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Public Corruption in Chester County, PA

I believe an unlikely mix of alleged drug trafficking related politicos and alleged white nationalist related politicos united to elect the infamous “Bloc of Four” in the abysmal voter turnout election of 2005. During their four year term the drug business was good again and white nationalists used Coatesville as an example on white supremacist websites like “Stormfront”. Strong community organization and support from law enforcement, in particular Chester County District Attorney Joseph W. Carroll has begun to turn our community around. The Chester County drug trafficking that I believe centers on Coatesville continues and I believe we still have public officials in place that profit from the drug sales. But the people here are amazing and continue to work against the odds to make Coatesville a good place to live.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

H2O Connected located in Coatesville is raising $1,296,000.00 in New Equity Investment


"Coatesville, PA – According to filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, H2O Connected is raising $1,296,000.00 in new funding. Sources indicate as part of senior management President and Chief Executive Officer, Susan Springsteen played a key role in securing the recent investment and it will aid in aggressively expanding the company, as well as broaden and accelerate product development."

Coatesville Pennsylvania based H2O Connected is raising $1,296,000.00 in New Equity Investment

H2O Headquarters
237 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Coatesville, PA 19320
190 W Lincoln Hwy
Coatesville, PA 19320

"H2O Connected LLC is a QOZ Business whose team developed and manufactures the patented LeakAlertor product line – the only reliable, automatic leak, overflow, and running toilet detection  devices for the 330+ million toilets in North America alone. Installs in seconds without tools. Made in Pennsylvania."

Sometimes you don't know a toilet is leaking untl the water bill comes.


Sunday, February 23, 2020

Tech Expert Skylar Hurwitz Surges In Progressive Fight For PA in highly influential PA 1st Congressional District

I think Chertok's is a City of Coatesville Pennsylvania treasure. It’s not just a furniture Store.

My friend Bill Chertok was a close friend of Senator Andy Dinniman. A constant warrior for the City of Coatesville and it's people and a leader of the Democratic Party in Coatesville and Chester County. I still miss him.

It’s an honor to be a friend of the Chertok family. 

Joann was such a sweet woman. And she was also really good looking. I was looking at Bill & Joann's wedding pictures and I said, Bill you married Princess Grace:

Here is a recording of the Bill & Joann Chertok part of the Reception at the Methodist Church in Coatesville


Larry Chertok & his wife Terian continue the legacy of Chertok’s more than Century in Coatesville:

"I realized after the election of '08 that I don't really know my country firsthand. Why was I so upset by Palin's "real America" quotes? I am traveling the States with my two kids to look for "America" this summer. I wonder what I'll find?"

"What I realized upon returning home is that I really am a child of the newly named 'Megalopolis' of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC and I feel comfortable in this enormous corridor. I know how to live here and I value the intelligence, the tolerance, and the ideals of the American Northeast. I may never agree with Northeastern Republican ideologies but I can live with them as nothing is is as bad as what I saw in the South. 
I also saw firsthand how our country is a collection of American Countries in so many ways. The Midwest, Utah, Texas, and the South are completely their own sovereign nations with the exception of their largest cities. I learned that Sarah Palin's 'Real America' concept is a thinly constructed longing for something that NEVER existed. The concept that America's small towns in the heartland is the 'Real America' is preposterous. There is a reason why people make a mass exodus out of small towns to live in larger populated cities and have done that since the beginning of the frontier movement (remember all those ghost towns and abandoned frontier cabins? There are no ghost towns along the Megalopolis corridor only some struggling cities). Small towns can be charming but my more frequent experience with them is that the inhabitants can often be fearful, ignorant of the world, and intolerant of anyone that doesn't look like they could be related to them. They are also super suspicious of anyone from the Northeast. These are the people that Sarah Palin wants to use as the perfect example of Americans. THEY are the ones that don't fit in to the majority of American philosophies as the election of Barack Obama proves. They are dull relics of an uglier American past.
In some small towns where progressive ideologies, new ways of looking at rural living, and sustainable economies in the new century are promoted, life couldn't be better. These communities in places like middle Wisconsin, southwestern Colorado, New Mexico, eastern Idaho, eastern Tennessee, and southern Montana all deserve a closer examination as they salute the future of country living.

