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Public Corruption in Chester County, PA

I believe an unlikely mix of alleged drug trafficking related politicos and alleged white nationalist related politicos united to elect the infamous “Bloc of Four” in the abysmal voter turnout election of 2005. During their four year term the drug business was good again and white nationalists used Coatesville as an example on white supremacist websites like “Stormfront”. Strong community organization and support from law enforcement, in particular Chester County District Attorney Joseph W. Carroll has begun to turn our community around. The Chester County drug trafficking that I believe centers on Coatesville continues and I believe we still have public officials in place that profit from the drug sales. But the people here are amazing and continue to work against the odds to make Coatesville a good place to live.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I never was told the reasons for the high security at the Obama Campaign Headquarters in Coatesville.

In the early fall of 2007 I was greeted by a uniformed security guard when I walked into the Coatesville Obama Headquarters.  There were around the clock security guards posted at the Obama Campaign Headquarters in Coatesville and each staffer had some sort of personal security. I believe that the same thing happened at all the Obama Campaign Headquarters in Chester County and even some nearby counties.
I think this article sheds some light on why the Obama Campaign had high security in the Coatesville area for what was described to me as “a real threat”:
“Threats against Obama's life brought him Secret Service protection in May 2007, by far the earliest on record for a presidential candidate. At least four alleged assassination plots between June and December — by militiamen in Pennsylvania, white supremacists in Denver, skinheads in Tennessee and an active-duty Marine lance corporal at North Carolina's Camp Lejeune — led to arrests and criminal charges before Obama was even sworn in.”
When I lived in the Collegeville, Montgomery County, PA area I learned about the alleged cross “lighting” in a new public assisted housing project. It happened after a football game at Perkiomen Valley High School in the 1990’s. At the same time the Skinhead/KKK in Upper Montgomery County were allegedly having “ceremonies” along the Perkiomen Creek and also harassing neighborhoods in Schwenksville. Some racist and extremist incidents in Northern Montgomery and Southern Berks County appeared in the press at that time.  I have since learned that the alleged “ceremonies” along the Perkiomen are still happening. I just wonder if they “light” both kinds of crosses, the Christian one and the Nazi one.
The latest publicized accounts of domestic terrorists in Chester County were in 2005. Specifically in Parkesburg, where 2 Skinhead/KKK people were successfully prosecuted by Tom Hogan, then an Assistant US Attorney. The most real threat was the pipe bombs that David Wayne Hull and Joshua Sutter built and taught others to build but they also had plans to blow up the Peach Bottom Power Plant. 
The Coatesville Police Department and in particular Coatesville Detective Martin Quinn were instrumental in the arrest and prosecution of Hull and Sutter.
"Here in Coatesville we were forced to explore the nuances of the extreme right because they were so very deeply involved in the political climate in Coatesville."
There is a book about domestic terrorists called “The Terrorist Next Door”. Here in Chester County that could be an actuality. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ms. Gladys Flamer addressing the Coatesville City Council Monday September 27, 2010

I don’t know very much about the other issues but I have been following the Norcini Salvage Yard in Coatesville. The property is very clearly zoned Industrial 1 or Light Industrial. An auto service business is Light Industrial. A salvage yard or junk yard is very clearly Industrial 2 or Heavy Industry. Although it was represented as a kind of auto service business, I think the Norcini’s business plan was to put a junkyard on Elm Street. I don’t think they would have tried this in a white neighborhood.

I condensed Ms. Flamer’s remarks to her references to the Norcini Salvage Yard. Her entire talk is in the recording.

Ms. Flamer, “I’ve been attending City Council since 1925, right after I got out of high school…I want to know why the junkyard was put there… when so many of us citizens objected to it… I think a lot of people are coming here to Coatesville to take advantage of this special permit. You can do anything in the Fifth Ward; it seems to be where it is… Now why did the junkyard come there with this special, why all this special, whatever you do; no need to complain because it doesn’t make no difference. I’ve been up there many times and you’re not heard. It’s all done by that gentleman; I don’t know who he is. But it’s all done by him the planning don’t have nothing to say and it’s all decided before you get there. Do you have any answer to me why this has to be in the Fifth Ward? Is there any remedies for any of these things that I’m asking?

