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Public Corruption in Chester County, PA

I believe an unlikely mix of alleged drug trafficking related politicos and alleged white nationalist related politicos united to elect the infamous “Bloc of Four” in the abysmal voter turnout election of 2005. During their four year term the drug business was good again and white nationalists used Coatesville as an example on white supremacist websites like “Stormfront”. Strong community organization and support from law enforcement, in particular Chester County District Attorney Joseph W. Carroll has begun to turn our community around. The Chester County drug trafficking that I believe centers on Coatesville continues and I believe we still have public officials in place that profit from the drug sales. But the people here are amazing and continue to work against the odds to make Coatesville a good place to live.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fly the Colors upside down to reflect real the State of the Nation

The Republicans have taken the USA hostage and out country is in a state of distress:
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Why don’t we call Norwegian Christian Terrorist Anders Breivik a Christian Terrorist?

Alter Net

I believe it goes way beyond reserving the word “terrorist” only for terrorist actions planned by those with some connection to Islam. I don't think "Christian Terrorist" is not used out of some sort of reverence
Domestic terrorists acts are not called domestic terrorism. I think the Republicans are protecting the fanaticism of their right wing. 
When a member of their "base" decides to go wild the Republicans call him a crazy person, not a domestic terrorist. believe that in an effort to protect their "base" Republicans are ignoring terrorist attacks by right wing terrorists and in come cases dismantling intelligence units that investigate right wing domestic terrorists.  
I believe that if an attack like the one in Norway happened here Republicans would rush to the defense of the attacker just as Pat Buchannan defended Anders Behring Breivik in his commentary:

I don’t buy that our right wing terrorists are not organized like Islamic Terrorists are supposed to be. SEE: 

Taliban on the Palouse? 
By Mark Potok, Director, Intelligence Project 
Meet Our Newest Theocrat: Christian Fundamentalist Senator Mike Lee Goes to Washington 
Intelligence Report, Spring 2011, Issue Number:  141
Electoral Extremism: 23 Candidates on the Radical Right
By Robert Steinback

Daryl Johnson a Former DHS Top Intelligence Analyst says that:
"...my greatest fear is that domestic extremists in this country will somehow become emboldened to the point of carrying out a mass-casualty attack, because they perceive that no one is being vigilant about the threat from within." 

I believe that "Christian" domestic terrorists may be emboldened because they perceive the Republican Party's got  their back.

"What worries me is the fact that our country is under attack from within, from our own radical citizenry. There have been a lot of small-scale attacks lately, whether it's three mail bombs sent to U.S. government facilities in Maryland and D.C., or a backpack bomb placed near a [Martin Luther King Jr. Day] parade in Spokane, Wash., or two police officers gunned down at a traffic stop in West Memphis, Ark., [by antigovernment extremists in May 2010]. 
These incidents are starting to add up. Yet our legislators, politicians and national leaders don't appear too concerned about this. So, my greatest fear is that domestic extremists in this country will somehow become emboldened to the point of carrying out a mass-casualty attack, because they perceive that no one is being vigilant about the threat from within. That is what keeps me up at night."Daryl Johnson Former Top Analyst at the Department of Homeland Security:
Intelligence Report, Summer 2011, Issue Number:  142
Interview conducted by Heidi Beirich

Tea Party or National Socialist Party?

I know an older couple who decided they needed to get religion again. So about a year ago they joined a Christian church they liked. 

A few days ago they quit the church. He said the church members and church leaders were a bunch of "Teapartieurs". 

He gave his reasons for leaving to the entire congregation telling them they were Nazis and they should put on their "uniforms" so that people could see exactly who they really are. 

Constables and the Judge & Codes enforcement and parking enforcement

I believe that our codes problems are mostly a magisterial courts problem. I call our local magisterial courts the “friends and family court system”. Sure the City can appeal a magisterial court decision but that takes a lot of money. It’s part of the reason that slumlords can rack up enormous quantities of codes offenses and nothing happens. 

I believe the surprise decree by Judge MacElree that mostly eliminated the serving of municipal warrants in Chester County is a new roadblock in codes enforcement.

This relates to the article in today’s Daily Local News:
Published: Sunday, July 31, 2011
Pennsylvania State Constables income is “fee-driven” what used to be called “piece work”. No salary, no benefits; all training, uniforms, cars and all other expenses are the responsibility of the Constable. There is no base pay. Fines paid by defendants and lawsuit participants are the only means of income for Constables.
 Unlike judges, sheriffs and the police, constables are not guaranteed regular income. Whereas a deputy sheriff serving process still receives pay if he or she is unsuccessful, a constable only gets paid if the process is served in accordance with law.
 Read the “Harrisburg Patriot” article below and then try to guess where Judge MacElree’s head was when he decided that State Constables could not serve municipal warrants in Chester County. Saving money is absolutely not the reason. Chester County has allegedly lost an enormous sum so far this year.  Warrants for parking tickets and codes violations were not served fees not collected. Constables are still working serving warrants for State offenses. It's the local municipalities that are being screwed. 

I can only guess and assume the County wants control over warrant service by using County Sheriffs working on a salary with full benefits at increased cost to taxpayers. 
“With recent events still fresh in the news and renewed calls for overhauling or disbanding the constable system in Pennsylvania, there is a need to clarify the critical role of the constable in the state’s judicial system.  
The 1,200 certified and trained constables in Pennsylvania provide the most cost-effective method of enforcing the orders of the Magisterial District Courts.”
More at:

Published: Friday, July 08, 2011, 5:30 AM

By William Stoeffler
Also see:
FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2011

Are our local codes warrants and parking tickets piling up in boxes?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Getting back at the man who was, “A Traitor to His Class” and Sniper Jesus

A man who was familiar with and a part of the Main Line Aristocracy told me a story about one of the people he was forced to associate with. That woman was in an elevator in a building in New York. The door opened and Secret Service told her they needed the elevator for the President of the United States. She steadfastly refused to get off the elevator. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the man who was “A Traitor to His Class” had to wait.

The mainstream Republican Party finally has victory over FDR in its grasp. They believe they can get rid of Roosevelt's Social Security, Child Labor Laws and anything labor union. And their class can reign again over an America composed of themselves and a vast unwashed servant/slave class.  
Traitor to His Class: The Privileged Life and Radical Presidency of Franklin Delano RooseveltThe only problem is the mainstream Republicans are not anywhere near in control of the Republican Party. An insane mix of Christian Reconstructionists and Militiamen is in control of the Republican Party. They believe that the USA should be controlled by their Christ, the one with an assault weapon in his hand ready to kill everyone who opposes them.http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=coatesv-20&l=bil&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=0307277941


Sniper Jesus

Pat Sellers candidacy follows the peaks of extremist Patriot & Militia Groups in the USA.

It's interesting that when John Birch Society member Pat Sellers ran for Congress in 1996 the number of Patriot & Militia Groups peaked at 858.
When he ran for Congress in 2010 the number of Patriot & Militia groups peaked again at 824.
“It's comforting to describe the Norwegian mass murder as the act of a madman, an aberration, but the experience of America and the radical right suggests otherwise. 
Norway’s Oklahoma City came last week, when a man who saw himself as a contemporary Christian knight defending Europe against a new Muslim onslaught slaughtered 76 people, most of them young people attending an island youth camp. 
After the Oklahoma tragedy, many commentators, reacting to the horror of the attack, predicted that right-wing antigovernment violence would decrease as dissidents found less bloody ways to register their protests. They were wrong. 
In fact, although the antigovernment “patriot,” or militia, movement did wane in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it has come roaring back, from 149 groups in 2008 to 824 in 2010, even as the number of hate groups reached more than 1,000 for the first time since the Southern Poverty Law Center began counting them in the 1980s.” 
What the U.S. Has Learned

Friday, July 29, 2011

"RED TAILS" Tuskegee Airmen January 20, 2012

We have at least one “Red Tail” or Tuskegee Airman in Coatesville and lots of people related to Tuskegee Airmen; including Ingrid Jones’ relative Percy Sutton. 

While many bomber escort fighter pilots went off to score kills on German planes the “Red Tails” had a reputation for staying with the bombers. The B-17 crews were very happy to see the P-51 Mustangs with the red tails because that meant they would come back. The Germans were terrified of them. 

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Pilots of the 332nd Fighter Group, "Tuskegee Airmen," the elite, all-African American 332nd Fighter Group at Ramitelli, Italy., from left to right, Lt. Dempsey W. Morgran, Lt. Carroll S. Woods, Lt. Robert H. Nelron, Jr., Capt. Andrew D. Turner, and Lt. Clarence P. Lester. (U.S. Air Force photo)

One interesting thing about the Tuskegee Airmen; because of the reluctance of Army Air Corps Generals to send black pilots into combat, they were the most highly trained and highly skilled fighter pilots in the Army Air Force. 

Sometimes I hate being right about things.

I warned that if the “Bloc of Four” were elected the drug dealers would make a big comeback in Coatesville, Richard Legree could be in charge of the Coatesville Police Department and Chetty’s Pennock Place and the Velodrome would not go up. I warned that a large part of the Republican Congress elected in 2010 were insane and would lead our nation into default. A lot of people thought I was nuts
If I had been wrong:
The “Bloc of Four” would not have demolished the Coatesville PD; Drug dealers would not have overrun Coatesville, Joe Carroll would not have yelled, “I need Matt Gordon back!” to Kurt Schenk, both the Velodrome and the “Pennock Place” buildings would have been operating and the prospect of my Social Security check not arriving in August would be unthinkable.
Joe Carroll’s hands were shaking when he said this:
About Chetty Builders:
Marc Hargraves who was then Director of Sales & Marketing at Chetty Builders, Inc., alleged that Pat Sellers, Andrew Lehr, Ernie Campos and Bob Saucier came to Chetty Builders in December of 2005 and allegedly had a proposition for Chetty Builders. Because of the alleged outcome of that meeting I had a pretty good idea something like this would happen when Chetty Builders went for the conditional and final approval of “Pennock Place” in March of 2006.
Ernie Campos at the RDA meeting of June 19, 2006

"Johnson said he wanted to vote in favor of the project, but was acting on the advice of city Solicitor Andrew Lehr who said there were problems with some of the language in the resolution."
Chester County Reporter
28 March 2006
Coatesville council puts Chetty development on hold

Also SEE:
Did they shoot down the largest taxpayer in Coatesville again when he made a proposal to build in Coatesville? 



And on the Social Security check part, SEE:


The TeaPartyEvangalist Republicans control Congress and are demanding default.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Playing chicken can get you killed.

The Chickens Are Restless
If Boehner gets his way and we do another chicken game for default I think the next prize for racing over the cliff will be ending Social Security. 
Either way it comes out those "people who suck on government Programs" like Social Security as Republican Senator Coburn says will not get their pensions that they have paid into all these years. It will go to Senator Pat Toomey’s friends on Wall Street. Or it will go nowhere either way it's Great Depression II.
Remember the Tea Party rallies with seniors holding signs that said, "Don’t let the government take our Medicare away". And at some Tea Party meetings people openly wore guns on their belts. 
How do you think those people will react when the Congressmen and senators they helped to elect do away with Medicare and Social Security? Betrayal is a very strong emotion, one that doesn't diminish with time. 
I'm not that concerned with elections. The Republican Party is probably done for good. I'm worried about how violent it will become.

After Argentina defaulted…”Clashes on the streets were an everyday scene on the streets of Buenos Aires leaving more than 20 people dead.”

Pat Buchanan dumped Larry Pratt because of Klan connections & Pat Sellers picked up Pratt. I wonder what Sellers thinks of Anders Breivik now that Buchanan endorsed him.

A fire bell in the night for Norway 
By Pat Buchanan 
“But, awful as this atrocity was, native-born and homegrown terrorism is not the macro-threat to the continent.  
That threat comes from a burgeoning Muslim presence in a Europe that has never known mass immigration, its failure to assimilate, its growing alienation, and its sometime sympathy for Islamic militants and terrorists.  
Europe faces today an authentic and historic crisis.  
With her native-born populations aging, shrinking and dying, Europe’s nations have not discovered how to maintain their prosperity without immigrants. Yet the immigrants who have come – from the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia – have been slow to learn the language and have failed to attain the educational and occupational levels of Europeans. And the welfare states of Europe are breaking under the burden.[...] 
As for a climactic conflict between a once-Christian West and an Islamic world that is growing in numbers and advancing inexorably into Europe for the third time in 14 centuries, on this one, Breivik may be right.”

When Buchannan ran for president in 1996 he was forced to dump “Gun Owners of America” Larry Pratt because of Pratt’s Klan connections. Pat Sellers picked up Pratt to endorse him for Congress.
”Lancaster Intelligencer Journal 
Lancaster, PA Thursday April 11, 1996 
House hopeful charged in fight with teenager 
Sellers, an electrical worker who trails his opponent in the race, has also come under fire recently for seeking the support of Larry Pratt, a former aide to presidential candidate Pat Buchannan. 
 Pratt is executive director of Gun Owners of America. He left the Buchanan Campaign after the media reported on his ties to the Ku Klux Klan and the white supremacist group Aryan Nation. 
 Pratt has indorsed Sellers and will be the keynote speaker at a fund-raising dinner for Sellers next week. 
Sellers said the allegations against Pratt are untrue and that he sought Pratt’s support because of his expertise on gun issues.”

 “Last year also experienced levels of cross-pollination between different sectors of the radical right not seen in years. Nativist activists increasingly adopted the ideas of the Patriots; racist rants against Obama and others coursed through the Patriot movement; and conspiracy theories involving the government appeared in all kinds of right-wing venues. A good example is the upcoming Second Amendment March in Washington, D.C. The website promoting the march is topped by a picture of a colonial militiaman, and key supporters include Larry Pratt, a long-time militia enthusiast with connections to white supremacists, and Richard Mack, a conspiracy-mongering former sheriff associated with the Patriot group Oath Keepers. 
What may be most noteworthy about the march, however, is its date — April 19. That is the date of the first shots fired at Lexington in the Revolutionary War. And it is also the anniversary of the fiery end of the government siege in Waco and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.”
Intelligence Report, Spring 2010, Issue Number:  137 
Rage on the Right The Year in Hate and Extremism 
By Mark Potok, Director, Intelligence Project:
This is the issue of "The American Renaissance" with Pat Sellers real name in it, page 2:
White Nationalists React to Norway Rampage

Posted in White Supremacist by Leah Nelson on July 25, 2011

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Kevin McCarthy used the wrong movie

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the party’s vote counter, began his talk by showing a clip from the movie, “The Town”, trying to forge a sense of unity among the independent-minded caucus.
One character asks his friend: “I need your help. I can’t tell you what it is. You can never ask me about it later.”
“Whose car are we gonna take,” the character says.
After showing the clip, Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.), one of the most outspoken critics of leadership among the 87 freshmen, stood up to speak, according to GOP aides.
“I’m ready to drive the car,” West replied, surprising many Republicans by giving his full -throated support for the plan.
From Washington Post:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Patrick Sellers, "I've been a member of the John Birch Society for more than 20 years now…

Patrick Sellers, "I've been a member of the John Birch Society for more than 20 years now and I've been a Chapter member since the early nineties”.
In case you don’t already know Pat Sellers was the campaign manager for the “Bloc of Four”. He requited most of the “Bloc of Four” candidates in person. I think they were selected because Mr. Sellers knew they would utterly fail and that was his purpose. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why they say NO! Republicans face a certain death of their Party or a possible death.

All Republicans grabbed onto the "third rail" and voted for the Ryan budget that eliminates Medicare and got a huge shock. Not only that but most people perceive they want to end Social Security also. Now they want to even it up by putting President Obama's and the Democrats hands on that third rail. 
That's why they won't take yes for an answer. And that's why they'll take their chances on default; it’s a choice between certain death of the Republican Party and maybe certain death.
Either Democrats give up all their gains of the last 50 years or our country defaults and Medicare checks don't go out. 
From within their extremist echo chamber the Republicans see either solution as a win.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Why Republicans won’t allow the term “right wing extremist terrorist”

There have been more than 100 right-wing terrorist plots in the USA since the Oklahoma City bombing.
Right-wing and terrorist are not permitted to be used together in a sentence because of the Republican Party’s sensitivity to right-ring terrorist usage. That’s because the Republican Party base are right wing extremists. So right-wing extremists who act out violently are labeled crazy people and not right-wing extremist terrorists.
The Obama Administration actually scrapped its Department of Homeland Security right-wing extremism intelligence unit because of Republican pressure:
“The obvious danger from radical-right domestic terrorism makes it all the more galling that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has largely given up its efforts to monitor such threats. In April 2009, the department released a report, “Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment [16],” warning of possible violence from racists, radical antigovernment types and others. The report was prescient; within a few month of its release two major domestic terrorist attacks took place. But that didn’t stop conservative analysts from savaging the report after it was leaked shortly after its release. 
It was one thing for the right-wing media to savage the report; what was truly shocking was DHS’s reaction. The department ended up gutting its non-Islamic domestic extremism intelligence unit, which had been led since its inception by veteran intelligence analyst Daryl Johnson. Johnson recently talked [17] to the SPLC about how the DHS bowed to the political pressure and basically abandoned its role in protecting the country from radical-right threats (The Washington Post provided further evidence here [18]). 
‘My greatest fear is that domestic extremists in this country will somehow become emboldened to the point of carrying out a mass-casualty attack, because they perceive that no one is being vigilant about the threat from within,” Johnson told SPLC referring to the fact that DHS is out of the non-Islamic domestic terrorism business. “That is what keeps me up at night.” 
Oslo Shooter A Frightening Reminder of Radical Right Terrorist Threat 
Posted By Heidi Beirich On July 24, 2011
I think the primary reason that we have not had another large scale attack like the Oklahoma City bombing is because the extreme right wing in the USA is a part of our governments across the board in most of the USA including our local Chester County governments. 
Republicans are losing ground and they know it. They are fighting a defensive war on Democrats. The Republican Party is using desperate procedures like taking the worldwide economy hostage to get what they want. They are trying to rig elections in every state in the union. If they lose that war I think their right wing extremist base will erupt violently. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

This ain’t Martha’s Vineyard

Maybe the statement, “responsibility to the city would increase if employees, including the manager, lived in the city” would be true if this was Martha’s Vineyard but it’s Coatesville, a city partly controlled by Chester County’s drug dealers.
City manager signs lease to live a block outside of the city 
Move may affect his work contract 
Sunday, July 24, 2011 
By ERIC S. SMITH, Staff Writer
 When I went to the Chester County Clerk of Courts Office a few years ago to get some information about Richard Legree there was a person knocking on my front door when I came back home through my back door. He said not to ask around in the Courthouse about Richard Legree. I learned something that day that nearly every Black person in Coatesville already knew.
I think it’s the reason that murders happen right in front of people and they don’t see it.
It’s the reason that the FBI told Paul Janssen to live outside of Coatesville.
Forcing employees to live in Coatesville just makes it easier for Chester County’s drug dealer mafia to intimidate them and their schoolchildren.
Karl and Joe both allegedly experienced or were held back by threats and they should understand this.
I lived in Philly when Rizzo was mayor. Rizzo got round the clock intensive security even though he lived in Chestnut Hill with Philadelphia’s Billionaires.  
You can fit multiple Coatesvilles inside of any Philly Police District.
In Philadelphia city employees including police are required to live in the city. Police cannot live in the police district they work in. You can have residency requirements in Philadelphia without threatening the lives of employees and their families.
What makes Coatesville like Philadelphia is the level of crime and murders.
Forcing Coatesville employees to live in Coatesville makes it easier for Chester County drug mafia to threaten them and easier for Chester County drug mafia to control Coatesville’s government from the inside. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Republican Teabagger freaks intend to blow up our Federal Government one way or the other.

Watch this video with the understanding that Boehner is being led around by the nose by people with the very same beliefs and then tell me that the Republican Congressional Teabagger Conference freaks don’t intend to walk away from a debt ceiling increase with the intention of destroying our Federal Government.  I think the really scary stuff begins after they don’t get their way and the guns come out. 

(UPDATE) Anders Behring Breivik Looks just like a run of the mill Chester County Extremist

Breivik is the right wing extremist who allegedly murdered at least 91 people in Norway.
From Anders Behring Breivik alleged Facebook page in PDF form before police took it down. He looks just like an average Chester County Republican extremist.
It’s from this Twitter Post:
Also see The GuardianUK

Maybe Anders Behring Breivik didn’t have many “friends” in Norway but the facts are that he would find lots of them here in the USA and Chester County. Just in case anyone has trouble following what I am trying to say here maybe this will help to clear it up. Check out this last part of the post:
"UPDATE:  Hey, thanks for the Rec List.  I'm still making my way through the manifesto. Breivik sees the US as a threat in that the Western European nations are "slave states" that the US needs for it globalized capitalist system.  He is worried that the US might intervene if Norway and the rest of Europe became serious about eradicating the Muslim populations in their boundaries.  And then there is this interesting statement:
 (This is from Breivik’s manifesto):
Let us hope that the US (Democratic and Republican party) allows us, their European cultural and economical crown vassals, to liberate ourselves and deport the Muslims without them militarily intervening. We shouldn’t forget that we have many allies in the US including a sizable faction of the Republican Party. There are signals that might indicate that the US will not intervene militarily after we begin liberating ourselves in the coming decades. We must continue to work close with our US allies to prevent this from


Thursday, July 21, 2011

The “intellectual bubble” that nearly burned Coatesville to the ground is stalking Washington

People living in the very same “intellectual bubble” described the Washington Post gave us the “Bloc of Four” in Coatesville.
I believe the “Bloc of Four” Coatesville government that was designed by our local Chester County political extremists was deliberately designed for failure.  When Coatesville literally began to burn down I think those extremists were beside themselves in joy.
Now a similar group of people with the same extremist political ideology have their crosshairs trained on Washington.
Mr. Dionne’s very well done commentary makes it easy to understand what they are doing:
“The Tea Party lives in an intellectual bubble where the answers to every problem lie in books by F.A. Hayek, Glenn Beck or Ayn Rand. Rand’s anti-government writings, regarded by her followers as modern-day scripture — Rand, an atheist, would have bridled at that comparison — are particularly instructive. 
When the hero of Rand’s breakthrough novel, “The Fountainhead,” doesn’t get what he wants, he blows up a building. Rand’s followers see that as gallant. So perhaps it shouldn’t surprise us that blowing up our government doesn’t seem to be a big deal to some of the new radical individualists in our House of Representatives. 
Our country is on the edge. Our capital looks like a lunatic asylum to many of our own citizens and much of the world. We need to act now to restore certainty by extending the debt ceiling through the end of this Congress.”
By E.J. Dionne Jr., Published: July 20
This event was part of Pat Seller's 2010 run for PA's 6th Congressional District. He one of several Chester County political extremists that put the "Bloc of Four" in place. I believe Pat Sellers lives in the “intellectual bubble” described by Mr. Dionne:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I believe the Chester County Republican Party has a tradition of instilling fear.

I don’t view this as a statement; I view it as a threat:
“We believe that joining a union is not necessarily something that is going to be beneficial' to the employees in that department, said commissioner’s Chairman Terrence Farrell, a Republican, in an interview on Tuesday".


