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Public Corruption in Chester County, PA

I believe an unlikely mix of alleged drug trafficking related politicos and alleged white nationalist related politicos united to elect the infamous “Bloc of Four” in the abysmal voter turnout election of 2005. During their four year term the drug business was good again and white nationalists used Coatesville as an example on white supremacist websites like “Stormfront”. Strong community organization and support from law enforcement, in particular Chester County District Attorney Joseph W. Carroll has begun to turn our community around. The Chester County drug trafficking that I believe centers on Coatesville continues and I believe we still have public officials in place that profit from the drug sales. But the people here are amazing and continue to work against the odds to make Coatesville a good place to live.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Our home grown Christian Reconstructionists like Jerry Falwell have their own “Christian narrative”. They both believe the “great Satan” is Jewish.

Christian Reconstructionists like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson discard theology as too intellectual. They even say Jesus was not Jewish. They are our own version of Osama bin Laden. That’s our home grown terrorist’s common bond with Islamic terrorists. I think the most extreme of the tea bag people are much more dangerous than Islamic terrorists. They are not in Afghanistan or Pakistan; they are right here in Chester County, PA.

November 29, 2009
Op-Ed Columnist
America vs. The Narrative


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Operation Thanksgiving

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/video.


Monday November 30 2009 - 2:00PM City Council Chambers - One City Hall Place - Coatesville PA

You are cordially invited to attend a public information meeting specifically relating to the proposed City of Coatesville 2010 URBAN CENTER REVITALIZATION PLAN UPDATES.

The Department of Community Development (DCD) administers the Community Revitalization Program. The Urban Centers Revitalization Planning program is one element of Chester County's Landscapes 21st Century Fund. Urban Centers are required to review update and expand Action Plans within the Urban Center Revitalization Plan (UCRP) and relate to Chester County's initiative to revitalize its urban landscapes. Urban Centers must review and if warranted update and expand the action plans of the UCRP. Urban Centers must identify UCRP accomplishments with particular emphasis on results achieved through Community Revitalization Program funding.

The meeting will focus on revising and expanding high priority actions. Consistency with the UCRP identified set of goals and objectives for the four key topics of economic development housing infrastructure and transportation and public facilities and services will be discussed.


If you build new sewer systems, developers will come.

That’s the common wisdom and it’s usually correct. Because the economy might not come back for a few more years development might be deferred but it will come someday.

If you could carefully go from one farm or rural property to the next and talk to their owners you might find that many of them have some sort of arrangement like a “right of first refusal” with a developer. You might even find that some operating farm land is owned by a real estate speculator or developer. I think that will be the case anywhere within 10 miles of Rt. 30 between Coatesville and Lancaster.

The type of development in our farmland and fields has usually been single family homes. I’m not sure that there will be home buyers that need or want a single family home with 4 or more bedrooms. An average family of 2 adults and 2 children is long gone. The primary reason the turn from large families to small families is that it is now very likely that children will survive their parents. A majority of homeowners and renters in Chester County have no children and the baby boomers are looking to downsize.

Projected demographics for southeast Pennsylvania point towards more people looking for townhome or condominium design homes with minimal upkeep by the home owner. They will pay more for homes that have short access to public transit, shopping and entertainment.

The only wild cards in the demographic deck are new immigrants. They may want to buy single family homes designed for families with children or they become “Americanized” and decide a large family is not needed. Immigrants are significant. Pennsylvania has a mostly constant number of residents for several decades. Without immigrants Pennsylvania would have lost population numbers. Another possibility is that improved economies and opportunities may draw immigrants back to their native countries.

There is an alternative to building houses on farmland; that is utilizing existing municipalities. For instance, Coatesville already had the water and sewer capacity for 20,000 residents before Pennsylvania American rebuilt its sewer plant. Coatesville now has about 11.000 residents. Coatesville has an Amtrak Station and will have SEPTA train service with a planned extension of the R5 Line. That’s room for new homes for about 9,000 baby boomers and young professionals without children. The existing single family homes in the countryside that the baby boomers don’t need or want anymore could be purchased by those immigrant families looking for a home with room for a family. I only know about Coatesville but I believe that other established municipalities have room for condo and townhome development for baby boomers and young professionals.