I am home now and wallowing in the concept of "home". I feel so blessed to live here as we all do about our beloved hometowns. When pulling up to our house, it peeked through the trees and I was welcomed back. Fall had arrived to the mid-Atlantic and I was more than thrilled to get back to the busy life of teaching, schooling, dancing, playing, and being with family and friends.
I learned something about myself during this trip also. I never realized how fearless I was until going through the process of this trip by myself for 5 weeks with my young people. I enjoyed myself, saw things I never thought I would see, and learned so much about my country. I drove almost 8,000 miles and I would do it again. I also have a lot of appreciation for my little red caravan and how reliable she is. I saw the whole country through her tinted windows." 

 Six Weeks Around America Terian Chertok

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The most important technology change in journalism since 1450 is happening NOW. TYT is doing 21st. Century journalism and leading the path to what's coming in journalism.

While the New York Times was writing "Crowley Wins Again" articles the Young Turks Network was following Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez all over the Bronx.

"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old Democratic socialist from the Bronx, has unseated Joe Crowley, a 20-year congressman, in a stunning political upset that sent shockwaves through the party.
Crowley, head of the Queens county Democratic party and the fourth-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives, was widely rumored to have ambitions to succeed Nancy Pelosi as Democratic leader in the House when the California Democrat stepped down. He had raised over $3m for his campaign, 10 times the amount raised by Ocasio-Cortez."
 Democrats see major upset as socialist beats top-ranking US congressman

While most journalists lament the end of journalism "TYT" "The Young Turks Network" is showing the world how to do Twenty-first Century journalism.

The New York Times & most old journalism hasn't figured out how to finance their companies. 

Constantly experimenting,The Young Turks Network is a member supported, member influenced organization.  A membership is as little as $4/99 a month. 

The Young Turks is the largest news show online — and the flagship show of TYT Network. This award-winning news series garners 100 million views monthly.

Tune in LIVE Monday through Friday at 6pm ET to watch hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian and ever-changing panel of guests discuss politics, civil rights, and more.


I was taken back by the realization that most people Chester County Democratic Committee Endorsement Meeting don't know what the Young Turks Network is. They get their news on cable.
They get their news from cable news that is rejoicing at the piles of Trump and Bloomberg cash pouring in. Cable news is careful to avoid anything that would stop the piles of cash from Bloomberg & Trump.
Cable news "anchors" walk a fine line on reporting news as journalists and embellishing or ignoring news to please Bloomberg and Trump. It's no wonder that CCDC in Chester County, PA leadership doesn't know the threat Bloomberg is to democracy.

"The Young Turks (TYT) is a left-wing,[6] progressive news and opinion show on YouTube that additionally appears on selected TV channels in the United States. TYT serves as the flagship program of the TYT Network, a multi-channel network of associated web series focusing on news and current events. TYT covers politics, lifestyle, pop culture and sport.[7] The program was created by Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, and Dave Koller. Currently co-hosted by Uygur, Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola,[8] it is also often accompanied by various other in-studio contributors. The program maintains an anti-establishment stance and provides commentary on topics of varying news genres. The Young Turks began as a radio program that premiered on February 14, 2002, on Sirius Satellite Radio; it was later carried on Air America, before launching a web series component in 2005 on YouTube. In 2018, Regional News Network offered it initially on WMCN, its New Jersey broadcast television station. TYT is the longest-running online news show in the world.[9] 
In addition to being carried on the TYT Network and YouTube, it is also currently available on Hulu, Roku, and through a 24-hour feed on Pluto TV. It has spawned two spin-off television series, one that aired on Current TV[10] from 2011 to 2013 and a second that debuted on Fusion in 2016 as a limited-run program developed to cover the 2016 United States presidential election. The Young Turks also served as the subject of a documentary, entitled Mad as Hell, which was released in 2014.[11] The network also has a linear channel on YouTube TV. In 2017, TYT sought to expand its media network and hire more staff through various venture capital fundraising efforts such as a $20-million investment by Jeffrey Katzenberg into the company. The growth of the network over the years has made TYT the "largest online news show in the world".[7]"

The Young Turks

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I think a ton of long time DOJ staff jumped ship when Sessions took over. Now Barr is totally dismantling rule of law. It will take decades to undo what Trump has done.

My link to the DOJ went dark on the day Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III came in. I think a ton of long time DOJ staff quit when Sessions took over. 

Now Barr is completing the dismantling of rule of law. Not just the DOJ. It will take a decade or more to get the DOJ, FBI & intelligence agencies back and running.

"Philadelphia U.S. District Judge Cynthia Rufe, who heads the independent Federal Judges Association, said the group “could not wait” until its spring conference to weigh in on a deepening crisis that has enveloped the Justice Department and Attorney General William Barr... 