"Well we proved it, we absolutely proved it that it can be done. And that it will be done."

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Turn at Lincoln Highway and 1st Avenue Photo James Pitcherella 

At the City of Coatesville Redevelopment Authority Meeting July 18, 2011

RDA Chairperson Joseph Disciullo, “Since Matt was so intimately involved with this, I’m going to let him discuss the recognition for the Celebrate Coatesville Day. The volunteers, he knows everyone’s name and so forth.”

RDA Vice Chairman Jack Burkholder, “Before he goes on, one of the main guys that needs recognition is Matt. Because he took over, we had a lot of people that helped but, Matt and Stacy were the driving forces along with the volunteers Corley and David. They got a lot done. They literally, they only had hours as opposed to having a year to plan something. It was literally hours, that’s all they had. And a lot of dedication, a lot of effort and covering a lot of bases; they were able to pull it off.

As a board member as a citizen of Coatesville I just want to say thank you to everybody that. And it put a good spin on Coatesville for a change… And Matt owns a lot of that credit.”

Harry Colon, “Second that.”

RDA Member Matt Baker, “Well first of all thank you. Second of all it wasn’t just me… David has to take a lot of the credit. He probably lost about 10 pounds handing out flyers the week before.

I want to thank the board but also thank David and Corley because without you, we wouldn’t have gotten…You guys were really the drivers. Because at the end it was putting the pieces together but you guys were the drivers and I also want to thank you very much.

Thanks to everyone; Thanks to the City, the Rotary obviously all the sponsors. The RDA to very much to Victory, they really put up with a lot of…give them a bottle of Aspirin to deal with us.

Rob and Stacy it’s beyond… they sat out in the middle of the field the day before the event without a hat when it was 100 degrees picking rocks out of the ground.

It was really, it was positive, it was nice. It was nice to see. I’ve lived here for four years and quite honestly I get really tired of hearing the same thing record of; O, It’s just Coatesville. Well we proved it, we absolutely proved it that it can be done. And that it will be done. And that we got a sponsor. And not just a local, but something that actually had a brand, name recognition to come here. And we hope that it’s; we hope that next year it’s even better.

The word from everyone that’s here but also for instance from Corley and her husband, they actually went out and talked to, got first hand information from the riders. And really, basically in business call it a post-mortem. We actually went out and tried to get that information. We got really good feedback about things that they liked and what they didn’t. But they were impressed because somebody listened and you know we’re trying to build on something.

This isn’t a one off. We want to make this an annual event; kind of the way Manayunk is back did back in the eighties with their race.

But that being said I wanted to say thank you. A lot of people did a lot of work. And to John and the team who cleaned incessantly before the event, thank you sir. Well you did. You did a lot of things that most people don’t want to do. I can only take credit for some of it…

There was a lot of people besides Victory BrewingJimmy D’Z was there as well…but also the Krapf Company they really went out of their way not just to provide the spots get the bus out and a lot of people weren’t there Mr. Krapf and his family did a great job and I just have to say thanks to them…”

Video production by John Hutelmyer

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dr. G. Terry Madonna has a new blog: THE POLITICAL EXPRESS


Dr. G. Terry Madonna
Director, Center for Politics and Public Affairs Director and the Franklin and Marshall College Poll Professor of Public Affairs Franklin & Marshall College PO Box 3003 Lancaster, PA 17604 

A hearing on the Proposed amendments to NLRB election rules and regulations is in progress

National Labor Relations Board

Open Meeting on Proposed Election Process Rules

“The NLRB's proposal would not prevent employers from making workers sit through anti-union meetings or interrogating workers one-on-one about their support for a union. It wouldn't strengthen penalties on those who break the law, often by illegally firing workers for their union activity. It would just give them a little less time to do those things and bring union representation elections into the 21st century by requiring electronic voter lists be provided in a timely fashion and allowing electronic filing of documents. And the bosses are terrified of it. 
 MON JUL 18, 2011 AT 02:10 PM PDT

NLRB holds hearing on proposed union election changes