Right now most of the undeveloped land in Chester County that is flat or cheap to develop has a "right of first refusal" or is already owned by a real estate developer or real estate speculator. If we do not utilize our existing municipalities for new development, the rolling countryside of Chester County will be only be seen in photographs in history books.

If you think our little communities and their part time attorney can stand up to the area wide, nationwide and international property owners (developers) and their squadron of attorneys and a deck of Commonwealth Laws stacked in the property owners (developers) favor; I got a bridge to sell you.

Sewage plant raises sprawl fear
Conservancy lobbying against expansion of facility

Sunday, November 29, 2009


The hands off policy towards corporations by the Bush Administration

When does “extreme leniency” end and public corruption begin? How many former employees of corporations were working in the Bush Administration’s regulatory agencies “regulating” their former employers corporations.

How much of Monsanto’s chemicals do we eat? It’s in potatoes and potato chips too.

This is just the beginning. It takes a while to “weed out” the Bushie corporate implants. We lost a lot of good FBI Agents and USDoJ Attorneys during the Bush Administration. It takes a while to get the FBI and USDoJ back into fighting shape.
washingtonpost.com > Business

Monsanto's dominance draws antitrust inquiry
Patented seeds are go-to for farmers, who decry their fast-growing price

By Peter Whoriskey
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, November 29, 2009


Friday, November 27, 2009

What do you call 60,000 lobbyists at the bottom of the ocean?

It looks like the Obama Administration did not put them at the bottom of the ocean but kicked them out of the White House.

News flash, corporations never want competition. The goal for all corporations is a monopoly for their product. The more we can keep them out of government the better it is for ordinary people.
“Lobbyists pushed off advisory panels
White House initiative to limit influence could affect thousands”
By Dan Eggen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, November 27, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

In order to understand how we got the “bloc of four” you need a little background.

There is a certain former Coatesville resident who is a well know political activist. He was pivotal in the election of the “bloc”. He was alleged to have threatened to “burn down” the Hutchinson Church in Coatesville.

I believe that this person and his followers wanted Coatesville, which is sometimes referred to as the black municipality of Chester County, to have the worst possible city council and black government. He can now use Coatesville as an example for recruitment.

If you are looking for White Nationalist or White Supremacist extremists and you live in Chester County it’s a short drive.
Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not just infrastucture for jobs but centralized green infrastructure to compete worldwide

This article from Brookings Institute is somewhat parallel to what we are doing here in Chester County in green businesses. We have a foundation of a centralized infrastructure here. Remember that the City of Philadelphia was once an industrial powerhouse and a major port in the USA.

Rethinking the Way on Infrastructure

Bruce Katz, Vice President and Director, Metropolitan Policy Program
Robert Puentes, Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program
The Hill



Ronny Suber addressing the Coatesville City Council concerning the sentence of Robert Tracy
And Coatesville City Council President Marty Eggleston’s answer:

I think the investigations are not over and there may be more to come.

Finiance Report City of Coatesville November 23, 2009

A reading of introduction of the Finance Report by Coatesville City Manager Harry Walker is here:


The Preliminary Budget of the City of Coatesville for 2010 was presented by City of Coatesville Director of Finance Stacy Bjorhus.

Her report is here:


There will be another work session for the 2010 Budget on December 30, 2009.

In my opinion we have our first qualified Director of Finance in almost 4 years.

City plans property tax break


Published: Tuesday, November 24, 2009 Daily Local News:

Coatesville OKs 2010 budget with tax cut
Chester County Reporter
by Allen Davis
Staff Writer
Posted: Tuesday, 24 November. 2009; 12:30 p.m.


For me the "tax break" is about $10 per month. For most Coatesville homeowners it's less.

Princeton Green Presentation at the Coatesville City Council Meeting November 23, 3009

An overview of Environmental Management Systems was presented by Ms. Kirven Talone of Princeton Green. Ms. Talone’s presentation was very well done.

An audio recording of her presentation is here:

This is the Princeton Green Website:

This is the ZigBee Smart Energy Division page:

This is the “BigBelly solar trash can” website:

John Pawlowski was honored for his service to the community

At the November 23, 2009 Coatesville City Council meeting Patsy Ray presented a plaque to John Pawlowski of Coatesville, PA for his service to the community.
You can listen here:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just like the Limerick-Skippack-Collegeville area; "Police snip suburban pot farm"

Except that up there the drug scene is an unusual potpourri of Hippies, South Philly mob, Skinhead/White Nationalists and functioning addict business professionals.

