Republicans and their Fox News spokespersons. Democrats and President Obama seem to be scared to try anything because it might fail.

It’s kind of like China is taking off and the rest of us can just sit back and watch or try to keep up. While China's government is helping Chinese enterprise on a gargantuan scale governments here do almost nothing.  I believe our local businesses are competing with China even though we are thousands of miles away.  that It looks more and more like we have to decide our own future and maybe we can do that locally in Chester County. Maybe a Chester County Airport with direct transcontinental flight capability will help our local area compete on the worldwide field. 

My daughter has visited Shanghai twice. It’s an amazing city. She said that any evening on the streets of downtown Shanghai is like Time’s Square on New Year’s Eve. In terms of energy some amazing things are happening in China and there is almost no news about it here:

Up close and personal with SAIC's Yez Concept Car
By Mike Hanlon

05:03 July 27, 2010

Preserving “chasing the hounds” and preserving “open space”

Some people say what the Chester County Republicans really are doing with land conservation efforts is preserving fox hunting for their wealthy benefactors. Maybe that’s what it is; but as long as the land is preserved as open space, especially the land surrounding waterways, its fine with me. Just remember that everybody living in Chester County benefits.

Even if the only people that actually use it are billionaire horse people living on endowments from their ancestors us “commoners” have a real “trickle down” benefit from cleaner air and water.

The recreations of 18th Century bucolic English countryside are very nice to look while driving through the Chester County countryside.  You might even catch the billionaire endowmenteers accompanied by their social climber groupies “chasing the hounds” in red jackets.  

If watching billionaires playing let’s pretend we’re  English Lords and Ladies makes you feel like a member of the “great unwashed” keep in mind that the alternative is watching suburban tract housing.

Daily Local News
Published: Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Article about Hotel

From the Daily Local News

The view from the ground up

Hopes remain high as Marriot Hotel project marches on

Monday, July 26, 2010

The entire program at the Brandywine Health Foundation last Wednesday is here:

Friday, July 23, 2010

After all Obama could have pardoned Cheney and Bush

It was stupid for the Obama Administration not to prosecute Bush/Cheney for war crimes and Cheney for outing a non-official cover CIA officer. Now the Republicans are putting Shrub up for sainthood:
 Addicted to Bush
President Obama could have graciously pardoned them later, after the 2010 elections.  

Actually I think Ma Bush could have prevented it all if she put down her whiskey bottle long enough to tell Jr. it’s wrong to torture small animals.

However there is hope. We might not have the will to prosecute our leaders here but in the UK it's different. The United Kingdom is inquiring into the Iraq War, torture and all.  It will be tough for the GOP to Canonize W. Bush if he is a war criminal in the UK.  
Iraq war inquiry

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Major investigation of Latin Kings gang in Lehigh Valley

Don't assume graffiti in Coatesville is "just local kids". If the graffiti is from a known street gang it's most likely put there by gang members. Most street gangs do not tolerate "lookalikes" or "wannabes". Sort of a "copyright infringement", only they don't go to court to enforce it. 
“Hundreds of police officers, federal drug agents and SWAT teams armed with federal indictments invaded Bethlehem before dawn Wednesday to take down an army of Kings.
From The Morning Call:
"34 alleged Latin Kings captured, drugs and guns seized in raids. 3-year investigation leads to murder, kidnapping, assault charges."

U.S. Department of Justice
United States Attorney
Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Separate indictments charge 23 more with drug and gun offenses

Major investigation of Latin Kings gang in Lehigh Valley

Don't assume graffiti in Coatesville is "just local kids". If the graffiti is from a known street gang it's most likely put there by gang members. Most street gangs do not tolerate "lookalikes" or "wannabes". Sort of a "copyright infringement", only they don't go to court to enforce it. 
“Hundreds of police officers, federal drug agents and SWAT teams armed with federal indictments invaded Bethlehem before dawn Wednesday to take down an army of Kings.”
From The Morning Call:
34 alleged Latin Kings captured, drugs and guns seized in raids. 3-year investigation leads to murder, kidnapping, assault charges.

