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Public Corruption in Chester County, PA

I believe an unlikely mix of alleged drug trafficking related politicos and alleged white nationalist related politicos united to elect the infamous “Bloc of Four” in the abysmal voter turnout election of 2005. During their four year term the drug business was good again and white nationalists used Coatesville as an example on white supremacist websites like “Stormfront”. Strong community organization and support from law enforcement, in particular Chester County District Attorney Joseph W. Carroll has begun to turn our community around. The Chester County drug trafficking that I believe centers on Coatesville continues and I believe we still have public officials in place that profit from the drug sales. But the people here are amazing and continue to work against the odds to make Coatesville a good place to live.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Nixon was a traitor, eligible for legal execution.

"Richard Nixon was a traitor.
The new release of extended versions of Nixon's papers now confirms this long-standing belief, usually dismissed as a "conspiracy theory" by Republican conservatives. Now it has been substantiated by none other than right-wing columnist George Will.
Nixon's newly revealed records show for certain that in 1968, as a presidential candidate, he ordered Anna Chennault, his liaison to the South Vietnam government, to persuade them refuse a cease-fire being brokered by President Lyndon Johnson.

Nixon's interference with these negotiations violated President John Adams's 1797 Logan Act, banning private citizens from intruding into official government negotiations with a foreign nation.

Published as the 40th Anniversary of Nixon's resignation approaches, Will's column confirms that Nixon feared public disclosure of his role in sabotaging the 1968 Vietnam peace talks. Will says Nixon established a "plumbers unit" to stop potential leaks of information that might damage him, including documentation he believed was held by the Brookings Institute, a liberal think tank. The Plumbers' later break-in at the Democratic National Committee led to the Watergate scandal that brought Nixon down.

Nixon's sabotage of the Vietnam peace talks was confirmed by transcripts of FBI wiretaps. On November 2, 1968, LBJ received an FBI report saying Chernnault told the South Vietnamese ambassador that "she had received a message from her boss: saying the Vietnamese should "hold on, we are gonna win."

As Will confirms, Vietnamese did "hold on," the war proceeded and Nixon did win, changing forever the face of American politics—with the shadow of treason permanently embedded in its DNA.

The treason came in 1968 as the Vietnam War reached a critical turning point. President Lyndon Johnson was desperate for a truce between North and South Vietnam. 

LBJ had an ulterior motive: his Vice President, Hubert Humphrey, was in a tight presidential race against Richard Nixon. With demonstrators in the streets, Humphrey desperately needed a cease-fire to get him into the White House. 

Johnson had it all but wrapped it. With a combination of gentle and iron-fisted persuasion, he forced the leaders of South Vietnam into an all-but-final agreement with the North. A cease-fire was imminent, and Humphrey’s election seemed assured.

But at the last minute, the South Vietnamese pulled out. LBJ suspected Nixon had intervened to stop them from signing a peace treaty. 

In the Price of Power (1983), Seymour Hersh revealed Henry Kissinger—then Johnson’s advisor on Vietnam peace talks—secretly alerted Nixon’s staff that a truce was imminent. 

According to Hersh, Nixon “was able to get a series of messages to the Thieu government [of South Vietnam] making it clear that a Nixon presidency would have different views on peace negotiations.”
Johnson was livid. He even called the Republican Senate Minority Leader, Everett Dirksen, to complain that “they oughtn’t be doing this. This is treason.”

“I know,” was Dirksen’s feeble reply.

Johnson blasted Nixon about this on November 3, just prior to the election. As Robert Parry of consortiumnews.com has written: “when Johnson confronted Nixon with evidence of the peace-talk sabotage, Nixon insisted on his innocence but acknowledged that he knew what was at stake.” 

Said Nixon: “My, I would never do anything to encourage….Saigon not to come to the table….Good God, we’ve got to get them to Paris or you can’t have peace.”

But South Vietnamese President General Theiu—a notorious drug and gun runner—did boycott Johnson’s Paris peace talks. With the war still raging, Nixon claimed a narrow victory over Humphrey. He then made Kissinger his own national security advisor. 

In the four years between the sabotage and what Kissinger termed “peace at hand” just prior to the 1972 election, more than 20,000 US troops died in Vietnam. More than 100,000 were wounded. More than a million Vietnamese were killed. 

