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Public Corruption in Chester County, PA

I believe an unlikely mix of alleged drug trafficking related politicos and alleged white nationalist related politicos united to elect the infamous “Bloc of Four” in the abysmal voter turnout election of 2005. During their four year term the drug business was good again and white nationalists used Coatesville as an example on white supremacist websites like “Stormfront”. Strong community organization and support from law enforcement, in particular Chester County District Attorney Joseph W. Carroll has begun to turn our community around. The Chester County drug trafficking that I believe centers on Coatesville continues and I believe we still have public officials in place that profit from the drug sales. But the people here are amazing and continue to work against the odds to make Coatesville a good place to live.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dancing around 2nd Amendment elephant

"Most of the officers I interviewed say that guns poison policing in America. 'They're literally everywhere,...'' 

Peggy Hubbard’s first video is a rage against violence in the heat of the moment:

Peggy Hubbard’s second video is, I think, the eloquence of ordinary black woman. Women forged by life. 
Most of the black women I know have the very same sentiments.  

In the high finance world arms manufacturers live in Black lives don't matter, White lives don't matter. What matters to arms dealers is money, death for profit.

The Atlantic

Peggy Hubbard's Attack on Black Lives Matter


  • AUG 24, 2015  


  • The Atlantic

    The Myth of Police Reform

    The real problem is the belief that all our social problems can be solved with force.

  • The Atlantic

    “Here is what I would like for you to know: In America, it is traditional to destroy the black body—it is heritage.”




    “Second, cops think that the public underestimates the threats to their life—and why the use of force is sometimes necessary. Most of the officers I interviewed say that guns poison policing in America. 'They’re literally everywhere,' says one. 'And the problem with dealing with guns is that if I’m talking to you and you’ve got a gun, action always beats reaction.' One female street cop points that having to carry a firearm automatically escalates violent situations. 'If I take a punch and I’m knocked out, they could take my gun,' she says. 'We need to stay a step ahead of them, so we sometimes use a higher-level of force.' Another worries that the fear of being criticised or indicted for using force may make cops put themselves in danger. 'I think what’s happening now is that some younger officers are more reluctant to use force and they might lose a tactical advantage and be killed.” 

    Policing in America 
    What the cops say 
    Apr 27th 2015, 19:13 BY D.K. | WASHINGTON, DC

    How a 50 caliber U.S. made sniper rifle purchased in a gun shop in St. Mary’s Pennsylvania is sold to a guerrilla army in Kosovo. 

    The Brooklyn Connection:

    Americans are not unusually violent. Unusual violence is what happens in a country where guns outnumber people.  

    When the "Right to Bear Arms" was written ordinary people could manufacture muskets and rifles in a barn. Firearms were a necessity to defend against hostile Native Americans on the frontier and slave states needed state militias to keep their property under control. 

    When the "Right to Bear Arms" was written the only corporation was the "East India Tea Company". That same corporation's tea was thrown into Boston Harbor at the "Boston Tea Party". 

    When the "Right to Bear Arms" was written few people imagined the mechanized death machines that we now call firearms. 

    When the "Right to Bear Arms" was written, nobody imagined arms manufacturing companies with a world wide market and with raw power exceeding that of most countries on earth. 

    In the high finance world of international arms manufacturers Black lives don't matter, White lives don't matter. What matters to international arms dealers is money. They sell death machines for profit.

    Arms manufacturers market their weapons as protection from violent criminals. But a sniper rifle sold at a Pennsylvania sporting guns shop can wind up in the hands of guerrilla army in Kosovo. 

    The U.S. is the major gunrunning country on earth. U.S. guns are trafficked worldwide. They wind up in the hands of criminals and terrorists not by accident but by the designs of firearms manufacturers. 

    If arms manufacturers were concerned about criminals and terrorists using their guns they would back tracing of guns by the ATF. But they block tracing of guns by the ATF.  They would allow the National Institute of Health to track shootings. They don't. They only care about selling death. 

    It makes no difference if a policeman buys their guns, or a terrorist buys their guns, or a criminal buys their guns, or a drug cartel buys their guns. International arms companies sell death. Death for profit to all and any who have a need to for death machines. 

    In a burst of creativity and greed U.S. arms dealers decided to use our pre-Industrial Revolution "Right to Bear Arms" to sell guns and ammunition. The result is unprecedented violence in the U.S. 