U.S. Department of Justice
United States Attorney
Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Separate indictments charge 23 more with drug and gun offenses

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

“The goal is to make a spark, a spark that continues”- Don Pulver at Brandywine Health Foundation

I can remember the locals that thought Don Pulver’s plans for tall buildings in Conshohocken were foolish. Those first buildings in Conshohocken were the spark that transformed Conshohocken from a decaying area to a thriving metropolis.

I think he is doing something similar in the City of Coatesville.

Mr. Pulver has invested in and kept the hotel/office project in Coatesville alive for about six or seven years through good economic and bad economic times. When the Pulver team comes up against obstacles it finds ways to surmount them. 

Comparing the Coatesville project to all of his other projects in Conshohocken, Pittsburgh and Chicago; Mr. Pulver said that “this is the hardest one we’ve ever done". 

I think they are here for the long haul and the project is close to the finish line.

The entire session at the Brandywine Health Foundation that was held this morning is recorded below. It is divided into 4 parts. 

First is Frances M. Sheehan, President and CEO of the Brandywine Health Foundation
Second in Nancy Keefer Nancy Keefer, CCE President & CEO of the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry.
Third is Don Pulver of the Oliver Tyrone Pulver Corp. 
Fourth is a Question and Answer Session

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oops my memory gets a little foggy as I get older.

I wrote that Judge Riley that allowed some of the 32 lawsuits concerning Coatesville and the Saha "farm" to sit on his desk for nearly 2 years before acting on them. I was wrong.

It was not Judge Riley who allegedly let many of lawsuits against Coatesville "taking" the Saha "Farm" and related to Coatesville “taking” the Saha “farm” sit on his desk. 

It was Judge Mahon's desk that they allegedly sat on.

I stand by the rest of the post.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hmmm, Riley, Riley, Judge Riley;

O ya, He was the Judge that allowed some of the 32 lawsuits concerning Coatesville and the Saha "farm" to sit on his desk for nearly 2 years before acting on them. You know, the lawsuits the City of Coatesville was forced to defend itself against at enormous costs to taxpayers like me. If the City had not defended itself we might have been forced to pay up even more money out of our Water Company Trust find.

I thought the extremist right wing Teabagger Libertarian  "starve the beast" stuff referred to our Federal Government only. I wouldn't have believed the Libertarians, at least some of them, meant all government until I saw them in action in Coatesville. But then most Libertarians don't even know who Larry Pratt is either and are not ardent followers of the gun/militia movement he allegedly helped to create in the USA. 

Coatesville won all of the lawsuits. I believe most of them had no merit at all and should have been dismissed immediately.


Did anyone see the "Pat Sellers for Governor" sign on Rt. 30 near the Coatesville exit?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Does anyone think that Representative Tim Hennessey’s Business Manager’s crack trial will be held after November 2, 2010?

Lisa Johnson now has a team of lawyers; Thomas Gerald Bellwoar Jr., Esq. and Mr. Evan Kelly, Esq., the “co-counsel for the defendant”. As I said before we all knew that O. J. Simpson could pay his attorneys with his own money. How is Johnson paying her attorneys? As far as I know there are no gloves for Lisa Johnson or her alleged partner in the alleged crimes John Tinson to try on.

 According to the court documents John Tinson still lives in Coatesville but Lisa Johnson evidently moved to Thorndale.

 The next event in Lisa Johnson’s trial is a Pre-Trial Discovery Hearing on 07/20/2010 9:30 a.m. Courtroom 12 at the Chester County Justice Center. The Honorable Judge Anthony A. Sarcione is presiding.

 Lisa Johnson’s and John Tinson’s trials are related. They are both scheduled for the session commencing August 16, 2010. John Tinson is represented by Christian J. Hoey, Esq.

Friday, July 16, 2010

“I’d love to see us some way, somehow start with the (curfew) sirens again”, Ed Simpson

Below you will find the Council Comments from Monday evenings (July 12, 2010) Coatesville City Council meeting.

Some people consider it a civic duty to attend City Council meetings and go to nearly every meeting. There were some people “new people” at that Coatesville City Council meeting.  Right now, if you want to be heard the Coatesville City Council meetings are the place to go. The Coatesville City Council will hear you.

All the City Council members had good closing comments. I thought that City Council President Ed Simpson succinctly spoke to the concerns about the curfew with his comment.
“We all need take a good look in the mirror and say are we all doing the right thing. As long as we’re doing the right thing maybe we need to pass it along to everybody else when we see somebody not...
It is the Police Department’s responsibility to police them. But, they can’t be everywhere at once… If the parents aren’t doing their job, maybe as citizens we need to help them out and call the Police Department, just to make them aware where the problems are...
The Police Department will be more than happy to help us, to help you with that problem. Chief Canale and his department as far as I’m concerned is one of the best departments, the best department in the County. They certainly are the busiest. So, let’s keep them busier.”-Coatesville City Council President Ed Simpson. 

Hear all the “Council Comments” at the July 12, 2010 Coatesville City Council meeting here:

I actually liked PA-AG Tom Corbett at one time.

Then he started to go after his political enemies and Democrats in a very obvious way. I think he didn’t even try hiding using the office of Attorney General to go after his political enemies. He then tried to use the Attorney General’s office to attack Twitter of all things.

Sometimes arrogant people can still be good public servants. However, I believe there is a kind of threshold in public service for arrogant people. At some point a spirit of humility is required to move up the latter in public service.

Arrogance is one thing, stupidity and arrogance is another.

Combining stupidity, arrogance and catering to the Conservative Republican Teabagger Alice in Wonderland ideology can and does ruin you politically statewide in Pennsylvania.

I think Tom Corbett has reached his end of the line in politics. He just doesn’t have what it takes to be in the Statewide or National political arena. 

This is a gem of an example of how to end your political career in Pennsylvania by catering to extremist views in a mostly liberal state:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cleaning the Chester Avenue Bridge Saturday on Coatesville Impact Days

Harvel Brown of the Coatesville Weed and Seed Committee wants to clean up the Chester Avenue Bridge.

Mr. Brown linked with the Chester County Adult Probation Office. He volunteered to oversee some of the community service work that the Court has ordered for some individuals and use those individuals to help clean up our City.

The Chester Avenue Bridge is the Amtrak Bridge that links Merchant Street with Coates Street in Coatesville. Mr. Brown said there is a thick coating of pigeon droppings on the bridge. Mr. Brown asked the Coatesville City Council if the Fire Department could pressure wash the walls of the Chester Avenue Bridge.

Mr. Brown said the large amount of pigeon droppings under the bridge are a health hazard for Coatesville residents walking under the bridge.
Chief Kevin Johnson said the environmental hazard from the pigeon droppings will need to be considered in the clean up.

Harvel also mentioned the hazard of putting out trash too many days ahead of pick up day in hot weather.

Mr. Brown’s efforts are part of the Cleanup efforts on Coatesville Impact Day of July 17th this Saturday. He would like to see the Fire Department pressure wash the Chester Avenue Bridge on Saturday July 17, 2010 if possible.

Listen to Harvel Brown here:

See Matt Baker’s site for more information concerning Coatesville Impact Days-July 17, 2010

Coatesville Weed and seed-Coatesville Happenings

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just remember that we had the TeaBagger hat people first right here in Coatesville in 2005

July 13, 2010 7:06 PM
NAACP Passes Tea Party Racism Resolution
Posted by Brian Montopoli
The NAACP has passed a resolution condemning racism in the Tea Party movement.
The resolution was approved in a vote by more than 2,000 delegates at the annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Kansas City.
More at CBS News:
NAACP Passes Tea Party Racism Resolution

Dr. Tonya Thames Taylor had comments about public relations and a Police Officer of the City of Coatesville.