But in 1973, Kissinger was given the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the same settlement he helped sabotage in 1968.

According to Parry, LBJ wanted to go public with Nixon’s treason. But Clark Clifford, an architect of the CIA and a pillar of the Washington establishment, talked Johnson out of it. LBJ’s close confidant warned that the revelation would shake the foundations of the nation. 

In particular, Clifford told Johnson (in a taped conversation) that “some elements of the story are so shocking in their nature that I’m wondering whether it would be good for the country to disclose the story and then possibly have [Nixon] elected. It could cast his whole administration under such doubt that I think it would be inimical to our country’s best interests.”

In other words, Clifford told LBJ that the country couldn’t handle the reality that its president was a certifiable traitor, eligible for legal execution. 

Fittingly, Clark Clifford’s upper-crust career ended in the disgrace of his entanglement with the crooked Bank of Credit and Commerce (BCCI), which financed the terrorist group Al Qaeda and whose scandalous downfall tainted the Agency he helped found.

Johnson lived four years after he left office, tormented by the disastrous war that destroyed his presidency and his retirement. Nixon won re-election in 1972, again with a host of dirty dealings, then became the first American president to resign in disgrace."

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Will Jeb Bush and Koch Brothers Charter Schools U.S.A. take over York, PA Public Schools?

Governor Corbett wants to go out with a bang. And he has until January 20th. 



Why would Republicans elect a Public School educator?

Republicans don't like public schools but they elected a public school teacher. Why?
Republicans consider rush of action before Wolf takes over 
By MARC LEVY, Associated Press 
York, PA could wind up paying the for-profit Jeb Bush’s and the Koch brothers’ Charter Schools U.S.A. from their local school taxes.

Judge: Decision on York City schools by Dec. 26 
A York County judge is aiming for a Christmas Eve decision on the fate of the York City School District. 
President Judge Stephen Linebaugh said at the conclusion of a hearing Tuesday that he will issue a decision no later than Friday, Dec. 26 on the state's petition to seize control of the district. 
"My decision will be based solely upon the law ... and nothing else," Linebaugh said. "And, if I am wrong, I am absolutely certain that I will be corrected."

Monday, December 8, 2014
More on Charter Schools USA and the takeover of schools in York, PA 
A few weeks ago, I posted this piece about Charter Schools USA and their attempt to take over the York, PA school district. Charter Schools USA is based in Ft. Lauderdale and is one of the biggest for-profit operators. It's founder and CEO, Jon Hage comes out of the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank funded by the Koch Bros., as well as the  Foundation for Florida Future, another conservative group founded by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. 
Here's a corporate profile of Charter Schools USA, posted at the Cashing in on Kids Blog. 
Corporate Profiles 

And this from the York Dispatch... 
Attorneys representing teachers, cafeteria workers, parents, state-level education officials - and probably more to come - have filed petitions to join the York City School District in opposing the state's attempt at seizing control from the locally elected school board. 
The district's motion alleges that receivership "and the imposition of a district-wide charter school system will fully and unalterably bind the incoming administration to the education policies of the outgoing and 'lame duck' governor for years to come.” 
Schooling in the Ownership Society

Charter Schools USA has 36 schools in Florida and will be opening more. Its CEO Jonathan Hage is well-connected, and was a member of Rick Scott’s education transition team. He’s closely associated to former governor Jeb Bush as former director of one of his foundations. Hage’s Charter Schools USA gave two separate donations to the RPOF on the same day in January totalling $52,700. The for-profit charter school company gets its money from taxpayer dollars. 
The realities of who wields the power and why in determining education policy may be of interests to Floridians. Especially now that the test-based accountability system  that was set up to benefit guys like Hage and the Koch brothers has become a political hot potato – even for members of the party they want to support. 
How the Koch Brothers and Charter Schools USA Filter Campaign Cash to Florida’s Republican Legislators 
Posted on July 28, 2012

THURSDAY, OCT 2, 2014 05:25 PM EDT
Fraud, financial mismanagement, lousy results:
Reports highlight awful charter schools and people are catching on

December 9, 2014  |

Monday, December 22, 2014

The first target of anti-government extremists of any ilk is police.

NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, were ambushed and killed. The gunman, Ismaaiyl Brinsley doesn't at this time appear to be connected to any group.  Something that needs to be kept in mind is that the last NYPD killed this way was in 1988. 
The New York Times 
Two N.Y.P.D. Officers Are Killed in Brooklyn Ambush; Suspect Commits Suicide 

Police are often the first target of right wing extremists. Sometimes police are shot by extremists at traffic stops and sometimes police are deliberately targeted by extremists. 

“In the past five years alone, from 2009 through 2013, ADL has tracked 43 sep­a­rate vio­lent inci­dents between domes­tic extrem­ists (of all types) and law enforce­ment in the United States. These inci­dents include sit­u­a­tions in which shots are exchanged between police and extrem­ists (shootouts), sit­u­a­tions in which extrem­ists have fired at police but police sub­dued the extrem­ists with­out hav­ing to return fire, and sit­u­a­tions in which offi­cers had to use their firearms to pro­tect them­selves against extremists.

Of these 43 inci­dents, fully 39 of them involved extrem­ists sport­ing some sort of extreme right-wing ide­ol­ogy. White suprema­cists took part in 21 inci­dents, while anti-government extrem­ists were involved in 17 more. An anti-Muslim extrem­ist was involved in one inci­dent (the other four inci­dents included one with a left-wing extrem­ist and three with domes­tic Islamic extrem­ists). In these shoot­ing inci­dents, the extrem­ists shot 30 offi­cers, 14 fatally. Many other offi­cers sus­tained non-gunfire injuries dur­ing some of these encounters.” 
JUNE 9, 2014 
ADL Extremism & Terrorism
 Officers Down: Right-Wing Extremists Attacking Police At Growing Rate


SPLC - Southern Poverty Law Center

Home » What We Do » Hate and Extremism

"Law enforcement professionals are more likely to encounter dangerous extremists than virtually any other segment of American society — and those confrontations are, tragically, sometimes fatal. In fact, a 2010 University of Maryland study found that 49 of more than 400 people killed by radical-right extremists since 1990, or nearly 15%, have been law enforcement officers. With that in mind, the SPLC has undertaken a number of initiatives to equip officers with information and other resources that may help them carry out their duties with a minimum of danger to themselves.

Our free law enforcement trainings teach officers how to recognize hate groups, symbols and activity; the threat potential of specific groups; and how to respond to hate group activity. The Intelligence Files contains updated biographical profiles of leading hate groups and extremist leaders, plus background on the various extremist ideologies. And our Hate Map helps officials locate extremist groups within their communities."

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Why is Chattanooga TN called "The Paris of Southeast Tennessee"? - Gigabit-per-second Internet speed

Chattanooga has become a magnet for small startup companies and young people because it has the fastest internet in the U.S. Chattanooga has the country's first 1Gbps residential network, and the coverage stretches across the entire county.

And it’s local government operated. 

We could do something similar here. 

Only a small part of the fiber optic cable under the Lincoln Highway for the traffic signal and surveillance camera system in Coatesville, Caln and Downingtown is used.

Former Coatesville City Manager Jean Krack had the vision to put 50 times more fiber optic cable than needed under the Lincoln Highway between Coatesville and Downingtown in anticipation of a Gigabit-per-second Internet speed.


In 2010 Chattanooga Tennessee became America's first Gig City. Chattanooga has attracted companies like Volkswagen, Olsten and Amazon fulfillment services to create more than seven thousand new jobs and spur dozens of new small and medium-sized businesses.

Most Verizon FIOS connections are 15 megabits per second which can be upgraded in some areas up to 500 megabits per second, for $284.99 per month. 

Chattanooga rolled out a fiber-optic network a few years ago that now offers speeds of up to 1000 Megabits per second, or 1 gigabit, for just $70 a month.”   
Chattanooga's super-fast publicly owned Internet 
By James O'Toole   @jtotoole May 20, 2014: 5:53 PM ET

Right here, in Chattanooga
It's time to get the secret out... Chattanooga has an emerging tech scene, a thriving downtown, and a lot of energy and momentum. We want to make it easier for engineers, journalists & founders to see what's happening in Chattanooga and get more information about the movement. 
Software is eating the world and the most successful economies of tomorrow are building around this. Our goal is for Chattanooga to be one of these economies and it's time to build the buzz and bring in the talent. 
Nooga Startups

There was a window for a community broadband system before Verizon "passed" laws prohibiting community broadband in Pennsylvania. 

It's useless to bring up building a community based broadband at a borough, township or city council meeting in Pennsylvania. Community broadband is no longer something that can be done by Coatesville's Caln's and Downingtown's governments.

It's still possible to have a local broadband system Coatesville to Downingtown. But the community system needs to be private/non-profit or profit; not with public money. If it's public the details about a broadband system are discoverable and Verizon and Comcast will kill it before it can be started.


1 Gig internet would make the Coatesville to Downingtown the mainline for internet based business in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Comcast, ATT and Verizon won't do it, they are fine with slow internet. The people of Coatesville, Caln and Downingtown need to do it. 

KKK resurgence recruiting returning veterans

In 2005 Klansmen operating in Parkesburg, PA were arrested and later convicted:
"Residents may not have noticed them, but they were here when they set off pipe bombs, test-fired machine guns and taught bomb-making classes.
They blended right in 
‘They look like us. They sound like us. They are us,’ said Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas P. Hogan Jr., assigned to coordinate investigations and prosecute cases with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. 
Klansman faces sentencing on weapons, bomb charges 
Published: Friday, February 25, 2005 
Pennsylvania, “The Keystone State” sits in the center of the “Iron Pipeline” 


The Ku Klux Klan Is Boosting Its Numbers by Recruiting Veterans

"We're currently in one of the hottest periods of extremist activity that I have seen in my 20 year career.  This blows what we call pre-Oklahoma City completely out of the water and makes it look like a kindergarten picnic." - Daryl Johnson DT Analytics, former ATF and Homeland Security. 

"These groups are really interested in returning military veterans. The reason being that the skills of the infantryman are precisely, so they say, the skills that will be needed in the coming race war." - SPLC’s Mark Potak


Monday, December 15, 2014

Will Lewis resign as State Rep. Elect because of Coatesville School District arrests?

Michaelle Bond, Inquirer Staff Writer

Harry Lewis was a friend of Richard Como and involved in the athletic departments in the Coatesville School District. 

Lewis may owe his appointment as Interim Principal to his friendship with Como. 

A short time after Harry Lewis retired as a teacher Richard Como rehired Harry Lewis as an “Interim High School Principal". Harry Lewis collected his retirement benefits along with his new job as “Interim High School Principal'.



Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The “Residency Requirement” for Coatesville City Manager is meaningless

The so called “Residency Requirement” for a city manager for the City of Coatesville can be overridden at any time for any reason by the Coatesville City Council. 

So please, no more calls for the Coatesville City Manager to live in Coatesville. 
§ 2-402. Qualifications of Manager. 
The Manager shall be chosen solely on the basis of executive and administrative training or experience with respect to the duties of the office set forth in the Charter. The Manager need not be a resident of the city nor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at the time of appointment but as soon as possible thereafter and within one year shall become and during tenure shall remain a resident of the city unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Council.
A prospective applicant for the position of city manager for the City of Coatesville can promise to move to or live inside of Coatesville. But anyone with 1/2 a brain who applies for the job will understand that he or she is under no legal commitment to hold to that promise. Which I believe is exactly what former Coatesville City Manager Rawlings knew when he came to Coatesville.

Understand that Rawling's promise to live inside of Coatesville was for some reason important to the city council of that time. But I think they ignored what Rawlings did when he worked at other communities.

City Council's incomplete look into Rawling's former employment finally caught up to them:


Monday, December 8, 2014

Looks like the same politically connected people in Coatesville will continue to throw their weight around.

I think the slumlords, the illegal boarding house owners and people that bully others will continue to have the same political protection with State Representative Lewis as they had with Hennessey as State Representative in Coatesville. 

For instance. This van has been permanently parked in the lot reserved for the customers of the grocery store since the election was over in November:

The van is just a visible tip of the iceberg.

Ask any Coatesville PD officer. Some people are politically connected and untouchable. 

Some other stuff:

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