    We need to confront the source of violence here and that is international arms manufacturers. 

    The people that operate arms and ammunition companies are in the same moral category as the criminals and terrorists they cater to. 

    The shots we hear at night, the climbing murder rates and the calls of police brutality and "Black Lives Matter"  are the results of living in a country that sells mechanized death to the world. And uses the profits from selling mechanized death to control our Federal and state governments. 


    "Florin Krasniqi leads a double life. To most of his Brooklyn neighbors, he is an Albanian immigrant from Kosovo who owns a successful roofing company. But to the Kosovo Liberation Army, a guerrilla group fighting for Kosovo’s independence from Serbia, Krasniqi is a major fundraiser and arms supplier.  
    The Brooklyn Connection, a feature-length (60 min.) documentary based on material from Stacy Sullivan’s book, Be Not Afraid, For You Have Sons in America, follows Krasniqi as he raises money, solicits political support, purchases arms and supplies, smuggles his purchases into Kosovo, and, like any normal father, celebrates his child’s birthday with a family barbeque on the roof of his Brooklyn home.  

    Krasniqi’s ability to easily and legally purchase weapons suitable for a guerrilla army raises questions about U.S. policy. Can the United States broker peaceful solutions to conflicts like the one in Kosovo when the conflict is being sustained by arms obtained through American gun shows, retailers, catalogues, and websites? 

    As The Brooklyn Connection provokes viewers to examine the worldwide impact of U.S. firearms laws, it also challenges people to consider their own ideas about patriotism, national identity, and independence. As an outreach tool, the film can spark frank discussions about the connections between human rights, U.S. foreign policy, the value of gun ownership, and the ultimate safety of American citizens...

    The filmmaker asks Florin, 'Do you think the Americans are victims of their own weapons?' Florin points to examples like the Columbine shootings and says that “they are victims of their own weapons every day.” 

    MORE AT:

    Tuesday, August 25, 2015

    The incident at the Chester County Justice Center today was probably a failure of our public health system

    Justine McDaniel and Michaelle Bond, Inquirer Staff Writers
    Last updated: Tuesday, August 25, 2015, 2:55 PM

    Posted: Tuesday, August 25, 2015, 1:00 PM

    This incident today was probably a failure of our public health system. That's if you are trying to place blame on someone other than Curtis Smith. 

    It brings up the fact that the Chester County Justice Center might seem like a hardened target for terrorists.  But two or more terrorists could beech the security using assault rifles and body armor. It would be a suicide attack but most of them are. 

    The so called “war on terrorism” is happening here but is mostly ignored. We mostly call local terrorists, mentally ill people. 


    The weapon used by Boston Marathon Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was traced by the ATF “to a Cabela's, a popular hunting and fishing outfitter with stores across the country, in Scarborough, Maine, just south of Portland. Records showed the gun was purchased Nov. 27, 2011, as part of a ‘multiple handgun sale.”

    The buyer was identified as Danny Sun Jr., a Los Angeles native living in South Portland, a Portland suburb.”

    Los Angeles Times
    We know how Tamerlan Tsarnaev got the gun after he used it because the ATF can only trace weapons after they are used.


    Eric Frein the shooter of PA State Police was called everything but the terrorist he is.


    NBC News


    The ATF has been "kneecapped "by Congress for the last 30 years so it can only trace weapons after they are used. 

    We need to acknowledge local home bred terrorists and stop hampering the ATF. 

    Ever notice how would-be bombers are usually caught. Maybe it’s because the ATF investigates chemical purchases that can potentially be used in bomb making. Would-be terrorists seem to have caught on. 

    "Since 2002, guns have been responsible for 95 percent of all deaths at the hands of domestic terrorists…These are all illuminating statistics, but arguably the most profound takeaway comes from an analysis of which types of weapons are responsible for killing Americans during the commission of political extremism. Unambiguously, the deadliest means of terror in the post-9/11 United States has been the gun. Firearms, indeed, have been used in all but one of the lethal terrorist attacks perpetrated since 2002 — the exception being Joseph Stack’s aerial assault on the IRS offices in Austin, which killed an employee of the tax agency. Even the Boston bombers used a handgun to kill one of their four murder victims. 

    In the final count, firearms have claimed 82 of the 86 lives lost as a result of domestic terrorism since 2002.”
    The Trace
    Firearms Have Killed 82 of the 86 Victims of Post-9/11 Domestic Terrorism

    BY LOUIS KLAREVAS June 30, 2015 

    Explosives are allegedly now not the terrorist’s weapons of choice. 

    Assault rifles, sniper rifles and large capacity handguns are allegedly now the terrorist weapons of choice. And it’s easy to transport assault rifles, sniper rifles and large capacity handguns around the country without a trace, the ATF isn't looking. 

    "What happens when the police were doing this to you; who do you call?" Caln Township, PA 2011

    A Daily Local News reporter listened as the delegation from Carver Court addressed the Caln Township Commissioners in regard to the incident on March 17, 2011 on Foundry Street in Carver Court, Caln Township. 

    What they said was withheld by Daily Local News. 

    I think it's newsworthy:

    A multi-jurisdictional task force of US Marshals, Pennsylvania State Police, members of Chester County District Attorney’s office and members from the Coatesville Police Department; apparently looking for a fugitive burst into a home in Carver Court in Caln Township on March 17, 2011. It was the wrong home. 

    Updated information on:

    Swat Task Force apparently bursts into the wrong Caln Township home

     The word on the street is that the you can add members of the Philadelphia Police Force to the “multi-jurisdictional task force” that Caln Police Chief Byerly said “is made up of US Marshals, it’s made up of Pennsylvania State Police, It’s made up of members of Chester County District Attorney’s office and It’s made up of members from the Coatesville Police Department.” There were no Caln Police present.
    The word on the street is that they allegedly had a "Body Warrant" for a suspect but no “Search Warrant” for a home belonging to a black woman in her 70s. 
    The woman and her sons have no criminal records.
    Only a "Search Warrant" allows them to enter the house. The "Body Warrant" does not allow them to enter.
    The alleged “credible information” that the “multi-jurisdictional task force” had, turned out to be alleged unreliable and not vetted intelligence that allegedly came from a relative of the person they were pursuing.
    To recap, allegedly:
     A tactical police squad arrived at the front door calling out “Medics” and burst into the home of an elderly black woman with a heart condition who walks with a cane and held several guns to her head causing her to fall backward.
    The police were acting on unverified information from a relative of the suspect.They did not have a "Search Warrant" and entered illegally expecting to find a person they had a “body warrant” for.  It was the wrong house and the suspect had nothing at all to do with the house or anyone that ever lived at that address.
    I believe this was a botched up and amateurish police action.
    It’s a setback to the good police/community relations we have worked so very hard to achieve in Coatesville.
    The “multi-jurisdictional task force” allegedly called an ambulance for the woman.

    TUESDAY, APRIL 5, 2011

    More on the Keystone Cops Swat Raid in Carver Court

    A multi-jurisdictional task force of US Marshals, Pennsylvania State Police, members of Chester County District Attorney’s office and members from the Coatesville Police Department; apparently looking for a fugitive burst into a home in Carver Court in Caln Township on March 17, 2011. It was the wrong home. 

    Below is a letter to officials of  Caln Township from John Robinson, Jr. of the Carver Court Association:

    A transcript:
    “Good evening everyone my name is John Robinson Jr. I reside at Foundry Street in Carver Court. First I'd like to thank Commissioner Chambers for your response to our complaint. And I would like to thank Chief Byerly for the information you've provided for our complaint. Thank you very much.
    This police incursion we consider to be a grave matter of public safety in Carver Court.
    I start by saying that we the members of Carver Court Association strongly encourage the actions of the police department to search out and apprehend criminals and fugitives. We have no problem with that at all. However we do not condone when the information that they gather in order to find this fugitive is in error and that they fail to verify that information. When this failure results in an endangerment to one of our citizens it’s an endangerment to the community as a whole.
    Now you have my narrative that had been forwarded to you and I read a statement from that:
    It must be recognized that had this event happened at any of certain other residences in Carver Court the result could have been catastrophic. Had this happened at my home and my 86 year old mother had been confronted by this crew or up the street from where we live at my 88 year old aunt’s house or two doors, three doors from where the event took place at the mother of the resident at that location I dare to say that any of them would not have survived this event.
    Had I been been the one who confronted this force, my background is; I’m an Army Veteran of two tours of combat in Vietnam as a First Lieutenant Infantry Platoon Leader. I do not know what my reaction would have been had I had several weapons aimed at my head. If I were the one confronted I could probably say that I wouldn't be standing here talking to you right now.
    This is a very serious matter as far as public safety is concerned, and we the citizens of Carver Court and Carver Court Association have some questions.
    I’d like to defer to Mr. Dixon to pose those questions. Thank you.”