Coatesville City Manager Ted Reed, "As far as what you termed the junkyard. The gentleman, Mr. Norcini, as I understand it, applied for a special permit before the Zoning Hearing Board to put his business there and the Zoning Hearing Board approved to allow him to put his business there. The City Council reviewed a number of the complaints and concerns from the community in that area and they decided to appeal the decision of the Zoning Hearing Board. So the City Council took the appeals to court and I believe that was on September 17th, whenever that hearing was. That would have been in West Chester before the Common Pleas Court, Judge Nagle. I believe that Mr. Carnes argued that and perhaps he could respond."

John Carnes,
"Ms. Flamer, What happened was a special exception was granted by the Zoning Hearing Board and it was the Cities position that Mr. Norcini initially applied for auto towing license and auto repair. And then the application slightly changed and the word ‘salvage’ was added. 

We argued that was a mistake was a mistake that it was excessive and that the prompt action that was taken because of the sequence of events indicated that the property was only purchased about May 21st of that year. Although there were inquires made in March. And the inquires seemed to focus on a towing business. But he actually did apply for a change of permit that added the word ‘salvage’. Now one of the things that is well known is in the towing business there’s often a salvage component. Not a salvage yard but a salvage component. Because if a tower goes out with a wrecker and picks up a car and nobody comes to pay for it they actually can get title to it and sell it. So they get a salvage license from the state.

What happened here is they expanded the scope of that and turned it, in the cities opinion, into basically a junkyard or a recycling center. At that point on August 26th Mr. Molina sent a stop work order a cease and desist notice and they appealed that. They had only acquired the property on May 21st on August 26th they were told to stop.

They said that they spent money, but it was our argument that they spent that money for the towing business which would probably be an acceptable business in that neighborhood in that it would be an upgraded building and there would just be a tow truck not the scrap metal recycling. There own attorney stated that the City had made a mistake and I argued to the judge that the mistake was very serious because we had a totally different kind of use and in an area was surrounded by residential uses, not only on Elm Street but also on the other side, I believe is Coates Street. And I also questioned them as to what kind of activity was taking place and they admitted that out in the open they were basically tearing these cars apart and taking parts off them. They said that they would try to limit it to automobiles but that’s not what is permitted. And it’s clearly not permitted under the zoning.

The Zoning Hearing Board unfortunately bought their argument that they spent a lot of money and they were entitled to go forward at that point in time. But I argued that the Cities position was if you look at the expenditures that they made, which had totaled approximately $120,000, most of that money would have been spent just to fix up the building, clean up the area. They spent $27,000 in the beginning just going out there with their excavation and cleaning things up. But they weren’t entitled to have that kind of a use in that area.

The argument was that a mistake was made. That was then based in part on Mr. Norcini because he tried to slip it in. That he rushed to spend the money and that he did not properly look into it. He indicated that he was a highly sophisticated businessman. He had done these types of deals with his father who is a businessman. They never consulted with their attorney to review the Zoning Ordinance. And their initial representation to the City was as far as I can tell, I wasn’t the attorney at the time, but there was a towing operation and it sort of morphed into becoming what ultimately was identified as a junkyard.

So that is the question that is before the judge. We feel confident that we presented the best argument that we can. Unfortunately Ms. Flamer these zoning hearing boards, as members of this audience know only too well, they are the fact finders and the judges are not willing to overrule them unless they find a clear error or fault or it’s unsupported by substantial evidence. And as long as the Zoning Hearing Board can identify some evidence even if it’s not very good at it and that’s to say that they believed it, it’s a little difficult to overrule.

We argued that it was a clear misstatement of fact and the statement was wrong here and it’s in Judge Nagle’s hands."

Ms. Flamer, “Is this a health hazard to boot?”

Mr. Carnes, “Yes, it’s a health safety and welfare concern and I believe that there was testimony presented by a variety of your neighbors, maybe yourself included. The situation is what it is. The Zoning Hearing Board ruled and we raised as many possible challenges as we could and we tried to bring this to the attention of the court system."

Ms. Flamer, “Well when you get this decision, in other words is the Zoning Hearing…"

Mr. Carnes, “Well, we’re optimistic, cautiously optimistic that the judge will reverse the matter or remand it. If they remand it they would send it back to the Zoning Hearing Board and give the City a second opportunity to put all this to Mr. Molina. Mr. Molina was present at the proceedings but was never called by the solicitor to testify. He actually participated in asking some questions. But it’s sort of water over the dam; I think you understand. We hope that the judge will grant our request."

Mr. Reed, “Is there a chance for an appeal from this decision if in case it’s not favorable to the City, City Council would have the opportunity to decide whether or not they want to appeal that decision, I believe next would be the Commonwealth Court?"

Mr. Carnes, “That’s right, we have the Commonwealth Court but our hope is that our presentation and our argument will be well received by the judge and that he will reverse the Zoning Hearing Board or remand it."

What I said last night was:

“I didn't even know what Ms. Flamer was going to talk about but I can add this one thing to it. I’m not saying that there is anything illegal going on at the junkyard or that anything illegal ever did. Or that whether it is necessarily illegal to belong to a motorcycle gang. But allegedly up until March of 2008 (it was actually 2009) Daniel and David were members of the Road Runner Motorcycle gang. It’s either Road Runner or Road Runners, which is a sub-group of the Pagans… Instead of that just being whispered I wanted to get that in the record.

I want to say something about the Velodrome. It appears as though the Velodrome is going be here in Coatesville or Caln. And I think for the kids in school, it really doesn’t matter much since the School District is in both areas. And, well, if you’ve ever seen the bike races it’s kind of like a track meet on wheels. And I was just thinking, maybe someday a decade or so from now we could have a, someone from Coatesville High School could be a cycling champion and maybe an Olympic cycling champion.”

Ms. Marie Hess asked if some of the materials that are sent out by the city could be printed in English and Spanish.

Ms. Hess, “A lot of people that have a lot of violations and things leave trash out on Tuesday when their trash isn’t out until Friday. A lot of people don’t speak English and can’t read our City Information Packet and things like that. Our population is growing of people who speak Spanish here in the City, so we could start looking at trying to get things translated into English and Spanish… Some of our violations might drop just from education.”

The meeting ended with Council Comments. Mr. Eggleston seemed confident that the concerns of the people in Coatesville’s Fifth Ward would be sufficiently addressed. Mr. Simpson said that it is always a pleasure to have Ms. Flamer here.

I believe that Daniel and David Norcini would not have done this in a white area or a higher income level area. I tend to feel that it is not just a zoning issue but also a kind of civil rights issue, an Environmental Justice issue. So just in case this route is not satisfactory:

Federal Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice

This is from my post
This afternoon’s Zoning Hearing Board Meeting consisted of:
1. Reading the attached document.
2. Asking if there were interested parties other than the Norcinis at the meeting.
3. There were no other interested parties and the Zoning Hearing Board ruled in favor of the Norcinis and went home.
There was zero time devoted to discussion. 

The meeting was at 5pm. It was over at 5:08 pm. At least 2 interested people arrived immediately after the meeting was over. It’s my understanding many more arrived a few minutes later.

The Republican Party wants bring back the “good old days”.

I remember reading somewhere that Pennsylvania miners like the Molly Maguires “had a higher death rate than Civil War soldiers back in the “good old days”.

Republican Candidate John Raese has the voiced the philosophy that IS the foundation of the Republican Party.  This is the entire GOP political philosophy in just three sentences. It’s what everyone knew is at the heart and mind of the Republican Party. No one articulates it better than John Raese. 

John Raese on the Matt Lewis Show:

“LEWIS: Tell us a little bit about you and your business experience and how you got here. 

RAESE: I made my money the old-fashioned way, I inherited it. I think that's a great thing to do. I hope more people in this country have that opportunity as soon as we abolish inheritance tax in this country, which is a key part of my program.”

I have always wondered if the final and true aim of the GOP is to establish a monarchy of Republicans who “made money the old fashioned way”. No income tax, no Social Security just enough government to for an army to keep the “great unwashed” in line. Maybe some Republican candidate will blurt that out someday. 

If the final goal of the Republican Party is to begin an American Monarchy there is a class of people here in Chester County who I believe would gladly volunteer to be the first princes and queens of the United States. They already have a let’s pretend Monarchy here in Chester County.  

It’s suddenly more expensive to have a street business in the Coatesville area.

