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Public Corruption in Chester County, PA

I believe an unlikely mix of alleged drug trafficking related politicos and alleged white nationalist related politicos united to elect the infamous “Bloc of Four” in the abysmal voter turnout election of 2005. During their four year term the drug business was good again and white nationalists used Coatesville as an example on white supremacist websites like “Stormfront”. Strong community organization and support from law enforcement, in particular Chester County District Attorney Joseph W. Carroll has begun to turn our community around. The Chester County drug trafficking that I believe centers on Coatesville continues and I believe we still have public officials in place that profit from the drug sales. But the people here are amazing and continue to work against the odds to make Coatesville a good place to live.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I have an idea that might nearly eliminate the school property tax for the Coatesville Area School District.

I was just reading the Daily Local News article about the tax decrease for wealthy Pennsylvania corporations, “Shared sacrifice isn't spread equally in new Pa. budget”.  Corbett’s tax decrease for wealthy corporations is going to be compensated by gross increases in our local taxes paid by what’s left of middle class Pennsylvanians.

But do middle class people have to bear the entire local tax burden?
My idea is just a one word change in the School District’s tax code from “earned income tax” to “income tax” on earned and unearned income.
believe the school board would have to vote on it and then it would be a ballot question.
If unearned income was included in our school taxes Mary Alice Dorrance Malone would finance a significant portion of the Coatesville Area School Districts tax revenue. Only her account would know for sure. 
An income tax on our multi-Billionaire and our multi-Millionaires might be enough revenue to allow for the elimination of our school property taxes in the Coatesville district. 
I don’t mean to single out Ms. Malone; she is just happens to be worth “$2.3 B” and lives in the Coatesville Area School District.
There are a bunches of low hanging fruit Billionaires and near Billionaires in the “24th wealthiest county in the USA” and allowing them to pay taxes instead of getting a free ride would ease the tax burden or everyone else.  

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