Dr. Taylor said that there is no brochure about Coatesville available at City Hall that a person interested in the City can take with them.
Dr. Taylor, “Did you know that only forty five percent of the homes in Coatesville, in the greater Coatesville area sell? Forty five percent; ask any real estate agent in the area. Sad, because we have charming homes here in Coatesville… If we’re going to employ a public relations person please work on building up the shattered image of Coatesville as a City that is up and coming not dead and gone.”
Dr. Taylor had more to say, she is going to make a presentation of an issue that is called “Turn it down or pay up”. 
Dr. Taylor, “When you are talking about curfew, when you’re talking about looking at the City, look at what the noise in the City does.  Or if you’ve ever tried to pray and you hear misogynous music, that’s anti-police, anti-human, anti-American and basically pro crime; it’s very disconcerting. 
And lastly I’d like to say this: We have a wonderful police officer. His name is Curt Geiger. He did a fantastic job of protecting the City from some of, well some of its interesting elements. And, this is what I wrote about him; he’s responsive, he is a responsible officer who cares about his job.  He basically proactively listens and did his police work. He followed it up. As a college professor and elected official in another capacity, and member of the NAACP and other social networks here I can say that with officers like Officer Geiger in Coatesville; that Coatesville can shed its reputation of sometimes having dispassionate Officers.”
Listen to Dr. Tonya Thames Taylor here:

Tanya Thames Taylor Coatesville PR and Police.mp3

Coatesville Police Chief Julius Canale said the Police Department will purchase two decibel (noise) meters:

Let me know if I spelled any names incorrectly. 

Several very well spoken people commented on our curfew at last night’s Coatesville City Council Meeting.

Marie Hess circulated the petition concerning the curfew.
Laurie Root does Guardian Angel patrols in Coatesville
Dr. Tonya Thames Taylor is a Coatesville School Board member

They have some very insightful comments about curfew, parents, children and police in the City of Coatesville. Some of their commentary may be shocking to some people. I think it's on the spot. 

Curfew Marie Hess Laurie Root Tanya Thames Taylor.mp3

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It’s safe to go to Coatesville City Council Meetings

Stuff about changing the times of the curfew has come up multiple times for the past several years at Coatesville City Council meetings. We always have had a curfew; only the starting times of the curfew were discussed.

The kids who are picked up by Coatesville Police for violating the curfew are certainly aware of it.

I could be that the reason people who circulated the petition about establishing a curfew in Coatesville were not aware that we already have a curfew is partly because they don’t come to Coatesville City Council meetings. Many Coatesville residents have told me that they have been to a municipal meeting here a few years ago and they will never come to a meeting again.

We need to get the word out that it is safe for ordinary people at Coatesville City Council meetings again.

The days when you had an odd combination people who I believe were white nationalist and or people who supported the drug business in Coatesville dominating the meetings and pushing out and physically threatening ordinary people who came to Coatesville City Council meetings are over.

We need to get the word out that the municipal meetings in Coatesville are about the same as what you would expect in any Chester County municipality. With one exception; the monotonous boredom evident in all municipal meetings is punctuated by outbursts of laughter here at the Coatesville municipal meetings.

You no longer need to face a gauntlet of abusive threatening people waiting outside when you go to your car. Really, those people are long gone.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

There has been a change in the related crack trials of Coatesville Codes Officer John Tinson and State Rep. Tim Hennessey’s office manager Lisa Johnson.

Christian J. Hoey, Esq. is still representing John Tinson
In Lisa Johnson’s case a Motion to Compel Discovery was made by her attorney Tomas Bellwoar Jr. Esq. yesterday July 6, 2010.