Police operation nets more than 100 arrests (video)
Daily Local News Published: Monday, September 27, 2010

More lookouts and a more extensive lookout system are now a requirement to stay in business. The street dealers might even need to get a legitimate nine to five job to keep up with expenses. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

National Velodrome and Bart Blatstein

A long RDA meeting on Monday

A lot of important but routine business had to be discussed and moved forward.
The RDA had some business concerning the income the RDA receives from renting the properties that it is holding for redevelopment. The 2009 Audit was discussed. And everyone is relived that the RDA is no longer encumbered by the Mosaic Development Partners fiasco.

I believe the most important things were what Robert Grabus of the Chester County Economic Development Council had to say. The CCEDC has been charged with reviewing the proposals that were submitted by those interested in developing RDA property. There is a specific format for those proposals. The only proposal so far has been submitted is the “National Velodrome” project.

Below is an excerpt of Mr. Grabus’ remarks:
“This project will give Coatesville a place name in the world. It will become this countries national center for training our Olympic bicyclists. The gentleman in front of that, David Chauner, whom you all have met-two time Olympian. He runs the Pro Cycling Tour in Philadelphia. So I think it will accomplish sort of a marketing, a degree of marketing, positive marketing. It’s definitely a good project. Some of the questions that were raised… they’re looking at a 5 Million dollar grant from the State which actually requires us to move so that they have some kind of land control relatively quickly. They need to have that done prior to the November 2nd Election. Which means the next time this board meets we are going to have to have recommendations here for the board to at least give them some kind of land control. They need that to get the RCAP. And that’s 5 million dollars on a 20 million dollar project. That’s a lot of equity.
It’s an interesting project. You know you’ve had some competition for this recently. Caln Township is very interested in this project; the unanimous vote by their council to move forward with it. Some legal issues are preventing that movement. I’m not at liberty to discuss that. But that is not on the part of the developer. It’s the way the land was acquired that they were going to transfer.
So that was an interesting project. Personally I think the “Flats” site is better site from a logistics standpoint than Caln Township’s site. There were other things that Caln Township brought to the plan, not the least of which was the one hundred percent unanimous approval by the Council to move forward. And they were ready to form committees to get it done.
So we will have to have a recommendation on the finances to you by the next meeting…“
There was some discussion concerning having special meetings in order to make the November 2nd deadline for the grant.
Mr. Grabus, “They don’t need 120 days or 6 months… for due diligence. They need a 90 day agreement that says, we have control over the property subject to X."

And one more very big thing, BART BLATSTEIN IS BACK!

Mr. Grabus, “I’ve already started to reach out to other developers. I have a meeting Thursday morning with a gentleman and that’s Bart Blatstein…. If nothing else we could have a work session with Bart to just bounce questions off, what do you think about this? What do you think about that? Here’s a guy that’s taken massive chunks of property that was crime ridden and very uninviting and turned it around in a short period of time. So he’s the type of person that we want to bring for a pricing policy and he’s got the money to do it…money talks and money walks.

Read the feasibility study for cycling center that was requested by Coatesville City Manager Jean Krack for the City of Coatesville in 2005:
Coatesville hires Velodrome Management Group to complete feasibility study for cycling center

The Valley Preferred Cycling Center – Bob Rodale’s Dream Inspires Countless Champions For More Than Three Decades!

The National Cycling Centre Manchester, UK is an indoor Velodrome track.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

We are so very fortunate to have people like Robert McNeil in Coatesville.

The Chester County Food Bank is just one way that he helps us in Coatesville. He also allegedly and anonymously helps to keep our swimming pools open in the summer.

Mr. McNeil is not only a good hearted person who gives money. He makes things happen.

Volunteers glean farm fields to provide Chester County Food Bank with produce By Kathleen Brady Shea, Inquirer Staff Writer

Saturday, September 18, 2010

MANAN TRIVEDI speaking at Kerr Park in Downingtown, PA

Manan Trivedi, Democratic Candidate for the 6th United States Congressional District in Pennsylvania speaking at Kerr Park in Downingtown, PA

Trivedi for Congress 

DAN ONORATO Speaking at Kerr Park in Downingtown, PA

Dan Onorato, Democratic Candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania spoke at Kerr Park in Downingtown, PA today: 

Dan Onorato Downington Kerr Park A1638.mp3

Coatesville made the New York Times again

Pennsylvania Man Pleads Guilty in Arson Spree

Maybe the next time will be when some of the public officials that set the stage for the fires are called to justice.

Friday, September 17, 2010

This is what every Democrat should campaign on

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Exclusive - Bill Clinton Extended Interview Pt. 2
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party
The GOP got it wrong when they called President Reagan the great communicator. President Reagan was really the great sloganeer. President Clinton is the great communicator. 

The Wings of Freedom tour at the Chester County Airport

You could hear the roar of a P-51 Mustang at the Chester County Airport on August 30, 2010. It was there as part of the Wings of Freedom tour.

The WWII crews and pilots of those aircraft flew into the path of anti-aircraft shrapnel and 20 mm cannon of the German Messerschmitt fighters with nothing but their flying and fighting skill for protection. They are all heroes. 

Posted by PicasaA local man, (sorry I didn't write his name down) made models of the B-17 and B-24 that matched the paint on the actual aircraft sitting on the tarmac.

Some boys were manning the waist gunner position in the B-24. The WWII crew members were mostly just a few years older than those boys. 

Posted by Picasa

The young man sitting behind the guns of the B-17 below would have been a following German fighter pilot’s primary target.

Posted by Picasa

The reason for the long delay of the photos is that I used a Nikon FE film camera.  I send my film to Mpix. The wait is mailing the film.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Curfew Ordinance

Marie Hess collected over 500 signatures on a petition to make the curfew Sunday through Thursday until 9pm and Friday and Saturday until 10pm for all persons under the age of 18 all year long; with exceptions for school activities.

There was a lively discussion among City Council members concerning the City of Coatesville’s curfew ordinance:
During the discussion of the Curfew Ordnance City Council President Ed Simpson pointed out that the Curfew Ordinance was amended during the arson fires emergency to 8pm for all persons under the age of 18 and was never changed back.  So in effect the Curfew is now 8pm. 

Up for discussion was changing the Curfew back to the original Curfew Ordinance and changing the time from 10pm for under 18 and under to 9pm. The Curfew Ordinance for those under 12 was at 9pm.

City Councilperson Mary Eggleston said, “For 7 years we have changed the Curfew twice a year, every year for the last 7 years and it doesn’t make very much difference at all. The responsibility falls on the parents… I just want to encourage the public, encourage the family, households, neighborhoods; police you own area and if you see some little kids outside, shoo them on their way and send them home.”

City Council President Ed Simpson, “O, I tried that Mr. Eggleston, just the other night… the names I was called and the threats.”

Mr. Eggleston, “Well when that happens, then you call the police.”

Mr.  Simpson, “I did that too and I had a mother come up to us, we were standing there and her exact words to the police officer were, ‘Who rolled up on my son and pulled a gun.’
After the police officer talked to this juvenile and he said I am going to go talk to your parents.  He was dialing on his cell phone as he was peddling his little bicycle away and she came five minutes later and her exact words were, ‘Who rolled up on my son with a gun’.  And he goes, ‘What’s your son’s name?’ She goes, ‘Well I don’t know if I want to give it to you.’ And he goes, ‘Well you need to give me his name.’ If it is indeed a real name that he gave me, there is just what you are talking about, the parents don’t care.

Mr. Marty Eggleston, “We have constantly played around the possibility of a penalty phase in parents not bringing their children for curfew and so on. Quite honestly I feel that if we make a penalty that is substantial enough to encourage parents to get their children home, trust me we will see a change….
Ms. Karen Jorgenson, “We had that before. Where is it? It was in here.”
Coatesville Councilor John Carnes, “It’s in there.”

Ms. Jorgenson, “Right, it’s in there.”

Mr. Eggleston, “And who’s exercising it?”

Ms. Jorgenson, “That’s exactly what Chief Canale was talking about with the quality of life and how those are being enforced.  So it’s like the City is moving in that direction. You’ve got almost the same speeches again, that’s fine, but we’ve got that in place and we are moving forward and if we want to change the hours and enforce them. I’m not personally objecting… I’m willing to give that a chance and I understand that there is a level of frustration because of the hours being changed. Well I’ve only been on Council for 3 years, I do remember that that does come up every year.