Police snip suburban pot farm
Daily Local News
Published: Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Monday November 30 2009 - 2:00PM City Council Chambers - One City Hall Place - Coatesville PA

You are cordially invited to attend a public information meeting specifically relating to the proposed City of Coatesville 2010 URBAN CENTER REVITALIZATION PLAN UPDATES.

The Department of Community Development (DCD) administers the Community Revitalization Program. The Urban Centers Revitalization Planning program is one element of Chester County's Landscapes 21st Century Fund. Urban Centers are required to review update and expand Action Plans within the Urban Center Revitalization Plan (UCRP) and relate to Chester County's initiative to revitalize its urban landscapes. Urban Centers must review and if warranted update and expand the action plans of the UCRP. Urban Centers must identify UCRP accomplishments with particular emphasis on results achieved through Community Revitalization Program funding.

The meeting will focus on revising and expanding high priority actions. Consistency with the UCRP identified set of goals and objectives for the four key topics of economic development housing infrastructure and transportation and public facilities and services will be discussed.


Friday, November 20, 2009

500 pound property gorilla

If they haven’t already; I think the East Brandywine Board of Supervisors will soon realize that in Pennsylvania school boards are the 500 pound gorillas of property law. Pennsylvania school districts can override almost all municipal property laws. The school district can get whatever it wants.

As far as traffic; the school district is responsible only to the first intersection in either direction.

I was never to a Brandywine meeting but my guess is that the school districts attorney’s outnumber the townships about four to one.

East Brandywine officials to approve DASD plan

New Downingtown middle school envisioned for 128 acres at intersection of Bollinger Road and Route 322

Friday, November 20, 2009
By ERIC S. SMITH, Staff Writer


Voters are angry not just at what Bush/Cheney did to us but at the Obama Administration for a continuance of Bush/Cheney policies.

Putting the original New Deal regulation of Wall Street back is not enough.

We need accountability from Wall St. Billionaires. A good start might be to accelerate the prosecution of people from Bear Sterns, “Goldmine” Sacks, AIG and others. And with real prison terms.

Paul Krugman- The Big Squander-NYT:


Thursday, November 19, 2009

A small glimpse into vehicles of the very near future

The number of vehicles on the world’s roadways will double between 1990 and 2025.

A few years ago the Montgomery County Planning Commission was predicting gridlock of the entire county. Japan now has the largest traffic jams and is also the farthest ahead in developing technology to deal with it. Europe is not far behind Japan. By 2050 China and India will have 1.1 Billion cars; more than all the cars on the road right now. Gridlock is becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

Some people in Coatesville and probably in a lot of other localities only look back and seem to feel things will always be the same. That’s an extremely unpractical assumption. This video is an interesting glimpse into about the next 10 years of traffic and what we might be driving.

The most effective way to move large numbers of people is public transit. But until something better is devised many people will need to rely on single occupant vehicles to get to public transit.

Discussions about transportation are significant for Coatesville residents because in the near future the most desirable neighborhoods in Chester County will be near to railroad stations. And Coatesville is ideally positioned to take advantage of commuter and interstate rail transportation.

This video is about one technology to deal with traffic called “narrow track” vehicles. It is a convergence of motorcycle and automobile technology.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


How the redevelopment in Coatesville and the RDA proceeds depends very much our local and world economy.

China is now the economic engine of the world and could increasingly be the center of worldwide economic production. We now have several local companies shipping goods to China. Remember that the Chester County G.O. Carlson Airport will have direct flight international capability soon. A more equitable trade climate with China could make Coatesville a very popular place to locate businesses that trade internationally. That high rise office tower proposed by Bart Blatstein might go back in the plans for the “flats” in Coatesville.

It is possible for the USA to catch up to China, Europe and developing countries. But we had decades of cutbacks in education and economic production while the rest of the world carried that torch of free enterprise that was lit here in the USA. Even 8 years of “Change” might not get us back on track. Until then the “one word” for today’s graduates is not “plastics” it’s China.
See David Brooks column in today’s New York Times:

A recording of the joint RDA Coatesville City Council meeting is here:
Some Patsyisms from last night’s meeting:

Miss Patsy, “We need to be realistic and not make something like a dream that somebody can’t reach. We need to take something… This whole redevelopment has been put on a high thing now we need to bring it down to where we’re human and we’re economic that we can see what we need to put in.”

Ms. Karen Jorgenson, “But part of what’s going to happen, Miss Ray, is that as properties are sold and… the principal will go down and so perhaps at the end of the five years what will be left for the city do deal with is; the properties will be sold and what ever the remaining balance is the city really has to absorb.”

Miss Patsy, “That’s a pipe dream, but I’m OK with your pipe dream. I just don’t see it happenin.”

Does Miss Patsy think; as Dick Saha once said, “it will never happen” because she doesn’t want to see Coatesville redeveloped?

The first voice is Coatesville RDA Chair Joe DiSciullo
The 2nd voice is Coatesville City Council Member Miss Patsy Ray
The 3rd voice is former RDA Member John Pawlowski
The 4th voice is the RDA's attorney Pat O'Donnell
The 5th voice is the Coatesville City Council's attorney Andrew Lehr
The 6th voice is RDA Member Jack Burkholder
The 7th voice is Coatesville City Council Member Ed Simpson
The 8th voice is Coatesville City council Member Ms. Karen Jorgenson
The 9th voice is RDA Member Harry Colon
The 10th voice is Coatesville City Council Chair Marty Eggleston
The 11th voice is City Council Member Kareem Johnson
The 12th voice is Coatesville City Council Member Kurt Schenk

Friday, November 13, 2009

Senator Dinniman’s legislation would make it harder to have a corrupt school board.

Corrupt and politically ideological school boards can have a negative effect on education, property values and the legal expenses of school districts. For instance parents do not want to live in a school district where creationism is taught in place of science.

I believe there is a larger problem with public corruption within school district administration in Pennsylvania. I do not think that public corruption in Pennsylvania school districts is extraordinary; I believe that public corruption in Pennsylvania school districts is common.

There are too many school districts in Pennsylvania. There are far too many school districts in Pennsylvania for any law enforcement agency to investigate one by one.

School district budgets can be extremely difficult to navigate. Extortion and payoffs can be well hidden. Funds can be transferred to private accounts within the labyrinth of a school district budget. It It is too easy for school administrators and school builders to have a cozy relationship.

The only recourse the public has to root out public corruption within school districts are whistleblowers. Most people who have information and are potential whistleblowers within school district administration are well aware that no matter what the outcome they will never get a job in a Pennsylvania school district again. In the absence of a whistleblower it is very difficult for investigative reporting by news organizations.

I propose that Pennsylvania moves to a 6 school district state; Western North, Western South, Central North, Central South, Eastern North, and Eastern South. It would then be possible for the Attorney General of Pennsylvania or the USDoJ to investigate public corruption in Pennsylvania’s school districts.

The Daily Local (dailylocal.com), Serving Chester County, PA
Dinniman introduces school board legislation
Bill would ban school board candidates
from running in primary elections

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I feel that there is insufficient oversight of Veterans that are placed in homes in Coatesville.

One “discovery” at Joe Carroll’s community meetings in Coatesville was that some Veterans are allegedly robbed at an almost regular basis on the streets of Coatesville.
I also think that the Veterans Hospital needs to look more closely at the situations of veterans placed in Coatesville area homes.

Also see;
Our Veterans Deserve Our Thanks and Our Service
Rep. Joe Sestak
U.S. Senate Candidate, 31 Year Navy Veteran
Posted: November 11, 2009 10:40 AM

The Moonie (Washington) Times

A lot of people probably do not know that the Regan Administrations and Bush Administrations main news rag “The Washington Times“ is owned by Moonies.

The Unification Church and Rev. Sun Myung Moon‘s business empire is being transferred to his children. That transfer of power seems to need the presence of armed guards at the Washington Times building.

"Washington Times Beefs Up Security As Internal Turmoil Continues"
Jason Linkins
Huffington Post

Did Modena’s former Mayor Theresa DiLibero ever live in Modena?

In the investigation of Barry DiLibero’s residency it was discovered that The DiLiberos never lived at 40 North Brandywine Avenue in Modena.


“In 1997 DiLibero and his wife moved into 105 South Brandywine Avenue. On May 15, 2000, he registered to vote using an address of 40 North Brandywine Avenue, Modena Pennsylvania. According to Detective Lynch’s testimony, that address is a significant distance across town form 105 South Brandywine Avenue. DiLibero admits that he and his wife never lived at that address. His explanation for how 40 North Brandywine Avenue ended up on his May of 2000 voter’s registration again damages his credibility. In his deposition, admitted into evidence as C-59 at pages 102 and 103, he explains that a good friend of his helped him finish building the house at 105 South Brandywine Avenue. That he was always talking about. DiLibero speculates that caused him to use 40 North Brandywine Avenue for his voter registration address in 2000. The house was finished and the DiLiberos moved in during 1997.”

Commonwealth vs. Barry DiLibero is here:

As I live in Coatesville, PA I do not have an interest in the DiLiberos. I do have an interest in false voter registrations and false addresses of public officials in Coatesville. I believe several present and past public officials whose office required residency lived elsewhere.

In canvassing the city it was discovered that some voter’s addresses do not exist. That is there is no building there. Some voters, even voters who never miss an election, are registered at a business or church that has no facilities for residence. Voter Services is aware of the names and addresses.

A voter from the precinct has to protest a voter’s residency. It is not an easy process. As you can see it is even more difficult to remove someone holding office in a municipality that lives elsewhere.

When a public official makes a false claim for residency I believe that it is usually to gain influence and that influence is for personal financial gain. I believe that it is public corruption.

Residency issues plague political couple
Monday, July 20, 2009
By Michael P. Rellahan

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Barry DiLibero civil Action

1. On November 6, 2007, DiLibero was elected to the office of Township Supervisor in West Vincent Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania.
2. West Vincent is a Second Class Township.
3. The Second Class Township Code provides in pertinent part: that Supervisors shall reside in the township from which elected and shall have resided in that township continuously for at least one year before their election.
4. Respondent was a resident of East Fallowfield Township, residing at 105 South Brandywine Avenue from 1997 through November 6, 2007.
5. Respondent was ineligible to be elected to the office of Township Supervisor in West Vincent Township on November 6, 2007.
6. Respondent is ineligible to remain in the office of Township Supervisor in West Vincent Township.

Based upon the foregoing, the Court enters the following Order:

NO. 08-94792




Nidholas J. Casenta, Jr., Esquire, Peter Hobartr Esquire and
Gerald P. Morano, Esquire, on behalf of the plaintiff
Anastasia Filopoulos, Esquirer on behalf of the defendant

AND NOW, this 9th day of November, 2009, it is hereby ORDERED and DECREED that judgment is entered in favor of plaintiff, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ex rel Joseph W. Carroll, District Attorney of Chester County and against defendant, Barry DiLibero, and defendant is hereby REMOVED from office as a Township Supervisor of West Vincent Township.
proceeding to be paid by defendant.


Trust Fund withdraw Monday and most likely once more on Nov.16 at RDA /City Council meeting

I think that once the trust fund is near zero people like Ernie Campos, Al Baxter, Harry Walker, Eddy Scrivens and Andrew Lehr will lose interest in Coatesville.

“At the end of October, the fund had $21.9 million. The $1.5 million withdrawal and a potential $7 million could bring the fund down to approximately $13.4 million.” Daily Local News Coatesville Roundtable

More at:


Posted by Jim Pitcherella at 6:04 AM
Labels: Public Corruption

Monday, November 9, 2009

Important issues on tonight’s Coatesville City Council Agenda

Regular Action Items:

1.Receive and consider for Second Reading and Adoption an Ordinance to authorize the withdraw and use of principal of a City Reserve Trust Fund.

2.Receive and consider an Ordinance amending Chapter 224-Zoning, Article XIV-Signs to provide uniform standards for the location, spacing height, setback, lighting and other regulations of signs within the City of Coatesville.

3.Receive and consider a Resolution authorizing creation ad-hoc Coatesville Leaders United for Emissions Reduction Committee.

I wonder what Harry “I don’t have to tell you that” Walker will have to say?

See Matt Baker's site for more information:

Sunday, November 8, 2009


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On First Avenue in the City of Coatesville construction has begun on the site of the 125-room Courtyard Marriott Hotel. It is on RT 82 (First Avenue) just south of the RT. 30 intersection. The construction is for infrastructure only at this time.

Oliver Tyrone Pulver Corp. began the construction because the funding for the site infrastructure was about to expire and not beginning would have set the construction back five years, effectively ending the project.

The construction for the hotel could begin years from today but it could begin sooner than anticipated. The need for a hotel in the Coatesville area may actually be greater now than it was three years ago. The prospects of obtaining financing for the hotel building may be good.

Patsy Ray ran a write-in campaign.

I don’t know where the idea that Ingrid Jones ran unopposed for Coatesville's Second Ward came from. Patsy Ray ran a write-in campaign. She got 20 votes.

Patsy Ray ran on her record. The only campaigning she did was on Election Day.

You can see her campaign finance report here:

Patsy Ray’s financing came from the Coatesville Unity Committee.

Patsy Ray and a group of about a ½ dozen of her supporters sat on one side of the stairway leading to Coatesville’s Second Ward Polls urging voters to write-in Patsy Ray’s name as City Councilperson for Coatesville’s Second Ward.

A Daily Local News article about the Coatesville City Council election is here:
New council members discuss city's future
Published: Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

About the hearing for homicide victim Pierce Elliot Rivera in Judge Davis’ Court on November 5, 2008

“Charges in both of the Coatesville cases were dismissed by Coatesville District Judge Robert Davis on November 5, 2008 due to an apparent "lack of prosecution" (ie. the officers and/or witnesses apparently failed to appear).”

West Chester Unplugged v.2.0

Posted: 06 Nov 2009 04:23 PM PST

November 5, 2008 was during time that Walker, Matthews and Legree ran the Coatesville PD. I don’t know the whether the witnesses or the police did not show up. I wonder if there would have been a different outcome if Legree had not been in the mix and we lost one half of the Coatesville PD.

Friday, November 6, 2009

After almost 8 years of neglect the USDoJ has restarted investigating financial fraud.

“There are currently mortgage fraud-related charges pending against approximately 500 defendants in federal mortgage fraud cases around the nation. The cases concern both mortgage schemes designed to defraud mortgage lenders and “foreclosure rescue schemes” which prey on distressed homeowners.”

“Florida’s Mortgage Fraud Surge was launched in late January 2009 in response to the epidemic of mortgage fraud throughout the state, which began during Florida’s real estate boom earlier this decade. To address this wide scale problem, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida, along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in both its Tampa and Jacksonville Divisions, began a nine-month intensive effort to identify, investigate, and prosecute mortgage fraud in all of its forms.”

“The surge investigation completed on October 31, 2009, and announced today is the first phase of a continuing effort to investigate and prosecute not only mortgage fraud professionals and other individuals who have engaged in multiple fraudulent mortgage transactions, but also larger organizations and even financial institutions.”

Mortgage Fraud Surge Investigation Nets More Than 100 Individuals Throughout Middle District of Florida
Part of the Justice Department’s Ongoing Initiative


They are sill hiring people with experience or training in various financial industries. Actually within limits whatever your current occupation is the USDoJ may be interested in hiring and training you to work within the USDoJ.


Republican Health Care Plan:

It can easily be summed up;

1. Patients die quicker
2. Health care costs less

New York Times Editorial
The Republican Health Plan
Published November 5, 2009

Republicans don’t matter.

The Obama Administration will be judged on how it tackles the medical insurance fat cats and the Wall St. fat cats by Democrats and Independent voters, Republicans don’t matter.

The Republican base is mostly old white men. It is a decreasing base. The Republican Party becomes more irrelevant as time goes by.

Jobs and health care are related. When real people lose their jobs their health care and the health of their families goes too. So death by insurance company is on the increase. It looks like at best, the job market will stay flat for several years.

Obama could be a one term president. But Republicans shouldn't get excited. The odds of a racist Republican White Separatist extremist like Palin winning the presidency in 2012 are about 10,000 to one.

As the cloud of depression lingers, I think the White Nationalists among the teabaggers will grow restless and start blowing up Federal buildings again. I think we are in for some really tough times.

Paul Krugman has been batting nearly 1000 on his opinion of the economy. It ain't for nothing that he won the Noble Prize. The Anzio analogy is a good one:

Op-Ed Columnist
Obama Faces His Anzio
Published: November 5, 2009


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some Democrats are celebrating the one of the three nationally talked about elections; I’m not, I want Ike back.

It's the one in the heavily Republican NY 23 Congressional District where Democrat Bill Owens Beat Republican Doug Hoffman. It is a Republican stronghold where a Democrat has not won an election for almost 150 years. Nationally known Republican extremists campaigned heavily for the Republican Candidate in that congressional district.

Those Democrats are cheering because they see the Democratic victory in upstate NY as a bellwether forecasting that Republican Party can't win a major election. It's now a continuously shrinking Republican Party that is at war with itself. The extremists are winning. The new Republican Leadership is composed mostly of James Dobson, Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee; all three-Christian Reconstructionists.

There is no room at all for John McCain in the Republican Party leadership. The Republican Party National Leadership as it now exists is devoid of moderates. Going from less extreme to most extreme there are a few Republican conservatives, extremist Republicans, Christian Reconstructionists and White Nationalists. Christian Reconstructionists could be described as a Taliban like Christian group. White Nationalists want a white’s only nation.

It may now be impossible for the Republicans to win a major election.

I don’t know if reasonable voices in the Republican Party can stop the rush to extremism. It's not only redneck areas. Extremists can win local school board elections and small municipal elections in Chester County and other areas where you can find intelligent life. They are establishing themselves in local Republican Committees across the USA. It might be good for Democrats in the short term but catastrophic for the USA in the long term.

I want the Republican Party of 60 years ago back; The Eisenhower Republicans. It looks like that will not happen for at least a decade if ever.

I want a Republican like Ike because if you scratch the surface of the "Tea Baggers" you will find Skinheads and very well armed Militia Group members among the extreme and even more extreme. I think there are a lot of people with the identical views of White Nationalist Timothy McVeigh among the Tea Baggers. I think we are heading into a dangerous time of domestic terrorism.

I would rather have a strong Republican Party made up of sane moderate people than a very easily defeated Republican Party made of insane extremists. I think the Republican Party is well in its way to being not only a danger to itself but to all of us.

There are some people among the teabag groups that cheered for Timothy McVeigh when he blew up the Mariah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

With Regard to Tuesday’s Election in Coatesville and Residency.

I'm not sure if the lawsuit contesting the Vincent Supervisor Barry DiLibero brought by Joe Carroll will have an effect on other disputes of this kind. Unless the person involved acquiesces, it is a near impossibility to successfully challenge residency for political purposes. I hope that because of District Attorney Joe Carroll’s efforts it becomes easier to remove public officials who are required to live in a municipality or district and do not live in that area.

One example is the residency of James Clark. He is still running for District Justice in Coatesville’s District Court 15-1-03. The residency requirements for Coatesville’s District Court 15-1-03 is in part of Coatesville and South Coatesville. Mr. Clark lives in Thorndale. In a court document in Chester County President Judge Ott’s court Clark gives his address as 3401 Sylvan Dr., Thorndale, PA 19372. He claims a rental property in Coatesville as his address.

Clark was not on the ticket but ran an extensive and expensive write in campaign in the Primary Election and again in yesterday’s General Election. He got very few votes. But that is not the issue. I believe there are several people holding or that have held public offices in Coatesville and around Chester County that do not live where they say they do. No one challenges them because they understand the possibility of winning in court is almost non-existent. I believe that there are many people holding public offices all across Chester County that do not live where they claim to live.

I believe that every instance of claiming to live where you do not is an instance of public corruption. It is very hard to set a price on that kind of public corruption but I believe the total cost to the public countywide could be in the millions of dollars.

I attached James Clark’s most recent campaign document for the General Election. I believe it contains several outrageous statements:

Below are my notes from a hearing in Judge Ott’s courtroom on Friday April 20, 2009:

“I thought that Democratic Attorney John Carnes presented overwhelming evidence including several court documents and Clark’s drivers license that Magistrate Judge candidate James Clark lives in Thorndale. Clark had two relatives that claimed he lived at the address in Coatesville’s Second Ward that he listed on his petition. Clark said that even though a court document from October has Thorndale as his residence and driver’s license residence as Thorndale, he lives in Coatesville.

I understood Clark to have said that his driver’s license and his court documents residence is really his business address and his real residence is in Coatesville. Hmmm.

Even at the place he said he lives in Coatesville, he was only there a few months. State Law says that candidates for Magistrate Judge needs to reside at least a year at the residence on the ballot. The proceedings concerning James Clark were a little confusing to me but I believe that one of Clark’s relatives who is a Republican collected most of his signatures on both Republican and Democratic sides. Clark might not be on the ticket for multiple reasons.

I wondered why Andrew Lehr was sitting right in front of me in the first spectator row. I found out when Lehr conferred with Clark and a woman named as his daughter, Shania London in the hallway. Is Clark a spoiler to Greg Hines? Lehr left when Clarks hearing was over.”
See Clark’s court document here:

Concerning the residency case in West Vincent Supervisor Barry DiLibero:
Married politicos share a residency problem

Published: Monday, July 20, 2009

Also see:
Friday, July 31, 2009
I am posting this for District Attorney Joe Carroll.
For some reason his comment to did not go through. It is in reference to my posting "Concerning the residency case in West Vincent Supervisor Barry DiLibero"
Married politicos share a residency problem.

Prosecutor: Official playing a 'shell game'
Published: Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Linda Lavender is running for District Magistrate Judge in Coatesville, AGAIN!

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Lavender is the Legislative Assistant for Tim Hennessy in his Coatesville office.

Although Lavender claimed to not be a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania employee, when she was asked by Chester County Common Pleas Court President Judge Paula Francisco Ott; “What does it say at the top of your paycheck?” Lavender replied, “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania”. In order to comply with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Law Linda Lavender needs to quit her job as Hennessey’s Legislative Assistant.

But this is Coatesville, Chester County, North America; Commonwealth and USA law does not always apply here.

Lavender had the full support of Representative Tim Hennessey in the Spring Primary Election; I wonder if he will come out again this Election Day to encourage voters to vote for Linda Lavender.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Election Day in Coatesville

The Republicans have controlled Chester County Government for more than 150 years. In all of that time only Republicans could follow the money down the back alleys of Chester County Government. Hopefully Kipp Stone will win, light up those alleys and follow the money.

Richard Legree allegedly roamed the files at the Clerk of Courts Office years ago. He didn't need to in recent years. He allegedly has some of his "people" there now. I wonder what Mike McGann will find?

I predict that if Democrats win those 2 positions some people in West Chester will take early retirement.

Back here in Coatesville candidates and election day workers need to remember that intimidation, alleged death threats, loosening wheel lug nuts, and fights are considered "just politics" in Coatesville.

From Coatesville; public corruption central in Chester County, PA.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

You gotta be kidding!

When I was reading the Daily Local article about the Coatesville City Council Elections one thing popped out at me; it was Eric Lacerte’s statement that Coatesville “has no plans for future growth”. I almost dropped the paper.

Coatesville is internationally recognized for its redevelopment plans. Our plans attracted the Knight School of Architecture of Miami University to select Coatesville as the municipality for the 2003 Knight Program in Community Building Design Charrette. Coatesville was selected in a nationwide competition. Chester County’s 2020 plan for preserving open space includes utilizing existing urban areas in lieu of paving farms and forests.

Coatesville is famous worldwide for its plans for future growth among city planning architects. It is also famous among those same architects for its plans being shot down by property rights extremists.

We have the infrastructure place in Coatesville for 20,000 residents. We have about 12,000 now. Housing is beginning to be driven by “baby boomers”. The youngest “baby boomers” are 62 years old. They are not looking for single family homes for 4 or more people. They are looking for townhomes and condominiums, access by foot to restaurants, train, shopping and entertainment. That is exactly what the previous Coatesville Administration planned for.

One million dollar and up family estate homes may be “white elephants” in about 10 years. About the only thing keeping a market for one million dollar + family homes are the entrepreneurs in Chester County’s immigrant population.

We need City Council members that at the very least read news articles about Coatesville.

I would recommend that the Coatesville City Council members take advantage of the many training programs for local government officials. Some members of the Coatesville Planning Commission have taken part in those training programs. Very few Coatesville City Council members have ever taken advantage of the training that is available and it shows.

The Pennsylvania Local Government Training Partnership:

The Knight School of Architecture of the Miami University School of Architecture:

Managing Change in Chester County Comprehensive Plan (2020)

From the Daily Local News:
“Lacerte said the biggest problem facing the city is that there is no plan for future growth. He said the city moves from one budget crisis to another. "There's no vision to solve the city's problems," he said.”

Read the article here:

Ingrid Jones the Democratic Candidate for Coatesville's 2 Ward

Ingrid Jones walked door to door in Coatesville's 2 Ward. She stopped at every voter's door. Not an easy thing for a 68 year old woman with arthritis.

She finished today.

We will see on Tuesday whether talking face to face with voters or Campos' money means more in Coatesville elections.