    Elwood Dixon, “We would like to as community members, we would like to know what can be taken back to our citizens, to our neighbors that this cannot happen again.
    And my other question is what happens when the police were doing this to you; who do you call? Because if you don't know what’s going on and nobody tells you what’s going on who do you call?
    The third question I have is, I’d like to know if this was a legitimate raid and why; Can anyone answer me?
    Mr. William Chambers, President of the Board of Commissioners of Caln Township, “Ok, Mr. Dixon let me back up; you're first one and Mr. Robinson…We received a second letter from you dated March 28th.
    Mr. Robinson, “Yes”
    Mr. Chambers, “The next to the last paragraph which is a very short paragraph says:
    ‘We now understand that this armed force was a multi-unit police fugitive warrant force which consisted of officers from the Pennsylvania State, the Chester County, Caln and Coatesville Police Departments.’
    Caln was not was not involved at all, OK. Just to set your letter and the record straight there.
    So that being said Mr. Dixon, I’m going to defer to Chief Byerly, who has informed me of what’s going on. I believe he’s had at least two telephone conversations with Mr. Robinson, so chief if you can do your best to help answer these questions.
    Chief Byerly, “This was multi-jurisdictional task force and like Mr. Chambers said is made up of US Marshals, it’s made up of Pennsylvania State Police, It’s made up of members of Chester County District Attorney’s office and It’s made up of members from the Coatesville Police Department.
    It was made up that way by design to cross jurisdictional boundaries at will.
    Now, I'm not the person to answer why they were at 43 Foundry Street on March 17th at 6:30 am. I don't know why they were there. I have been in contact with Chief of the County Detectives and my understanding is there is a meeting set up Tuesday…”
    Mr. Robinson, “Monday”
    Chief Byerly, “Monday, I’ll double check on that because I wrote it down as Tuesday, with Chief Vito from the Chester County District Attorney’s Office. He’s the Chief of Detectives and he’s from the Chester County District Attorney’s office and Sergeant Vichevo who’s the leader of the task force from the Pennsylvania State Police. They should be the ones that are able to answer what led them to 43 Foundry Street any tactics that were taken. Is it a legitimate unit? Yes it is a legitimate unit. But I can’t give you some of the details that you might want. And they’re going to answer the questions that they can. And if they can’t answer your questions they can tell where you who to go to see that can.
    But there’s also a boss somewhere. There’s always a governing body somewhere.
    When I first referred Mr. Robinson to the Chester County District Attorney’s office to answer questions, that’s the top law enforcement officer in the County, is the DA. And if we had done something illegal or improper it would be the District Attorneys job to investigate that. If the District Attorney errs and people aren’t satisfied with him, there is always someplace else, the Attorney General’s office at the State or Federal level.
    I hope you can get your answers on Tuesday that will give you an idea of why they were there. What they did. Honestly, I don't know. Yes sir.”
    “I’m not on the agenda but could I just could I just interject?”
    Chief, “Absolutely”
    “It was my understanding that when the action takes place in another jurisdiction that the local police are supposed to be notified.
    Chief Byerly, “We received a call, cell phone call, while they were in route to do this in Caln. That’s a good question because let me explain. If it was Coatesville only that’s coming across our border to serve a warrant or attempt to serve a warrant in Carver Court or anywhere in Caln Township they would have to notify us. They have to do that. But the Pennsylvania State Police already have jurisdiction. Chester County Detectives already have jurisdiction. So do the US Marshals. And that’s one of the reasons why it is put together that way.