As of today Lisa Johnson now has a defense team composed of Thomas Gerald Bellwoar Jr., Esq. AND Mr. Evan Kelly, Esq.
I think the Johnson trial is starting to resemble the O. J. Simpson trial.  Well, OK I guess O. J. had more attorneys. The thing is we know that O.J. had the money to pay his attorneys. Where is the money to pay Johnson’s attorneys coming from? 
It's on page 5 of the Docket Sheet below:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

“The Ben Franklin Project” is happening at the Daily Local News

I think the realization that the news of protests from Iran came from cell phones was a turning point in journalism. At one point and still now the real news from Iran has been transmitted by Twitter posts, written photographed and video recorded on cell phones.  It was an eye opener to journalists when the movers and shakers in the journalist industry were ordinary people broadcasting from cell phones in Tehran. See Twitterjournalism 

Maybe news “papers” is the wrong term. Newspapers costs of publishing and distributing along with diminished print advertising are making it an endangered part of the journalistic industry. Here is another major “cost” in newsprint, the time between an event and the time a customer can read it in newsprint. TV has a similar time problem.  Internet news can bring live news as it happens from anywhere people can go.  And anyone with a story to tell can be a journalist.

The Ben Franklin Project may be another of many new turning points in journalism. It’s happening at all of the Journal Register Company’s newspapers.
See the Daily Local News “Ben Franklin Project” here:

Our local newspaper is making news among journalists.  See this post by Journalism Professor at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and writer of “What Would Google Do” Jeff Jarvis:

New video recording capability added by camera and lens makers to professional still cameras almost as an afterthought have revolutionized not just the photojournalist profession but have also been zapped up by Hollywood film producers like George Lucas and used  Lucasfilm’s “Red Tails”.  The last episode of “House” was video recorded entirely on a professional still/video single lens reflex cameras designed to be used by photojournalists.
A new kind of on the spot journalism is emerging with the speed of Titter posts and new tools for journalists and photojournalists. Still and motion picture photojournalism are and have combined. Journalists have written directed and photographed and video recorded their own stories. 

Battle for Hearts and Minds-A Documentary on the War in Afghanistan by Danfung Dennis was filmed by that new kind of photojournalist, filmmaker, writer and director. "Battle for Hearts and Minds" was produced using Canon 5D Mark II DSLR, exactly the same camera that you can walk into a “Best Buy” and buy off the shelf.

A Moment in Time on the New York Times “Lens” is another new kind of journalism:
Maybe printed news is an endangered medium but what’s replacing it is exciting. 

Wild West Whiteland

Something was missed in the Daily Local News article about township buildings. They are township buildings in two rural townships and one in a heavily populated suburban area with residential, commercial, light and heavy industrial development.  West Marlborough is rural.  Pocopson is rural with a twist of Federal, State and County tax supported residents.  There is something about a new public works garage in West Goshen Township. 

If West Whiteland Township tried West Marlborough or Pocopson Township management style the township residents and businesses would have been bulldozed by developers. It would be “Wild West Whiteland” for developers to "shoot up the town" and take anything they want.

West Marlborough Township and Pocopson Township elected officials and township staff basically have nothing to do apart from pot hole filling and so there is no reason for a staff and maybe sometimes no reason besides a social get together to even have a township meeting. No reason for a staff or a township building right now. Things could change if a large landowner in one of those townships decides to sell to an international developer or large regional developer. Maybe they are ready for the onslaught of developer’s lawyers that would descend on their townships. More likely they are not ready.

Pennsylvania’s Municipalities Planning Code was written in part with “assistance” from real estate developers lobbyists, but it does have protections for ordinary citizens.  The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code is a confusing labyrinth to navigate. Just remember that large developers bring experienced Municipalities Planning Code "navigators" with law degrees. My advice for Pocopson and West Marlborough Township supervisors or for that matter any Pennsylvania municipal officer is to keep current on the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.

Daily Local News Saturday, July 04, 2010