Mr. Eggleston, “My frustration is not so much the hours that it is as the enforcement of it. I’m not overly concerned about the hours. The hours are whatever they are.  As Mr. Simpson mentioned just a few minutes ago the original hours haven’t been reinstituted up to this point. It’s been an 8 o’clock curfew and it hasn’t been recognized or exercised in any way shape or form since we changed it…”

Ms. Jorgenson, “My question is, how do you expect it to be enforced?”

Mr. Eggleston, “I’ll give you an example, a perfect example, those young fellows that Mr. Simpson was referring to just a few moments ago. When the police are called on that young fellow, they then speak to the parent. That parent is cited on the spot with the child being out after curfew that will send a strong message. And that way you don’t have parents popping off at police officers…”

Mr. Carnes, “It looks like Council dealt with this fairly significantly. In the enforcement procedures, Mr. President, when a police officer finds somebody, a minor, out on the streets they are supposed to take from the minor their name and address, age and name of their parents. Then, in order to safeguard the person, they take the minor into custody and notify the parents. If the parent cannot be located then they take the child to the Chester County Juvenile Authority. In a first violation, if the parents do not make contact within 17 hours after the violation they send the parents, by certified mail, a notice of the violation and then after that it starts to go directly against the parents and the parents start to take a hit of $250 etcetera going up to $1000 and prison.”

Mr. Simpson, “So it’s pretty serious. How many times do you think we’ve done that?”

Ms. Jorgenson, “Well I think you need to ask Chief Canale that….”

Mr. Simpson, “I think that if we want to change the hours, we change the hours and I think that we send a message through Mr. Reed to the police department.”

Mr. Jarrell Brazzle, “We might want to invest in a bus then.”

Mr. Reed, “We have a bus…”

Mr. Simpson, “There you go.”

The first reading of the Amendment of the Curfew hours was passed with all of Council voting in favor. 

Several very well spoken people commented on our curfew at last night's Coatesville City Council Meeting. Some of their commentary may be shocking to some people. I think it's on the spot. 


After shooting, petition supports curfew in city

A recording of Marie Hess addressing Coatesville City Council at September 13, 2010 City Council Meeting:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coatesville Halloween Parade Saturday October 30, 5:30 p.m.

Posted by Picasa

(Registration is only required if you want your costume or group theme to be judged)

Also see Coatesville City Council Vice President Karl Marking's:
Halloween Parade Post

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some answers about the sprinklers at the Mill View Apartments fire.

There is a full investigation of the Mill View Apartments fire in progress. Below is Coatesville Firefighter Jim Lentz’s opinion in response to questions at last night's Coatesville City Council meeting as to why the sprinkler system did not put out the fire:

Coatesville Firefighter Jim Lentz, “To answer the sprinkler question; the building to my knowledge is sprinklered to code then (when structure was built) and it may still be the code today. If it’s not the code to today’s standard it would be a little more restrictive.

What transpired is the fire started on the balcony, where the fire level occurred. The balconies are unprotected. Then, balcony to balcony caused the fire auto exposed right up the walls into the floor above it and into the cog wall where there is no protection.

Those buildings are designed to protect any apartments and the stairways as life saving sprinklers. Enough sprinklers for people to get out. So the fire burning over the top of sprinklers and dropping down, the ceilings are gone, it’s hot but the heat level would just take off and the sprinklers don’t pop open. The other problem is its plastic pipe. So, the pipes are in the attic ceiling, the sprinkler is underneath the drywall. When the fire burns down it melts the pipe before it melts the sprinkler head and then you don’t have a controlled sprinkler system. It’s the way the building code is".

City Manager Ted Reed, “We will be investigating all of it the whole situation and hopefully we’ll have a full report that the Fire Departments will get and obviously the City Council would.”

The “City Manager’s Report” which largely concerns the fire is here:

Monday, September 13, 2010

“Coatesville Station Area Work in Progress Presentation”

It’s a summary of what was discovered during the Charrette in Coatesville that was conducted by “Plan the Keystone”.
The four different options for the train station area are in the document.
I was most impressed and pleasantly surprised by Robert Gibbs presentation of his findings in a Retail Market Study.  The basic findings of the retail study for Coatesville are in the document. It’s easier to understand if you follow the oral presentation by Robert Gibbs along with the visual presentation.

You can download the PDF here:

 Follow his spoken word or the transcript here:

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rufus the little guy who was attacked by a Pit-Bull / Rottweiler

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On Saturday March 6, 2010 at 6:30am Lew Coates, husband of Nancy Coates was walking their Bichon dog at 3rd and Harmony Streets in Coatesville. He was “accosted” by a mixed Pit-bull Rottweiler.  Lew kept the dogs jaw from closing by grabbing the back of the jaw and squeezing. He held the dog this way for several minutes until the police came. At one point her husband Lew was allegedly knocked down by the dog. Lew was wearing a heavy jacket and gloves both of which were allegedly torn by the Pit-Bull / Rottweiler. 

Rufus and Lew Coates reacted with courage and Nancy Coates, Karl Marking and others did something about our dog owner problems in Coatesville. I think that without their action we would still not have an Animal Control Officer in the City of Coatesville. Rufus, the little guy in the photo, got it all started. 

Rufus was only slightly injured. He is alive and well today. 

More at:

Matt Baker has a great story on his blog about "Animal Life Line" and information about animal shelter and rescue originations.
A day in a dog's eyes

Whenever you see something good, a structure, an organization or even a stunning view of nature, keep in mind that it didn’t just happen. Somewhere, sometime a group of people got it built or preserved.  In every case it began with one person deciding to do something and keep doing it.  

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A US Senator’s aide was accused of possession of marijuana

“Zachary Coile, a spokesman for the incumbent lawmaker, told California-based station KSBW that Stanley has already ‘submitted his resignation, ‘which was accepted by the Senator ‘because his actions yesterday were wrong and unacceptable."

A local Chester County State Representative’s business manager Ms. Lisa Johnson is accused of; engaging in Criminal Conspiracy, Possession of a controlled substance, manufacture of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and the use and possession of drug paraphernalia. Her arrest and her alleged boyfriend and Coatesville Codes Officer John Tinson’s arrest followed a long investigation.

“We're trying to hold down the fort without her, but we'd welcome her back,’ said Hennessey.”
Codes officer, state aide waive preliminary hearing on drug charges

Marcus Stanley WAS a senior aide to Senator Boxer who walked into a Senate office building with marijuana in his pocket. He immediately resigned.

Ms. Johnson may or not be on the Commonwealth Payroll as Republican State Representative Tim Hennessey’s business manager in his Coatesville office. (Ask someone in Coatesville City Hall how long that Johnson's alleged boyfriend Coatesville Codes Officer John Tinson was paid and received benefits.  Was it until July of 2010?)

Mrs. Lisa Johnson was also Judge of Elections in Coatesville’s Fifth Ward in the 2010 Spring Primary. Keep in mind that she was arrested in January of 2010.  I believe that unless she is convicted before then, she will again be Judge of Elections in Coatesville’s Fifth Ward in the November 2, 2010 Election.

Ms. Johnson has a defense team of highly paid attorneys.  Paid for by? 

Her bail was $5,000 unsecured bail. In other words $0.00 bail.

Can you see what the difference is between being a Democrat in California and a Republican in Chester County, PA.? 

Ask yourself this; Wouldn't  a state representative in a close race want to distance himself from a staff member accused of a major drug related crimes?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The arsons made Coatesville’s street business tough, it’s getting tough again.

When the ATF and undercover State Troopers were all over Coatesville looking for arsonists during the time of the fires it was hard on Coatesville pharmaceutical entrepreneurs. The white kids from outside Coatesville were being stopped by police. The street boys allegedly had to hire extra lookouts, adding to overhead. Little kids just above toddler age didn’t hand small bags directly to people in cars anymore, “curb service” style. They tossed them under cars at the curb to be picked up moments later. Business was so bad that some pharmaceutical entrepreneurs allegedly had to get 9 to 5 payroll type jobs. 

The drug business is tough again in Coatesville. Richard Legree Jr., the first politically connected person went down a few years ago. It was alleged that then CCRC Area 14 Chairman Richard Legree Sr. went around to every magistrate judge in Chester County when he heard that his son was arrested, until he discovered that Richard Jr. had been brought to the Federal Detention center in Philly. Richard had “name recognition in Federal Court but it allegedly was a different sort of “name recognition”. Just recently Richard Legree Jr's second cousin Willy Suber was brought to the Federal Detention Center in Philly and Lisa Johnson and John Tinson were arrested last year.

I think it is unfortunate that Lisa and John went into the Chester County Court System. For instance, Richard Legree Jr’s bail was nothing. Actually he was held without bail in the Federal Detention facility on Arch Street in Philadelphia. John Tinson and Lisa Johnson’s bail was also sort of nothing, but not the same kind of nothing as Legree’s detention and then imprisonment. “$5,000 unsecured bail” for Johnson and Tinson equals nothing, that is no money at all was put up for bail. 

By the way, you have to ask someone in City Hall if Tinson continued to be paid his salary until July or not. 

I think that Richard Legree Jr., Lisa Johnson, John Tinson and "Willy" Suber are just the beginning.  I think that even if Lisa and John are declared innocent in Chester County Courts other allegedly politically connected people will fall. I think that more arrests are coming and that the alleged imbedded and politically connected Coatesville drug edifice is being dismantled piece by piece. 

I think it couldn’t happen at a better time. Just when the drug business is going dry again in Coatesville because of police activity, it looks like a resurrection of retail and 9 to 5 jobs is coming to replace the drug selling underground economy. Business people with legal businesses are taking another look at Coatesville as a retail anchor for central and western Chester County. Just putting people away isn't enough. People have to have a career choice other than being a corner boy. The apparent growth of new retail business in Coatesville might be that other choice.

By the way, Richard Legree Jr. is back. The document below has the conditions of his 8 year supervised release under the direction of a United States Probation Officer: 


Friday, September 3, 2010

"It is ordered that Commonwealth agrees to suppression of taped recordings."

Is this Lisa and John’s “get out of jail free” card? 
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Lisa A. Johnson

"1 09/02/2010
Order Granting Motion to Suppress
It is ordered that Commonwealth agrees to suppression of taped recordings.
Docketed 9/3/10
Bellwoar, Thomas Gerald Jr. Sarcione, Anthony A.
Wheatcraft, Ann Marie Meyer
Maybe the City of Coatesville should keep something in the 2010 budget for the half year of 2010 that John Tinson did not get paid. He might be coming back to work. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

State Rep. Tim Hennessey’s business manager Lisa Johnson’s discovery hearing was held today.

Her “crack cocaine” trial is continued to September 27, 2010. John Tinson, a City of Coatesville Codes Officer, was arrested on similar charges and his trial was also continued until September 27, 2010.

Tinson allegedly, as of July 31st , is no longer on the City payroll. Johnson's employment seems to be up to the “House Republican Caucus”. Hmmm. doesn’t her paycheck say “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” at the top? I am well aware of what the Daily Local News article below says about Tinson's employment status. 

Lisa Johnson presided as Judge of Elections in Coatesville’s Fifth Ward in the Primary Election on Tuesday, May 18, 2010. Although Ms. Johnson is charged with multiple felonies she was still Judge of Elections in the Spring Primary Elections. According to her court records she lives now in Thorndale, PA not in Coatesville’s Fifth Ward.

Any bets on Lisa Johnson still being Judge of Elections in Coatesville’s Fifth Ward on November 2nd?

Any bets on whether both trials will be continued until say, November 3, 2010?

Right now Johnson has a "defense team" consisting of Thomas Gerald Bellwoar Jr., Esq.and Mr. Evan Kelly, Esq.  Mr. Tinson is represented by Christian J. Hoey, Esq. 

Their trials seem to be linked. Lisa Johnson's trial is on "09/27/2010 9:00 am Courtroom 12 Judge Anthony A. Sarcione".  John Tinson's trial is on "09/27/2010 9:00 am Courtroom 12 Judge Anthony A. Sarcione". I think it's  a long shot chance that Tinson and Johnson will be judged innocent of the charges against them. But I think that if they are innocent of the charges, the City of Coatesville will be stuck with Tinson as a Codes Officer and Johnson as Coatesville State Rep's business manager. 

Of course the results of the Election between Rep. Tim Hennessey and Fern Kaufman also have an effect on whether Ms. Johnson will be employed as a State Representative's business manager.