    They are under no obligation as a unit to that those individuals being part of it, to tell us that they’re coming. They do that as a matter of courtesy. If something does happen and a citizen calls department of emergency services and said something terrible is happening at any given location we are going at least we know that there’s a unit there or a police department there and there’s a problem. So we don’t just see a bunch of people running around the neighborhood with guns. We have an idea of who might be there.
    Mr. Dixon, “Chief can you tell me if there was an error or not?”
    Chief Byerly, “I don’t know. I honestly don’t know….Like I said, I don’t know how they came to 43 Foundry Street. Sometimes when you’re looking for people it’s kind of like a fluid motion. You might go to one place that gives you some information that leads you to another place, that leads you a third place. I don’t know. They should be able to tell you that on Monday. I’m going to double check on that. I’m sure I wrote down Tuesday.
    Mr. Dixon, “So what we need to know you can’t give us.”
    Chief Byerly, “I cannot, I cannot give it, but Sergeant Vichevo and Chief Vito should be able to you that information. Sergeant Vichevo who’s from Pennsylvania State Police was there. And he is the coordinator of the multi-jurisdictional police task force. So there may be some things that he cannot tell you. They'll tell you that. But he’s the man who should be able to answer your questions.
    Mr. Dixon, “The other question that I have is what can we tell the people in Carver Court to feel safe again with the police? Because of this situation, what can we tell them?”
    Chief Byerly, “Why don't we wait and see what happens when you have the meeting. I don’t know what to tell you because we were not involved. We were not there.  I can’t say I would have handled the situation the same way or would have handled it differently. I don’t know enough about it.
    If you need us, call us we're coming and we're going to help, but you have to understand I can’t stop, nor can the Board of Commissioners stop this type of unit from operating. We just have to make sure that they operate within the guidelines that are set for them.”
    Mr. Dixon, “Thank you Chief, but we will not stop here. We’ve got to find out some answers.”
    Chief, Byerly, “I think Monday’s were you're going to get all your answers, all your questions may be answered on Monday. But if not they're going to tell you what the next place to go if you need to. They will give you that information. I've already talked to Chief Vito. He said, ‘Look if they’re not happy with what we're telling them we will tell them who they need to talk to.”
    Commissioner Rose, “If you don't get the answers, please report back to us and let us know because we…Not that we necessarily have the jurisdiction or anything on this but you know there are public officials out there, state representatives, state senators and those kinds of folks you can reach out to as well. And if you need assistance in setting up meetings with them, I'm sure anyone of us up here would be more than happy to assist you in getting your questions answered. Whether you’re going to hear what you want or not, I don't know. As the Chief said, we don't know what brought them there. We don't know what evidence they had…But we're as interested in getting some answers.”
    Mr. Dixon, “Thank you very much.”
    Mr. Chambers, “Mr. Dixon and Mr. Robinson, “After the conversation with the Chief it’s like well jeepers, we're just going to regurgitate ‘we don’t know’.  But to let you know what kind chief we have, the first time this unit came in, they came in unannounced and Chief Byerly got on the phone and rattled some cages. And that’s why he got at the very least a call when they were in route. So he knew, because as we had discussed things could go from bad to worse in a real short time. So he’s looking out for us. And yes you do have higher courts of appeal. So please go for it. And I’m glad the Chief has talked to Mr. Robinson to facilitate this meeting. Thank you very much.

    Know Your Rights!!! Coatesville August 27th. UPDATE: ACLU mobile app.

    ACLU meeting set for Thursday 
    - Michaelle Bond  August 25, 2015 
    "COATESVILLE A church in Coatesville is to host a "Know Your Rights" meeting on Thursday. 

    A lawyer from the Pennsylvania chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is to talk to community members about their rights when they are stopped or questioned by police, and what they can and cannot do during a protest, for example. 

    The ACLU of Pennsylvania also is preparing to launch its Mobile Justice app on Sept. 9, said Ben Bowens, a spokesman for the organization. The ACLU lawyer can answer questions about it Thursday, he said. 
    The app, which is already available in states such as California and Missouri, will allow its Pennsylvania users to record police interactions and send video directly to the ACLU."

    MORE AT: 


    Daily Local News
    ‘Know your rights’ event to be held in Coatesville
    By Staff Report
    POSTED: 08/22/15, 4:04 PM EDT | UPDATED: 1 DAY AGO

    I am not endorsing all the items in the Campaign Zero Local Policy Agenda. 
    Many items listed in Campaign Zero Local Policy Agenda have already been adopted and in use by Coatesville, Caln, Valley and South Coatesville Police. 
    Campaign Zero can be used as a reference and guide:

    Follow the Campaign Zero website. It is being constantly updated: 

    Thursday, August 20, 2015

    “Kids for Cash” and juvenile justice reform


    Juvenile justice reform in the wake of “Kids for Cash”
     Guests: Marsha Levick, Bob Casey, Lauren Fine 
    “No other news story highlighted the problems in juvenile justice more than Pennsylvania’s own “Kids for Cash” scandal. This was the kickback scheme in which Luzerne County judges received illegal payments for sending young offenders to for-profit facilities. Last week, a federal judge ordered one of the prominent figures of the scandal to pay almost $5 million to the victims of the infamous scheme in an attempt to finalize the matter. Today, we’ll talk about the settlement, the long shadow of Kids for Cash, and what other reforms are needed to create a more sustainable and responsible juvenile justice system. We’ll be joined by MARSHA LEVICK, deputy director of the Philadelphia-based Juvenile Law Center, the non-profit that brought the Kids for Cash scandal to light. And, we’ll hear about the ways in which juveniles are funneled into the adult court system from LAUREN FINE, co-director of the Youth Sentencing and Reentry Project. We’ll also be joined by Pennsylvania Senator BOB CASEY, who will tell us about the bipartisan legislation that he has introduced that would lighten some of the sentencing for juveniles."

    “Kids for Cash” is a gripping, emotional and extraordinary documentary film. Watch it:

     Kids for Cash DVD / streaming video AMAZON.COM

    Thursday, September 18, 2014 
    Casey Introduces Legislation to Reform Juvenile Justice System, Eliminate Loophole That Leads to Incarceration of Youth for Status Offenses Like Truancy 
    Following Forum On Juvenile Justice System, Casey Unveils Legislation to Limit Rule that Permits States to Place Youth Status Offenders in Detention Facilities / Earlier This Year, Casey Held Viewing of Kids for Cash Documentary and Revealed Plans to Introduce Reform Bill / As Bipartisan Consensus for Reform Emerges Casey Bill Would Seek Appropriate Steps to Limit So-Called ‘School to Prison Pipeline’

    Saturday, August 15, 2015

    “The notion that he (Donald Trump) can’t win is dead wrong.” Steve Schmidt

    Woody Harrelson played Steve Schmidt in "GameChange" about Sarah Palin as John McCain’s vice presidential running mate. 

    “For me the experience on this campaign is that there are worse things than losing.” Steve Schmitt:

    Monday, August 10, 2015

    Green roofs - just doing if for the color is enough

    Green plants and flowers make people feel good, but there is a lot more:

    Green roofs on buildings keep stormwater out of streets. Green roofs cool cities and homes on hot days. 

    It’s an ancient idea to save water and bring people in cities close to a natural way of life.

    It’s being revived mostly to save energy and prevent flooding. But it also makes us feel better. 

    Living on Earth

    Air Date: Week of August 7, 2015 
    "Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark was named Europe’s greenest capital in 2014. It’s partly due to the ubiquitous bike paths and the ambitious renewable energy goals, but as Living on Earth’s Helen Palmer reports, also due to the many green roofs the city’s installing to soak up excess rain and cool the capital."


    Tuesday, August 4, 2015

    "Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot" documentary for voter registration events, students


    "SPLC marks 50th anniversary of Voting Rights Act by making documentary available to civic, student groups

    The Teaching Tolerance film encourages voting and civic engagement by recounting the dramatic story of the students and teachers who braved intimidation, violence and arrest during the campaign for equality in Selma. 
    The SPLC is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act by making its new documentary film, Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot available for community screenings by civic and student groups across the country. 
    The film, which tells the true story of the 1965 Selma-to-Montgomery voting rights march, can be ordered free of charge for events such as voter registration drives, get-out-the-vote efforts and community screenings. Supplemental materials, including a community screening guide and a trailer, are also available."
    GO TO:

    Monday, August 3, 2015

    One Nation under God, indivisible, with “Domination” by the “Economic Elite”

    I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with“Domination” by the “Economic Elite”.

    "Former President Jimmy Carter believes the United States’ campaign finance system is so broken that the country is no longer a functional democracy. Appearing on the Thom Hartmann show this week, Carter said that 'unlimited political bribery' is 'the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president.' He said the same problems are present in elections for 'U.S. senators and congress members.”

    MORE AT: