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Public Corruption in Chester County, PA

I believe an unlikely mix of alleged drug trafficking related politicos and alleged white nationalist related politicos united to elect the infamous “Bloc of Four” in the abysmal voter turnout election of 2005. During their four year term the drug business was good again and white nationalists used Coatesville as an example on white supremacist websites like “Stormfront”. Strong community organization and support from law enforcement, in particular Chester County District Attorney Joseph W. Carroll has begun to turn our community around. The Chester County drug trafficking that I believe centers on Coatesville continues and I believe we still have public officials in place that profit from the drug sales. But the people here are amazing and continue to work against the odds to make Coatesville a good place to live.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Do Coatesville City Council members believe in the "Crime Fairy"?

Did Coatesville City Council members acting on advice from Gary "Bobblehead" Rawlings think they could lay off most of the Coatesville PD leadership and criminals would somehow not take advantage of our now crippled police force?

Laying off police does not save money in the long run. Crime goes up taxpayers and businesses leave. We wind up with a lower tax base in the coming years and a continuing downturning cycle.

We need to hire a professional chief of police not some councilwoman's friend as chief and then rebuild the Coatesville Police Force using the Water Company funds if necessary. 
"Officials say Operation Silent Night is a cooperative effort aimed at curbing violent crime in the city. It was initiated after a string of violent crime, including four homicides in less than a week in early July, stretched the undermanned police department. 
Hogan said at the time that Silent Night was intended to fill the gap left by a police force that had been affected by a batch of early retirements that left the department without adequate long-term leadership. 
'The short-term goal of Operation Silent Night was to stem the surge of violent crime in Coatesville,” Hogan said. “Through carefully targeted operations and teamwork among law enforcement, we succeeded. But we need to maintain the pressure on the criminals, keeping the law-abiding citizens of Coatesville safe.”

The Daily Local News
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DA announces second round of ‘Silent Night’ arrests

Wednesday, October 24,2012

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"Dominic P. Bellizzie, an ex-Philadelphia Police captain who now serves as police chief in Buck’s County’s Solebury Township, gained accolades when he headed Coatesville’s department from 2002 to 2006. 
He left the post because he said he got tired of hearing rumors that his job was on the line during a particularly tumultuous period of city government. 'Solebury Township’s gain is Chester County’s loss,' Carroll said at the time. 
In a phone interview yesterday, Bellizzie said he was saddened to hear of Coatesville’s recurring problems. He recalled starting the job with a force of 30. 'I was asked what I needed,' he said, adding that he immediately requested more officers. 'You need at least 34 or 35,' he said. 
Filling in with part-time officers, a plan that City Council initiated last month, sounds like 'a nice idea, but it’s very unreliable,' Bellizzie said. He pointed out that not only do part-timers lack an investment in the department, but they also typically work elsewhere, sometimes making them unavailable when needed. 
Bellizzie said that a part-time officer might be involved in a case, which then gets interrupted due to that person’s limited hours. 'Suddenly the officer isn’t there, and then the public gets annoyed,' he said. 'It’s not a good solution.' 
He said now that City Council has fired Gary Rawlings, the city manager who advocated reducing the size of the department, perhaps it will rethink the wisdom of reducing the police ranks. 'Certainly public safety should be a priority,' he said. 'If you want to bring in development, you can’t have a homicide on every other corner.' 
Council President Ed Simpson said today that the city is moving as quickly as possible to return the department to its pre-retirement staffing level with part-timers. 
Asked whether he viewed that as a temporary fix, Simpson said: “What difference does it make? They’re just as qualified as full-time officers; I don’t see an issue.” 
Told that some might disagree, Simpson said tersely: 'That’s their opinion.”

Friday, October 19, 2012


Steve Cook gives classes for police officers with the Hartman Law Enforcement Training Institute:
Patrol Response to Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
Training Seminar
Nov 1-2, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
read more >

Most of the drugs in Pennsylvania are now controlled by outlaw 1 % motorcycle gangs and street gangs. "Street Gangs" have morphed into transnational gangs. They use the internet and social networking websites. Some gangs operate as top down organizations. Others in small groups loosely linked  together. They may link with similar organizations even across national borders to carry out a specific operation.  When that operation is finished they disband. 

The FBI nearly destroyed the old Italian/Sicilian Mafia. The few Philly area Italian Mafia made members that are left are into gambling, loan sharking, white collar crime and legitimate businesses. 

Sep 28, 2010
But allegedly up until March of 2008 (it was actually 2009) Daniel and David were members of the Road Runner Motorcycle gang. It's either Road Runner or Road Runners, which is a sub-group of the Pagans… Instead of that ...

"Gang Infiltration of Corrections, Law Enforcement, and Government
Gang infiltration of law enforcement, government, and correctional agencies poses a significant security threat due to the access criminals have to sensitive information pertaining to investigations or protected persons. Gang members serving in law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities may compromise security and criminal investigations and operations, while acquiring knowledge and training in police tactics and weapons. Corrupt law enforcement officers and correctional staff have assisted gang members in committing crimes and have impeded investigations.OMGs engage in routine and systematic exploitation and infiltration of law enforcement and government infrastructures to protect and perpetrate their criminal activities." 
"OMGs (Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs) regularly solicit information of intelligence value from government or law enforcement employees."

"Gangs are expanding, evolving and posing an increasing threat to US communities nationwide. Many gangs are sophisticated criminal networks with members who are violent, distribute wholesale quantities of drugs, and develop and maintain close working relationships with members and associates of transnational criminal/drug trafficking organizations. Gangs are becoming more violent while engaging in less typical and lower-risk crime, such as prostitution and white-collar crime. Gangs are more adaptable, organized, sophisticated, and opportunistic, exploiting new and advanced technology as a means to recruit, communicate discretely, target their rivals, and perpetuate their criminal activity."


18th Street
AC Skins
Aryan Brotherhood
Aryan Circle
Aryan Resistance Militia
Asian Boyz
Barbarians MC
Barrios Aztecas
Black Gangster Disciples
Black Guerilla Family
Black Jack MC
Border Brothers
Breed Brick Yard Mafia
DC Crews
Dirty White Boys
Gangster Disciples
Green Dragons
Hells Angels
HPL Il Morte
Insane Gangster Disciple
Insane Unknowns
Kensington 215
Keystone United
Latin Kings
Low Crips
Mexican Mafia
Nazi Low Riders
Neo Nazi
New Mexico Syndicate
Nuestra Familia
Outlaws MC
Pagans MC
Raza Unida
Sin City Disciples MC
Soldiers of Aryan Culture
Street Familia
StrongArm Production
Mexican Mafia
Sureño 13
Tango Blast
Texas Chicano Brotherhood
Texas Family
Texas Syndicate
Tribe MC
Vice Lords
Wardogs MC
Warlocks MC
Warrior Society
Wheels of Soul MC

135 Piru
793 Bloods
Brick City Brims
Haitian Outlaws
Hoover Crips
Grape Street Crips
G-Shine Bloods
Hells Angels MC
Latin Kings
Sex Money Murder

18th Street
25 Crew
51 Sandbox
Aryan Brother Hood
Black Guerilla Family
Blitzkrieg MC
Dead Man Incorporated
Gangster Disciples
Get Money Goons
Go Go Crews
Hells Angels MC
Iron Horsemen MC
Latin Kings
Mara Locos
Mexican Locos
Murder Incorporated
Murder Mafia Bloods
New Blood MC
Outlaws MC
Pagan MC
Phantoms MC
Pop Off Mafia
Savage Boys
Street Thug Criminals
Thunderguards MC
Vatos Locos
Warlocks MC
Wheels of Soul MC
Wild Boyz

135 Bloods
9 Trey
9 Triggaz
924 Bloods
Anybody Gets It
Bounty Hunter Bloods
Bush Babies
Cash Hoe Murda
Certified Ballina Killers
Dawg City Piru
East Coast Bloods
Gangster Disciples
Latin Kings
South Los
Street Piru Bloods

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Compare Nicky Scarfo's bank takeover and Bain Capital

I don't see a lot of difference between Junior Scarfo's business and Romney's business.

Also see:


"When Nicky Scarfo (the son of Nicodemo "Little Nicky" Scarfo) got into the investment banking / mortgage derivative business it should have been a red flag. The Bush Administration Department of Justice pulled the FBI away from that investigation. They are back on it now."

Sunday, October 7, 2012

COATESVILLE UNABLE TO PAY ITS BILLS…..But Why? And can the City Manager explain City Finances?

COATESVILLE UNABLE TO PAY ITS BILLS…..But Why?  And can the City Manager explain City Finances?

Guest Column 

by  Stacy Bjorhus

Former Finance Director at city of coatesville

NBC television news crews hit the streets of Coatesville (10/5/2012).  Video can be seen with the link:  http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/video/#!/news/local/Coatsville-May-Not-be-Able-to-Pay-Its-Bills/172904491. 

View more videos at: http://nbcphiladelphia.com.
NBC News reported that City Manager will ask City Council Members, to withdraw $2.247 million from the Reserve Trust Fund, and that Council is expected to approve the withdrawal.
The pending withdrawal from the Reserve Trust should be rejected due to City Manager’s failures to comply with the Code Book as it regards Financial Reporting functions:
  • ·        The City’s failure to present current financial reports: 

o   Per the City Code Book (Article VI, §2-609 B.) : Prepare periodic financial reports, at least monthly, and at such other times as the Manager may direct, and at the end of each fiscal year prepare an annual financial report. The monthly reports to the Manager shall be submitted to the Council at its regular meetings and made available to the public. 
o   Financial Reports for July and August have not been remitted to City Council as of Oct 3 2012.

  • ·        The City’s failure to post the City’s 2011 Annual Report submitted to Council on 8/13/2012. 

o   Article VI, §2-610 calls for publication of a summary of the annual audit in the local Coatesville Newspapers.  The Annual Report was approved by Council six weeks ago.  Why isn’t it posted on the City’s web site, or published in summary in the local newspapers?
  • ·        Per the 8/13/12 Approved Minutes, the City’s outside auditor reported to Council that the City ended 2011 with a positive 2011 Year End fund balance of $526,688.[i] 

o    The City’s Auditor cites Year End Fund Balance of $526,688, and the Finance Director cites $450,000 (10/3 PowerPoint Slide #3). 
o   Combined gap projected at  $ 2,697,852
o   Carryover 2012 fund balance     (450,000)
o   Reserve Trust Withdrawal    $ 2,247,852

  • ·         Which figure is correct?  Auditor’s positive Year End variance $526,688 or Finance Director’s positive Year End variance $450,000?

o   If the Auditor is correct then I think the City’s residents need to ask:  Where is the additional $126,688?

  • ·        The Financial Slide from the 10/3 PowerPoint Slide #2[ii] as presented, below, does not note ‘when’ the gap will be realized nor explains how the gap originated.  What is the time frame? What are the facts?
  • ·        Slide #2:

§  * Revenue gap projected at              $545,000
§  * Expenditure gap projected at $2,152,852
§  * Combined gap projected at       $2,697,852

o   Gap is not substantiated with Financial Reports, General Ledger, or Annual Audit data.

  • ·         City’s Finance Director notes the use of the Reserve Trust Funds in Slide 4 of his presentation.  The expenditures noted pertain primarily to extraordinary expenditures and undefined police salaries.  The Use Of Trust Funds do not provide funding for the 14 pending legal claims against the City (noted in Slide 7)[iii], nor the ordinary expenditures that are postulated under ‘austerity’ to still be due by Year End. The current withdrawal does not establish funding for the current payables unfunded as of today.  The only legal claim to be paid from the proposed Trust withdrawal is for Docket # 385-4819 - settled and is currently awaiting payment.)    Expenditures to be paid are shown in the ‘Use of Trust Funds’ below:

 10/3 PowerPoint Slide 4

The current withdrawal from the Reserve Trust does not provide for any of the City’s normal operating expenses in the current time frame or that will be due to be paid by Year End.
Normal Operating Expenditures postulated to be due by Year End:
Personnel – payroll/benefit expenses through Year End $1,000,000
Under budgeted Police MMO (2012 understated Police MMO)[i]  $125,000
Unfunded Pending Legal Claims (due to be paid by Year End)  ?
City owned property Real Estate Tax Payments $100,000
City’s Insurance (Property, Liability) due by Jan 1 2013 $275,000
All other Year End Gen Fund Expenditures (assume austerity):            $700,000

Total                                                                                                                                      $2,200,000 (plus ‘?’)

What about the tally of the Accounts Payable that the Finance Director states are to be presented to Council for approval on Monday night’s Councils Session (10/8/12) that are currently unfunded?  What will they add to the $2,200,000 that’s assumed to become due by Year End?

Normal Operating Revenues postulated to be received from today through Year End:
RE Taxes (Current & Prior Year)                                                                                  $80,000
Earned Income Tax                                                                                                          $500,000
Franchise Fees                                                                                                                      $80,000
Dept Justice Fines                                                                                                               $60,000
Interest Earned on Trust transferred to Gen Fund                                   $130,000
All other Gen Fund Revenues (based on 6/30 Fin Report)                                       $50,000
Total                                                                                                                                    $    $900,000
Expenditures can be expected to overrun revenues (by Year End) by almost $1,300,000 plus the Accounts Payable that are pending as of 10/3/12.  Will the ‘austerity’ Year End shortfall be in the $1,600,000 range?  Where will this money come from?  Will the Trust again be tapped?
Will an estimated $4 million dollars to be withdrawn from the Trust in 2012, if the City can institute ‘austerity’?  This postulated withdrawal will not add to the City’s infrastructure or safety.  It will simply defray City Managers’ failures.  Failures to monitor spending and implement administrative policies that could have reduced the numerous and sizeable legal complaints lodged against the City.
City residents:  demand accountability.  This is your money.  This is your future.  Demand accountability now.  If $4 million is withdrawn from the Reserve Trust in 2012, without substantial benefit to the community, then what will become of the remaining $7 million?  How will City Council protect those funds?

 [1] Minutes of the 8/13/2012 Council Meeting (Presentation # 1):  2011 Financial Statements – Pam Baker, Barbacane Thornton

Ms. Baker announced this is the second year for financial statements due to the integral part of the process done by the independent auditor. The process helped to get the finances back on track.  She announced the DCED audit will be submitted early. This is the best it has been submitted in three years. The revenues for 2011 were $7.6 Million and the expenditures were $9.3 million. After the other financing sources (transfers in and out) the City was positive $526,688 at the end of the year. ……..Mr. Brazzle thanked Mr. Marcarelli for a job well done.

[II] Slide #2

[III] Slide #7

(IV) 2012 Police Pension MMO will be required to be remitted to the Pension Plan for the officers terminated in 2012, and for the excessive Over Time paid to the City’s Full Time Police Officers.  2012 Budget for Police MMO was understated, but will be corrected by Auditor General’s when AG performs the audit.

Powerpoint presentation by Finance Director John Marcarelli at the October 3,2012