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Public Corruption in Chester County, PA

I believe an unlikely mix of alleged drug trafficking related politicos and alleged white nationalist related politicos united to elect the infamous “Bloc of Four” in the abysmal voter turnout election of 2005. During their four year term the drug business was good again and white nationalists used Coatesville as an example on white supremacist websites like “Stormfront”. Strong community organization and support from law enforcement, in particular Chester County District Attorney Joseph W. Carroll has begun to turn our community around. The Chester County drug trafficking that I believe centers on Coatesville continues and I believe we still have public officials in place that profit from the drug sales. But the people here are amazing and continue to work against the odds to make Coatesville a good place to live.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

I was lucky. If I began my turn 1/15th of a second earlier I would have been in a hospital or worse. The accident was my fault but construction equipment blocked the usual line of sight. The construction equipment was my fault too. It’s part of my legacy.

We moved back to hometown Coatesville partly by accident, partly because it made economic sense but mostly because most all of our family members still lived nearby. 

I was enthused by the flurry of economic activity proposing a revival of the City of Coatesville. A revival that promised to return Coatesville to the economic and social place it had in Western Chester County in the 1950s & 1960s. The “back in the day” Coatesville we grew up in.

My interest in municipal government came in a meandering way. Dave Baker, Tom Lennon and I had just began fishing at a fly fishing only section of Bushkill Creek (its was later closed to fishing by the property owner). I noticed my long johns were on backwards. That was not a problem since I wouldn’t need a stream side bathroom, we were close to highways.

After just 5 minutes of fishing an 8 inch diameter pipe began spewing brown sludgy water into the nearly crystal clear stream and we folded up our fly rods. That moment began my interest in municipal government. 

In Pennsylvania stormwater regulations are enforced at the local level by local municipal government regulations. 

In Pennsylvania nearly all land use is under the jurisdiction of municipal government. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and EPA stormwater regulations are enforced by our 2,500 + local government entities. 

If I wanted to stop nonpoint water contamination like that 8 inch diameter pipe spewing brown sludgy material into an otherwise pristine creek I needed to get into municipal government. 

I learned about zoning as a planning commissioner in Lower Frederick Township Montgomery County, PA. 

But I also learned about the drug business, marijuana growing and how most of the elected officials in Northwestern MontCo got high on hemp after work. 

Other planning commission members cautioned me in the dangers of  looking into the local KKK/Skinhead cross lightings along the Perkiomen Creek. 

That the KKK/Skinheads were powerful enough to be a threat to local municipal officials only got my interest. I began investigating and never stopped. 

All of that led to the construction equipment that blocked my line of sight so I couldn’t see a car coming. That construction might never of happened if we didn’t move back to Coatesville where I had a chance to become a planning commissioner and help write the zoning overlays used to permit construction of the 6 story apartment/condo/retail building the construction equipment was there for. 

I was not only a planning commissioner. I combined my knowledge of the drug business, KKK, Skinheads, JBS society, the Philly Mafia, stormwater regulations and knowing 100s of Black & White people in and around the City of Coatesville to stay one step ahead of people who wanted to stop developments like the one blocking my line of sight. 

I was fortunate to work with Tom Hogan since back when he was a Federal prosecutor. I was able to inform Governor Rendell about the shenanigans at Coatesville City Hall so that later when the fires began Ed Rendell knew what was happening here and ordered Harry Walker to call in the PA fire commissioner & ATF to investigate. 

Even if I had begun my turn 1/15 of a second earlier and wound up in a body bag, I would be a lucky man. I have a legacy that will live on when I am gone. 

Friday, July 26, 2019

Electronic Billboards City of Coatesville Catalyst Experiential


Also, you might say Coatesville residents can go to city council meetings & learn what's happening. Except that most people are afraid to go to Coatesville City Council meetings. There's a history of intimidating residents not going along with John Birch Society efforts. And a historical presence of drug gang members in the meeting room.


Several years ago in the Lobby of the City of Coatesville City Hall I was surrounded by about 10 people screaming "Communist" at me. I had dared to say the City Council meetings were a place where individuals could get together as a community. I had no idea I was part of a Communist plot called Agenda 21

I think the story is the Coatesville City Council operates in an opaque bubble. Opaque to the public, because there is no press or media present. Now and then something spectacular happens and that opaque bubble is pierced.

“Catalyst Experiential plans to build three electronic bill boards measuring 15 by 40 feet, 10 by 30 feet and 13 by 30 feet, and had planned to include steel tridents fabricated in Coatesville that supported the World Trade Center. An outdoor amphitheater and veteran’s memorial are also envisioned. 

Mike Trio, city manager, and city council members, said that the tridents were never destined to be used for the sign project...” 

“Scott Huston, president of the museum board of directors, said he was “surprised” when the forks were included as part of the commercial plan. 

“It’s a major attraction…at Coatesville’s front door whether the amphitheater goes here or not. 

“When people enter Coatesville, it’s one of the first things they see.” 

Jim Ziegler, executive director of the museum, said the local steel work is something everyone is proud of. 

“A 40-foot billboard will obscure the view of the historic district—a gem in Coatesville,” he said. “We just want to be part of the community and we want the community to be a part of us.” 

Electronic billboards a 'done deal' in Coatesville
Bill Rettew brettew@dailylocal.com 

The date of annual examination for this private company limited is between Mar 29 and May 09 upon the anniversary of incorporation. The company's status is listed as "Live" now.  Catalyst Agency Limited has been operating for 3 years 3 months, and 29 days.  

Company Name: CATALYST AGENCY LIMITED CR No. 2353366 Date of Incorporation: 29-MAR-2016 Company Type: Private company limited by shares Company Status: Live Date of Annual Examination: Mar 29 - May 09 Remarks: - Register of Charges: Unavailable Name History: 29-MAR-2016 CATALYST AGENCY LIMITED updated on 2019-05-18 "

Senator Andy Dinniman 

Some clarification on this story:

1. The ultimate decision on the Coatesville digital billboard/amphitheater project is up to city council. I and state Rep. Dan Williams called this week’s meeting to inform and hear from the public because it seemed like there were a lot of unanswered questions and not many people (besides those on council) knew exactly what was planned for this significant piece of public land. 

2. While council members say the project is a “done deal,” there are additional approvals needed, including those regarding design elements and PennDOT permitting. 

3. Not mentioned in this article were comments from David DePetris of DEPG, the developer working on the Coatesville Gateway Project on the corner directly adjacent from the proposed digital billboards. He asked council to take another look at the digital billboards and expressed reservations about them as the current development plan calls for a hotel and two restaurants with outdoor dining immediately across the street. 

The meeting was an opportunity for people to learn more about the project and express their views. In addition, city officials backed away from initial plans to try to include the World Trade Center steel “trees” as part of the digital billboard/amphitheater project. They also committed seeking public input on the design aspects. While I understand council’s desire to realize revenue from the project ($44,000/ year according to a lease agreement), I do hope they will seek public input, involvement, and engagement going forward. 

Finally, I have concerns about three large digital billboards essentially serving as the welcome mat to the City of Coatesville, as well as their potential to obscure everything planned for the Lukens Historic District (including the National Iron and Steel Heritage Museum). I have also seen and experienced how these digital billboard companies operate some municipalities and the impacts they’ve had on residents and local communities. 

Digital billboards do have their place in settings like Times Square or Las Vegas. In our area, they tend to be targeting motorists and drivers on heavily traveled thoroughfares and intersections. I have doubts that those proposed for Coatesville will target or draw visitors and foot traffic. 

It seems to me that these digital billboards are something you pass on the way to a destination. I think Coatesville and its revitalization should be THE destination.

TESTIMONIALS CATALYST EXPERIANTIAL https://www.catalystex.com/testimonials/

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Prince Andrew’s teen sex is the appetizer Epstein-Mogilevich-Maxwell AND Trump is the main course.

Teen sex with Prince Andrew will garner the most headlines but the Jeffery Epstein-Semion Mogilevich-Chislane Maxwell-Member of Parliament Robert Maxwell & business partner of Semion Mogilevich AND Donald Trump are the meat of the story. 

This could put the dagger in Trump’s heart.

Epstein appears before a magistrate in New York on Monday. If Epstein is granted bail he will disappear. 

The links should open on the PDF below:

My original post misstated teen sex with Prince Edward. I corrected it to teen sex with Prince Andrew:  

"A few things about this stuck out to criminal defense lawyer and Law&Crime trial analyst Gene Rossi. First and foremost, it’s “extremely bad news” for Epstein that the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York is involved. 

“They don’t play nice,” Rossi told Law&Crime in a phone interview Sunday. 

Also, it means that other charges are possible. It could mean money laundering, public corruption, or tax-related charges. 

'Who knows?” he said. “The sky’s the limit.” 

Why It’s Really Bad for Epstein He’s Being Prosecuted by SDNY’s Public

Thursday, July 4, 2019


I worked with the Kerry campaign. Their paid staff were compassionate, caring and considerate of others. People here routinely walk between moving cars. I noticed that Benari Poulten @BenariLee  was extremely careful driving through Coatesville’s streets.

The Obama for President paid staff were amazing. They had human compassion I hadn’t seen since I was involved with Father John McNamee in Philadelphia. In particular Omar Woodard @OmarWoodard was an outstanding campaign manager and outstanding human being. 

Obama 08 was an exciting time in Coatesville, PA

Clinton’s paid staff were robots working on laptops. 

A staff member looked up when I asked if they noticed the Coatesville PD across the street and said he did. I told them that 6 hours before they opened that morning there was a double murder. He giggled and went back to his laptop. 

We are accustomed to gunfire in Coatesville  Most people know to get down. I was warning the Clinton people that there would probably be retaliation for the double murder. 

I never expected indifference to the violent deaths across the street and the possibility of more gunfire. 

There was retaliation and more gunfire just down 6th Avenue. 


Police tape was across the street from Clinton Campaign Headquarters in 2016 at Coatesville, PA. I came in early, told them be careful there was a double murder across the street & might be retaliation. They looked up, giggled & went back to their laptops. 

"In a news release, the Coatesville Police Department said detectives are investigating whether Wylie's shooting death is related to a double homicide at about 3:20 a.m. Wednesday in a rear apartment on the 500 block of East Lincoln Highway. The apartment is about a block away from the alley where Wylie was found.
In Wednesday's double homicide, police have said that David Wayne Fitzsimmons, 56, of Coatesville, and William Chance, 46, of Philadelphia or Coatesville, died after being shot."

by Julie Shaw, Posted: September 29, 2016

Republicans stage a statewide version of the long lines of Lincoln U students at Lower Oxford Polls in 2008. GOP VOTER SUPPRESSION BILL on Governor Wolf’s desk

Republicans are trying to create long lines to deny Democrats in large communities their right to vote. 

"The state of Pennsylvania is on the cusp of approving a major piece of voter suppression legislation ahead of the 2020 election, despite a Democrat serving as governor. 

The bill, passed largely along party lines with nearly universal opposition from Democrats in the state legislature, is on the governor’s desk. If signed into law, it would ban what’s known as “straight-ticket” voting, which allows a voter to cast a ballot for all Democrats, or all Republicans, at once. Because precincts in Democratic areas of the state, particularly in Philadelphia, are heavily under-resourced relative to the size of the voting population, banning straight-ticket voting would mean much longer lines at the polls, as each voter needs more time behind the curtain. Studies have shown the longer lines depress Democrat turnout significantly.

The ban is a longtime goal of Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel. In late 2015, Republicans succeeded in banning straight-ticket voting in Michigan, spurring litigation that lasted for a couple of years."


Akela Lacy

July 2 2019, 4:00 a.m.

"15. Defendants Carol Aichele, Terence Farrell and Kathi Cozzone are elected members of the Chester County Board of Commissioners and the Chester County Board of Elections. All three are sued in their official capacities; Defendants Aichele and Farrell are sued in their individual capacities as well."

In predominantly white Chester County, Pa., Lower Oxford East Township contains the largest concentration of African-American voters, largely because of Lincoln University, one of the oldest historically African-American universities in the country.  
The township made national news following the 2008 presidential election, when some voters were forced to wait literally all day in pouring rain in order to vote. Many voters had to leave without casting their votes, disenfranchised by inadequate polling facilities.  
Despite numerous warnings before the election that the cramped polling place would cause problems, the County Board of Elections had refused to change the location of the polling place – a tiny community center that could accommodate only two lines of voters, a small number of privacy booths, and a single ballot scanner.  And even after the 2008 fiasco, the Board of Elections rejected a petition to move the polling place to the campus of Lincoln University, where it had previously been located for years."
- See more at: