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Public Corruption in Chester County, PA

I believe an unlikely mix of alleged drug trafficking related politicos and alleged white nationalist related politicos united to elect the infamous “Bloc of Four” in the abysmal voter turnout election of 2005. During their four year term the drug business was good again and white nationalists used Coatesville as an example on white supremacist websites like “Stormfront”. Strong community organization and support from law enforcement, in particular Chester County District Attorney Joseph W. Carroll has begun to turn our community around. The Chester County drug trafficking that I believe centers on Coatesville continues and I believe we still have public officials in place that profit from the drug sales. But the people here are amazing and continue to work against the odds to make Coatesville a good place to live.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Coatesville's "media briefing" If this is an ad to support Coatesville's redevelopment it stinks

"City officials held a media briefing Friday morning at City Hall with President of City Council Linda Lavender-Norris, Council members Ingrid Jones and C. Arvilla Hunt, City Manager Michael Trio, and Police Chief Jack Laufer" 

"Laufer provided an update to the investigation and spoke on the effects of violent street crime upon the community, as well as the partnership that must exist between the police and the citizens they serve. Lavender-Norris echoed Laufer’s comments, emphasizing the fact that the redevelopment of the city is well underway, and that street crime such as this has no part in the vision for the future of the city, and it will not be tolerated by city officials."

If this is an ad for the redevelopment of Coatesville, it stinks. But maybe it's just a way for Linda Lavender Norris to get her face on TV. I didn't watch but Channel 29 News was there.

It could have been just a press release.

Pacing in the parking lot wearing blue jeans was Detective Thompson. The guy Linda Lavender Norris, Ronny Suber and Needles Fiorentino's Sister Arden Hunt allegedly want removed from the Coatesville PD. 

So which side is Linda Lavender Norris really on?

Update: Arrests made in Olive Street shootings

Is the undercurrent pushing the people running as write in candidates for Coatesville City Council part of an effort to fire Coatesville PD Chief Laufer and Detective Thompson?

Does Coatesville City Council President Linda Lavender Norris want Coatesville PD Chief Laufer fired?


"WEST CHESTER >> Before sentencing the man convicted of firing gunshots at two Coatesville police officers to a prison term that could keep him behind bars well into his old age, a Common Pleas Court judge on Thursday bemoaned how the defendant had smeared the city as well as threatened the lives of the officers.

“You have repeatedly let down the community,” Judge Patrick Carmody told Andre Emmet “Needles” Fiorentino as a standing-room courtroom filled with city police officers and members of the Chester County District Attorney’s Office sat and listened. “You have been in and out of jail like it’s a revolving door.”

“I have a great respect for the citizens of Coatesville,” Carmody said in his 15-minute long lecture to Fiorentino. “I think it gets a bad rap … because of the actions of a few.” He said that evidence 
showed Fiorentino chose to leave his home and his family the night of the shooting and “put the people who live and work in that city in danger.”...


Man gets 25-50 years for shooting at Coatesville policemen


Trump Landslide? “I called him to be the landslide winner in the general election” Scott Adams

Scott Adams. “When I saw Trump displaying the tools of persuasion, I thought ‘Oh my God, he’s not a crazy clown. Everything he’s doing, including his complete ignoring of the facts is persuasion perfection. 

And I called him to be a landslide winner in the general election last year.
Because the tools he’s using, essentially he’s basically taking a flamethrower to a stick fight. And there’s nobody using the same tools he’s using. 

So his complete ignoring of facts are actually part of his persuasion. Because he doesn’t give you targets. He doesn’t give you details of his policies. So he’s reducing the number of targets while making you feel good and focus on the things you want… 

Bill Maher, “He brands people low energy, crazy, crooked.” 
Scott Adams, "No but there’s something else to it. He’s working on conformation bias. When you see anything come out on the news that looks like Hillary Clinton you say, ‘Crooked Hillary”.

Watch the excerpt here:

A federal indictment would cause serious damage to her campaign.
IG email report: More woes for Clinton
May 26, 2016 | by LISA LERER

If the FBI recommends indictment under the “Espionage Act” it would be very difficult for the Obama Administration not to proceed. The Obama Administration might need to exonerate Edward Snowdon to exonerate Clinton.

“Prior to Barack Obama's inauguration, there were a grand total of three prosecutions of leakers under the Espionage Act (including the prosecution of Dan Ellsberg by the Nixon DOJ). That's because the statute is so broad that even the US government has largely refrained from using it. But during the Obama presidency, there are now seven such prosecutions: more than double the number under all prior US presidents combined. How can anyone justify that?”… 

The essence of that extremely broad, century-old law is that one is guilty if one discloses classified information ‘with intent or reason to believe that the information is to be used to the injury of the United States, or to the advantage of any foreign nation"


On the Espionage Act charges against Edward Snowden
Glenn Greenwald

And be sure to watch the entire program on HBO. I want to be in Mellissa Harris  Perry’s class.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Posting is free so Clinton says campaign finance laws do not apply

"She concluded with a damning assessment: 'Campaign finance lawyers are not that impressed with [CTR’s] logic, but they can get away with it because the [Federal Election Commission] is deadlocked and does nothing.”


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Clintons made Democrats an offer they can't refuse

The Clintons are the most powerful and wealthy political dynasty on earth. They have a long time reputation for destroying the careers of those that oppose them.

Her FBI criminal interrogation even the possibility of indictment will not change Clinton's Democratic Party support. Her support among Democrats is based on fear, power and money.

Democratic Party officials are comfortable losing with Hillary. Winning the presidency is less important to Democratic officials.

Being on Hillary's side is better for their careers even if Trump wins.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Noble Nerds of Rand have lost. It was the black who stirred GOP minds.

After the triumphant midterm victories, Paul Ryan & Charles Koch believed the GOP masses were nerds like them. Objectivists kneeling at the altar of greed in the Cathedral of John Birch at St. Ayn's feet. 

Now Paul and Charles hang their heads in despair. 

Donald Trump proved the GOP masses are mindless racist driven animals, not bright eyed nerdy Ayn Rand freaks like them. 

After a trillion hard inherited dollars spent on Rand Reeducation for the Republican masses just one white president, any white president, and poof, no more Republican majority.  

It was all an Ayn Rand wet dream. 

"Researchers at Stanford University found that when they showed white subjects photos of President Barack Obama with darkened skin, those people became more likely to support right-wing political organizations like the Tea Party."


Scientists confirm what conservatives always deny: Tea Party driven by fear of a black president

Friday, May 13, 2016

Face-to-face talks with right wing extremists molded my political views.

I have a slightly different view of politics than almost any other Chester County Democrat.  

When I see Confederate flags on homes in Chester County PA I wonder about the weapons and ammo buried in the yard. I have a viewpoint of politics developed by face-to-face experience with right wing extremists.

Miami Herald 
If Trump loses, get ready to duck
  • What will be the radical right’s response if their candidate loses?
  • Trump supporters revel in victimhood and entitlement. Anger could worsen if he loses
  • Terrorism from the rightist fringe, already a problem, could get worse

The Republican's election of Donald Trump is mostly an inalienable reaction to wealth inequality. 

Wealth inequality is painful to people who were once middle class and now poor and unemployed. Those with good jobs know they are one injury or one sickness away from losing everything they have.

The rage of Trump supporters is only in part a racist, xenophobic reaction to our diversity. 

The racist, xenophobic beast inside the Republican Party was cultured in the petri dishes of Republican Think Tanks, most of them supported by the Koch Network.  That racist, xenophobic beast is now out of the control of the Koch Network and the Republican National Committee.

There is some hope of changing wealth inequality if Bernie Sanders brings a landslide of Democrats along with him. A change in wealth inequality could mollify some of the justifiable anger of ordinary people.

If either President Clinton or President Trump takes office the justifiable anger of ordinary people stays and grows. And the racist, xenophobic rage of the extreme right remains and grows.

I see the Confederate flags on the porches in Coatesville and those that wave in the rural areas of Chester County and I assume there is a stockpile of arms and ammunition in the basements and backyards of those Confederate flag homes. I assume the people in those homes might someday act out their violent dreams as a lone wolf terrorist.

Income inequality is the fuel that anti-government militias and Nazi-skinheads feed on. 

Republicans have stoked the flames of their once extremist fringe so it now engulfs the Republican Party. And no matter who is president we will be burned by that extremist fire. 

Easily obtainable high volume rapid-fire handguns and assault rifles are the weapons of choice for U.S. domestic terrorists.

Right now we only call them terrorists if they are Muslim Americans.

Republicans shut down the Homeland Security domesticterrorist investigative group when its existence was leaked. So now law enforcement is very careful not to call domestic terrorists, terrorists. 

Christian anti-government terrorists are now "misguided", "survivalists" or "insane". Calling them terrorists insults Republicans.

But at some point, maybe one large domestic "Christian" terrorist attack or many all at once and even Republicans will call them terrorist. If that happens our government with all its surveillance ability and weaponry will be used to protect us.

It has already begun with the arrests of the Bundy terrorists. The poor soul ant-government "cowboy" that was killed had no cows on his ranch and lived on government subsidies caring for foster children. But he was ready to die in a shootout with the government.  He's a martyr now. He can take his place beside Timothy McVeigh.


When I was a local government official in Montgomery County, PA I dealt with racist skinheads and their cross lightings along the Perkiomen Creek and some of the incidents they caused. 

Many locals that live along the Perkiomen have marijuana-growing operations in their back yards. The racist skinheads are also drug manufactures and sellers. The Perkiomen Trail threatened the big money maker of the racist skinheads.

My children saw this cross burning. I believe it is separate from the skinhead cross lighting ceremonies:
May 22, 1997|The Morning Call

As a public official in Coatesville I dealt with John Birch Society anti-government white nationalists.

Chester County Landscapes is based on the U.N. Agenda 21. Growing new populations and building in walkable towns like the City of Coatesville instead of growing new tract houses in the cornfields of Chester County allows farming to continue and a local sustainable way of life to continue in Chester County.

The redevelopment of Coatesville is part of the plan to preserve those rolling hills of Chester County from suburban sprawl. See, Chester County Landscapes

Former Coatesville resident  and John Birch Society Chapter Leader Pat Sellers believe "Chester County Landscapes for developers, municipalities and others to promote sustainable living practices" is part of a United Nations Agenda 21 plot to take our guns away and put us in concentration camps, see: If you lived in Coatesville in the early 21st Century you are a casualty of the “war on environment”


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Considerate landlords vs abusive landlords in Coatesville, PA

MY friend David DeSimone thinks like this when he manages his properties in Coatesville:

The Greatest Economics Lesson from Softbox on Vimeo.

David's properties are among the best values for renters who want to live in the City of Coatesville. When David acquires a property he guts it down to the framework and then rebuilds it up to code. New wiring, plumbing, insulation, drywall and flooring goes in. When it's up to code the property is ready to rent. If the market allows a profit he will sell it. But in the meantime it is generating profits.

There are other landlords in Coatesville that use David's basic business model and treat people with dignity and respect. 

David's rental property owner business model depends on safe streets.

But there are many politically connected landlords operating in the City of Coatesville who have what I call an abusive business model. 

They buy decrepit properties at sheriff sales do nothing or a minimal fix up and rent the properties to low income people. Codes inspections can be infrequent and political connections can limit the efforts of the city to enforce codes. 

The abusive property model depends on unsafe streets keeping property values low. In this way illegal drugs and abusive landlords have a symbiotic relationship. 

Some landlords own single family homes and operate them as illegal boarding homes. 

They put several unrelated people in single family homes rented by the week or month. 
Living conditions can be poor. 

And in some illegal boarding homes living conditions can be very dangerous.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nonprofits can also be rental property owners. Those nonprofits benefit from low property values. 

High crime drives property values down. Section 8 subsidies are statewide.  Non-profits can acquire many properties at little expense. Operating at minimal expense means more cash left over. A nonprofit may be very profitable for the operators of the nonprofit. Involving public officials can ratchet up the personal profitability of nonprofit operators. 


Sunday, July 12, 2015


Monday, April 11, 2011

The most outrageous of the "abusive" landlords is Amrit Lal.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In 2007 the PA Commonwealth Court ordered landlord Amrit Lal to pay the City of Coatesville $110,000. It never happened.

Landlord Amrit Lal was supposed to pay $110,000 to the City of Coatesville instead Harry Walker and Andrew Lehr allegedly accepted his check for $5,000.
There was a long fought court battle between Coatesville landlord Amrit Lal and the City of Coatesville over unpaid fines for several of his Coatesville properties. After many years and a LOT of legal expenses paid by the City of Coatesville the City of Coatesville won:


Without Koch Network support Trump will fail. Charles said Hillary might be preferable to a Republican President

This article from theguardian prompted me to write this post:

Party of one? Trump seizes Republican reins but general election prep is lacking 
Most leading candidates – Hillary Clinton included – have started to beef up operations for the general by now. Will Trump’s staggering shortfall haunt him?

The Koch Network is one leg of the three-leg table that is the GOP. Without the Koch Network the GOP will fall.

  • Almost all of the money and some of the machinery of the GOP is controlled by the Koch Network.
  • The Koch Network i360 Voter Database is the core of the “Republican GTO (Get Out the Vote) network.

If the Koch Network gives to the Hillary campaign and Hillary is not indicted, she will have an easy win. But we get Tar Sands oil and increased carbon production. 

Hillary won't get caught planning with the Kochs on a private Internet server in her basement. The Kochs know how to maintain secrecy. Any money from the Koch Network will be laundered several times.

Since "Dark Money" was published there is a flood of information about the Koch Network as an integral part of the GOP

The Koch Network through their Libre Initiative is recruiting Hispanic campaign workers.  

Charles must have a fit when he sees Donald Trump denigrating Mexicans.  Trump and his "BIG WALL" is destroying the Koch's efforts to bring Hispanics into their special brand of conservatism and into the Republican Party.

Charles and David are above all things, greedy.

If there is a choice between either money or the Charles and David Koch's brew of John Birch Society, Ayn Rand and Libertarianism, money always wins. Charles and David will hold their noses and support Hillary for president. 

The money part is easy. The Kochs can launder it several times and funnel it anonymously to the Clinton campaign. Maybe they already have. 

But the Koch i360 Voter Database used by the RNC and every state Republican state committee would be hard to split between Donald Trump and all of the down ballot Republicans. Maybe that's possible. I don't know. 



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