The unusual concern voiced by the judges’ group comes in the wake of an equally unusual protest. More than 2,000 former Justice Department officials called on Barr to resign Sunday, claiming his handling of the Stone case "openly and repeatedly flouted" the principle of equal justice. 

"Although there are times when political leadership appropriately weighs in on individual prosecutions, it is unheard of for the department’s top leaders to overrule line prosecutors, who are following established policies, in order to give preferential treatment to a close associate of the president, as Attorney General Barr did in the Stone case," the letter reads."



Saturday, February 15, 2020

We call Acela “High speed rail.” Acela trains average speed is 65 mph. Chinese trains 200 mph. In several decades the U.S. could have high speed rail but many cities will be underwater

The U.S. packs you into unreliable dangerous aircraft for city to city travel. Or even more dangerous and unreliable automobile & buses on clogged roadways. 

We call Acela trains that average 65 mph “high speed.rail.” 

Chinese trains are 200 + mph. 

City to city high speed rail is required to compete internationally.

Many US cities will be underwater before high speed rail is ready.

“In Miami it regularly floods, when it’s not raining.”

"If the glacier were to collapse it would raise global sea level by two feet. It might be imminent."


What especially worries scientists is if the melting accelerates. If all the ice on Thwaites is lost, it would raise ocean levels an additional 2 feet, according to the NASA study. But the glacier also backstops neighboring glaciers. If those glaciers also melt, sea levels could rise an additional eight feet, researchers warn. 
One of Antarctica's biggest glaciers has a giant hole under it. What would happen if it collapsed?

"She didn’t think so. In her opinion, he was targeted for his work writing about the drug trade." We can relate in Coatesville. I drive by the home on Walnut St. where Sonny’s children watched him gunned down

"RIO DE JANEIRO — What do you say about a death as horrific as this? What do you say about a man who was murdered by two masked intruders inside his home, in front of his family, while they ate dinner? What do you say, except: His name was Leo, and he was a journalist, and I knew him. 
In the parlance of foreign correspondence, Leo Veras, 52, was my fixer. A beat reporter in the lawless border town of Ponta Porã — where Brazil’s most powerful gangs wage war for control of smuggling routes — he helped me report a recent story on the illegal pesticides trade. He arranged interviews with cops, ­politicians and crooks. He introduced me to his wife and two young children. He shared every meal with me. He made me laugh. He made me promise I wouldn’t leave the hotel without him. He kept me safe...
I asked her a question whose potential answer had terrified me since I learned of Leo’s death. Did she think that the story we’d reported together — which had published only days before his murder — had something to do with his death?
She didn’t think so. In her opinion, he was targeted for his work writing about the drug trade."


He showed me a lawless border town. Then masked gunmen killed him in front of his family.

Friday, February 7, 2020

It's truly embarrassing to be a Democratic Commtteeperson at this time

Replying to 

It's truly embarrassing to be a Democratic Commtteeperson at this time. The only unity in the CCDC leadership is never Sanders. They really ONLY care about money funneled down from the DNC to PA Democratic Party. 🎶Money money money money MONEY🎶

12:13 PM · Feb 7, 2020

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

If Democratic primary elections like Iowa’s were held in Coatesville PA some people could be assaulted or murdered afterward.

“The caucuses on the Democratic side are also much more out in the open — everyone knows whom you voted for and possibly why." 

How Exactly Do The Iowa Caucuses Work?

If everyone in Coatesville knew who you voted for and why, some people & maybe even their family members living in other states could be physically hurt or murdered. 


Monday, June 15, 2009

Actually Coatesville is a small Pennsylvania town that I think has more in common with a Mafia controlled town in Italy than it does with its nearest neighbors.

Living in a place where families have known each other for more than 100 years can make you feel comfortable. But when it enables drug traffickers with operations that were set in stone decades ago to know all about all of your extended family it can establish an envelope of fear that covers the entire town. 

Monday, February 3, 2020

The City of Coatesville’s storm water system is overwhelmed by now ordinary stormwater events

Flooding is now normal in the City of Coatesville & Caln Township from rain only

Sustainable living state of the art energy saving and stormwater control, especially green roof technology, could easily be adapted to Coatesville. It’s not rocket science and it’s more economically feasible than the wasteful old standard kind of building we usually do here. Sustainable living is not just about building materials its things like a walking community where most of what you need is a 10 minute walk away.

I think the reason energy saving and stormwater recharge building techniques are not used is purely because builders, engineers and architects are stuck in their old habits and don’t want to bother to learn new techniques and the reasons for them. If they want work and want to make a profit they need to get on the ball and learn up to date building techniques. 

Back when I was on the City of Coatesville Planning Commission the engineers showed us their stormwater controls but it was clear to me they didn’t have a clue to why we need stormwater controls. The called me “The Stormwater Expert” They are supposed to be the stormwater experts for #@!!% . 


"Cira Green consists of different green roof areas, including large lawn areas, meadows, planters with trees, and colorful perennials. Many of these are native to the Mid-Atlantic and all three species of trees planted on the green roof are native to the region. Within the meadow zones, five of the seven species of grass are native to the region, and seven of the eleven perennial species are native to the region.

Designed by Roofmeadow, Cira Green has a unique water storage system beneath its sloping lawn, swaying meadows, and the pavers on the roof: Cira Green is Philadelphia’s first blue-green roof, which can route stormwater to the green roof areas.

Installed in the fall of 2015, the 52,000 square foot elevated park sits atop a parking garage that was originally designed with the structural capacity to accommodate additional floors. The garage was intended to be a semi-public facility with three floors of parking and a stormwater cistern below grade. As the design for the adjacent towers progressed, however, the stormwater management strategy evolved. Brandywine and its design team conceived of a dynamic elevated amenity space that could simultaneously comply with Philadelphia’s strict stormwater regulations. As the current Cira Green design vision unfolded, the cistern below the parking garage was repurposed to manage stormwater runoff from the Evo and FMC Towers. Additional floors were added to the garage to accommodate the parking needs of the nearby IRS offices."


Sunday, February 2, 2020

REPUBLICANS SAY: Trump can make deals with foreign countries if they help him out personally. WHEN DOES TRUMP MOSCOW BREAK GROUND? TRUMP BEIJING? TRUMP PYONGYANG?

“The news from Bolton’s book emerged in the trial’s question-and-answer session, as Cruz and Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) worked with Murkowski and Alexander in the GOP cloakroom to devise a question to the White House counsel that Cruz and Graham hoped would help persuade the swing votes. 

That question: Even if Bolton’s allegations of a quid pro quo were true, isn’t that still not an impeachable offense, so would his testimony add anything? Patrick Philbin, a deputy White House counsel, responded that it would not be an impeachable offense. 

“That answer was pivotal, especially in getting Lisa’s vote,’ Cruz said.”


"All through the hot summer campaign of 2016, as Donald Trump and his aides dismissed talk of unseemly ties to Moscow, two of his key business partners were working furiously on a secret track: negotiations to build what would have been the tallest building in Europe and an icon of the Trump empire — the Trump World Tower Moscow. 

Talks to construct the 100-story building continued even as the presidential candidate alternately bragged about his relationship with Vladimir Putin and rejected suggestions of Russian influence, and as Russian agents worked to sway US public opinion on Trump’s behalf."

Buzzfeed News
On the day of the third Republican presidential debate, Trump personally signed the letter of intent.

"In New York, records show that the state-owned Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is among the largest office tenants in Trump Tower, where it occupies the 20th floor. 

The deal has been worth more than $1.5 million annually to Trump’s firm, according to the data firm CoStar Group, and it will expire in 2018, according to Bloomberg News — raising the prospect of the Trump Organization negotiating an extension with the Chinese bankers while Trump is in office. Tian Terence Deng, a spokesman for the bank, declined to comment. 

In Congress, Democrats are already taking aim at Trump’s perceived conflicts of interest in his business dealing with China. 

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.), speaking at a Dec. 14 forum at the Capitol on ethical issues raised by the incoming administration, said that it didn’t matter to him if Trump wanted to keep his name on businesses such as “The Celebrity Apprentice” but that dealings with foreign countries were another matter. 

“I care about government officials in Bahrain, China, Turkey, Argentina, Singapore and elsewhere who may buy up entire floors of hotel rooms, pay higher rents at Trump Tower, lower interest rates on loans, speed up permits for development projects or take all kinds of other inappropriate actions to ingratiate themselves with the new administration,” Cummings said. 

Yet there is one potential silver lining, some business leaders privately say. Perhaps Trump’s interest in doing business in China will prevent him starting a trade war with Beijing that could wreak havoc on  both nations’ economies.

Jonathan O'Connell BEIJING —

OK, That's a satirical website. But if Trump wins in November it might happen.